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Stephen WILMSHURST (c1615-1700)

and Susannah BRIGHTRIDGE (1628-1708)


Stephen Wilmshurst and Susannah Brightridge were my 9x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 25 July 1648 in Heathfield, Sussex.  His name was then recorded as Stephen Wimpsherst.  Another Stephen Wilmshurst married Sarah Wilmshurst on 16 April 1650 in Heathfield.  Might the 2 Stephens have been cousins?

St. Mary the Virgin, Warbleton - 21 March 2006Stephen Wilmshursts date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  No Wilmshursts, or variants, were baptised in Warbleton or Herstmonceux between 1610 and 1630.  He was buried on 30 January 1699/1700 in Warbleton, Sussex, and was described as Stephen Wilmshurst, senr.  In 1642 he may have been the Stephen Wilmshurst youth of Mayfield who contributed 4 pence to the relief of the Irish Protestants.  The 1662 Hearth Tax Assessment records that a Stephen Wilmshurst in the parish of Warbleton had 3 hearths.  Stephen was appointed an overseer of his father-in-law's 1668 will.  I have not found a will for him listed in indexes held at the East Sussex Record Office.  There was a Stephen Wilmshurst, cordwainer of Warbleton, who had a will proved in Lewes in 1751.  A cordwainer was a leather worker.  Might this have been the occupation of earlier Wilmshursts?

Susannah Brithridg was baptised on 3 August 1628 in the parish church of All Saints in Herstmonceux, Sussex.  She was the daughter of John Brightridge (c1595-1668) and Susan Hollock.  She was named in her father's 1668 will, by which she received 40.  Her name was recorded as Susan against the baptisms of her children.  She was buried on 12 March 1707/8 in the parish churchyard of St. Mary the Virgin in Warbleton and the burial register recorded that Susan Wilmshurst was a widdow.


Stephen Wilmshurst and Susannah Brightridge may have had the following children:

  1. Susan Wimset was baptised on 17 August 1651 in Warbleton.  As Susan Wimsherst, did she marry Richard Gattland on 16 September 1678 in Wadhurst?

  2. Ann Wysmshurst was born on 12 September 1653 and her birth was registered in the Warbleton parish registers.

  3. Sarah Wilmshurst, my 8x Great Grandmother, was born on 20 May 1656 in Warbleton.  She married 5 195 Edward Tutt in 1679.  (They have their own page.)

  4. John Wilmshurst may have been a son of Stephen and Susannah.  He was of Warbleton when he married Elizabeth Hollick in 1675.  (They have their own page.)

  5. Stephen Wilmshurst may have been a son of Stephen and Susannah.





Could any of the following be the parents of Stephen Wilmshurst:
  1. William Wympsherst married Ann Bexley, widow, on 15 September 1606 in Iden.

  2. Simon Wymshurst married Elizabeth Peeke on 17 August 1607 in Mayfield.  (Note:  Stephen and Susannah's daughter, Sarah, named a son Simon.  Simon Wymshurst, weaver of Mayfield, left a will dated 26 October 1641 and proved on 8 March 1642 (ref F107 Deanery of South Malling).

  3. William Wymsherst of Iden married Mary Robynson a Spinster of Brede, by Licence on 27 February 1608/9 in Brede.

  4. Richard Wympshurst married Elizabeth Ersfield on 14 February 1614/5 in Mayfield.  Richard Willmshurste contributed 3 shillings to the relief of the Irish Protestants in 1642.

  5. Richard Wimshurst married Edith Purfle on 28 September 1615 in Ore.

  6. William Wilmshurst married Susanna Gouldsmith on 18 May 1618 in Burwash.  A Susan Wilmsherst of Mayfield contributed 6 pence to the relief of the Irish Protestants in 1642.

  7. Thomas Wimshurst married Agnes Sanders on 31 July 1620 in Salehurst.

  8. John Wymshurst, sen., married Ann Byshop on 30 October 1620 in Mayfield.

  9. Thomas Wimshurst married Mary Harman on 13 November 1621 in Salehurst.


The following has been copied from the A2A web site:

Deeds of a messuage and lands (43a) called Tombeckworth in Warbleton

FILE - Mortgage for 23 12s 6d - ref.  DUN 6/10  - date: 17 Sep 1679
1 Messuage, barn, buildings and 4a called Tombeckworth in Warbleton, occupied by Stephen Wilmshurst (E, S, W: land once Oliver Cheyney esq and Rushlake Green; N: land once Matthew Ponte)
2 Homeland (20a) in Warbleton, occupied by Stephen Wilmshurst (E: land once Thomas Stollyon the elder; S: land once Oliver Cheyney; W: Rushlake Green; N, E: highway from Rushlake to Pelham Cross)

FILE - Mortgage for 60 at 5% - ref.  DUN 6/13  - date: 1 Aug 1694
All occupied by Richard Chapman of Warbleton, blacksmith, late Stephen Wilmshurst

Deeds of a messuage and lands called Pollard, Lilly Town, Groves, Kitmore and Sketterweed in Warbleton

FILE - Conveyance ([lease and] release) for 180 - ref.  DUN 8/18  - date: [11 and] 12 Nov 1677
W: Stephen Wilmshurst, John Wilmshurst, Robert Spiller

Deeds of waste land called Hales Down (12a) in Warbleton

FILE - Assignment of a lease for 18 16s 0d - ref.  DUN 10/7  - date: 10 Apr 1679
W: William Ollive, Stephen Wilmshurst

Deeds of a cottage and land (3a) near Rushlake Green in Warbleton

FILE - Feoffment for 24 - ref.  DUN 11/3  - date: 17 Jun 1676
W: John Turner, Stephen Wilmshurst, John Smith, George Sweetnam

Deeds of various properties in Warbleton

FILE - Counterpart lease for 7 years from 25 Mar 1796 at 15 15s 0d - ref.  DUN 13/13  - date: 1 Apr 1796
W: James Philcox, Stephen Wilmshurst


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