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Richard WILLARD (c1635-1695)

and Joan KIDDER (c1640-1670)

and Mary REED (c1655-?)


Richard Willard may have married twice, firstly to Joan Kidder on 1 June 1658 in Maresfield, Sussex.  He may next have married Mary Reed on 19 February 1673/4 in Ardingly, Sussex.

Richard Willard's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  He may have been buried on 2 March 1694/5 in Lindfield, Sussex.  Might he have been a descendant of 1 of 3 possible brothers who were probably born in the 1550's  and living in Ardingly in the 1570's and 1580's, namely Richard Willerd, John Willerd or George Willerd?  Richard may have had a sister named Elizabeth Willard who married William Streeter on 26 September 1677 in Ardingly.

Joan Kidder's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown to me.  She was most probably buried on 29 August 1670 at All Saints, Linfield.  The burial register did not give her first name and only stated the wife of Richard Willard was buried.

Mary Reed may have been baptised as Mary Reade on 1 January 1653/4 in Barcombe, Sussex, the daughter of John Reade, or as Mary Read on 21 September 1656 in Hamsey, Sussex the daughter of John Read and Sarah Marks.


Richard Willard and Joan Kidder may have had the following children:

  1. Anne Willard was baptised on 2 September 1659 at St. Giles in Horsted Keynes, Sussex.  Only her father's name was mentioned in the baptism register.  An Anne Willard was buried on 15 January 1726 at All Saints, Lindfield.  No further details are given in the burial register as to whether Anne was a spinster, wife or widow.

  2. Richard Willard was baptised on 15 December 1661 at St. Giles in Horsted Keynes.  Only his father's name was mentioned in the baptism register.

    Richard may have married Mary Burtenshaw on 29 November 1689 in Lewes.

    Richard and Mary had the following children:

    1. Elizabeth Willard was buried on 26 April 1694 in Cuckfield.  The burial register noted she was the daughter of Richard Willard a yeoman of Lullings.

    2. Richard Willard was buried on 17 December 1696 in Cuckfield.  The burial register noted he was a the son of Richard Willard a farmer.

  3. John Willard was baptised on 22 December 1664 at All Saints in Lindfield, Sussex.  Only his father's name was mentioned in the baptism register.

    Might John have married Mary Bennet on 18 May 1692 in Balcombe, Sussex?


Richard Willard and Mary Reed had 1 known child:

  1. Sarah Willard was baptised on 25 April 1675 in Lindfield, Sussex.  Both her parents were named in the baptism register.

    Sarah married Joseph Virrall on 2 May 1699 in Lindfield.



On the A2A web site there is a note that in 1686 the Overseers of Lindfield issued a receipt for a fine paid by Richard Willard.


A Richard Willard was a church warden of Ardingly in 1613.


Probate (PCC) of the will (8 Jun 1695) and codicil (22 Apr 1697) of William Board the elder of Boardhill in Cuckfield, esq  AMS 1867  5 Jul 1697 Confirms his wife Joan Board's life estate in a messuage and farm called Sugworths (100a in Cuckfield, with 20a in Lindfield and 4a in Ardingly), occupied by John Sturt; messuage called Lullings and The Gores (30a) and the North Part of Handly in Cuckfield, occupied by Richard Willard, messuage and 80a called Handly with 30a called Sugworths in Cuckfield, occupied by Robert Chatfield, with the tithes

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