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Rafe WILLARD (c1525-1600)

and Agnes (?-1612)


Rafe Willard and Agnes married before 1550.  (It would seem unlikely they were my ancestors.)

Rafe Willard was buried on 31 August 1600 in Ifield, Sussex.  I am guessing he was born in about the 1520's.

Agnes Willard, widow was buried on 2 March 1612 in Ifield.

Willard, Rafe, of Ifield, co. Sussex, yeoman ; will, 8th August, 1599 ; proved 1600 : " To Edward, my sonne, sev^en score £ ; to Basel, my sonne, ; to Tymothie W., the daughter of Basell, my sonne, ; to Dorothy W., daughter of the same, ; to Jane, daughter of the same, . To every one of my servants, whether men-servants or mayd-servants, xiid. a-piece. Residue to Agnes, my wife, and Ralfe W., my second sonne. Overseer vSir Walter Covert, knight, and he to have six angels, and his good lady six angels more. Signed in the presence of Sir Benjamin Browne."


Rafe Willard and Agnes had 3 known children:

  1. Edward Willard may have been born in the 1540's.  He was of Ifield.  His will was proved on 20 March 1605, which described him as a Yeoman of Slaugham, Sussex.  In his will he mentioned his mother Agnes Wyllard and brother Raph WillardIt would seem Edward had no children.

  2. Ralfe Willard may have been born in the 1540's.  He was buried on 22 August 1617 in Ifield.  He was of Ifield.  He left a will dated 18 June 1617 and proved at Lewes on 20 November 1617.

    WiLLARD, Rafe, of Ifeild, yeoman (son of the preceding) ; will, 18th June, 1617; proved Nov. 20, 1617: '" My body to be buried in the Church of Ifeild.' To the poor of the parish of Ifield (or Ifeild), £5 ; to Dorothy Lambert, 3 score £ ; to Jane, daur. of Basill Wyllarde, £160 ; to Joseph Browne and William Waler, students of Sydney Colledge in Cambridge, unto each of them forty shillings a-piece ; to Edward Mills, of Rusper, my kyns- man, £50 ; to Thomas Wyllard, my kynsman, £50 ; to Tymothy Bechylye, daur. of Basyll Wyllard, threescore £ ; to Katheryne Mills, my kynswoman, £40 ; to Ketheryne, wife of John Alye, £30. Many other legacies to persons of the several names of Dench, Turke, and Small. To several godchildren 20s. a-piece ; to others, 10s. a-piece. William Mascall, £10; Thomas Stevens, my servant, £6. 13s. 4d. 'Item, I give unto Mr. Fettyplace, unto Michael Roberts, unto William Kempfall, unto William Gatfar, unto Richarde White, unto Tiiomas Bastian, unto Samuel Bens, unto John White, unto William the Cooke, unto Harry Post, unto James lorden, unto Leonard the huntsman, unto Christopher the footman, and to old Richard Davye the porter, — to each of them ten shillings a-piece.' Residue to Basill Wyl- lard, my brother and executor. ' I do intreate the Right Wor- shippfull Sir Walter Covert, Knight, ... in whom I doe repose gi'eate trust, to see this my last will duly and truly performed," and give him ' ten angells of gould, and to my very good lady, his wyfe, ten angells of gould likewise.' " Proved 20th November, 1617, by Basil Wyllard, aforesaid, — ix"- Ixi^- xvi«. iiijc?. (i.e. £96L 16s. 4d.).*

    Rafe Willard may have had the following child:

    1. Edward Willard was baptised on 4 June 1570 in Ifield.  As he was not mention in the 1617 will, I assume he either died beforehand, or was not the son of Ralfe who died in 1617.

  3. Basel Willard was born about 1550.  He was of Ifield.  Bassell Willard a householder was buried on 28 April 1629 in Horsham.

    Basil married Elizabeth Mate in 1588.  A marriage licence was issued to them on 20 September 1588 by the Archdeaconry of Chichester which noted she was a spinster of Slaham (should that be Slaugham?).  The sponsors of the licence were Basil himself and Edward Burgess a yeoman of Slaham.

    Elizabeth Willard, widow was buried on 9 February 1636/7 in Horsham.

    Basil and Elizabeth had the following children:

    1. Tymothie Willard married Bechylye.

    2. Dorothy Willard married John Lambert in October 1614 in Shipley, Sussex.  She married as Dorothy Willeard.

    3. Jane Willard may have married James Lintall by licence on 23 September 1617 at St. Peter the Great in Chichester.  She was then of Shipley and he of Horsham.  Their marriage licence was issued on the same day by the Deanery of Chichester, which gave his name as John Lyntott.


Thomas Willard married Agnes Bennett on 2 February 1602/3 in Ifield.  The 1617 will of Rafe Willard mentions his kinsman, Thomas Willard, which to me implies Thomas may have been a cousin, or perhaps the son of a cousin.

Agnes Willard, wife of Thomas Willard was buried on 17 June 1606 in Ifield.

  1. Joane Willard was baptised on 4 December 1603 in Ifield, the daughter of Thomas Willard.


Katherine Willard married John Aley on 23 September 1605 in Ifield.

A John Aley was buried on 4 August 1624 in Ifield.

  1. Susan Aley was baptised on 10 August 1606 in Ifield.

  2. John Aley was baptised on 1 May 1608 in Ifield.

  3. Mary Aley was baptised on 28 October 1610 in Ifield.

  4. Sarah Aley was baptised n 2 May 1613 in Ifield.

  5. William Aley was baptised on 10 February 1615/6 in Ifield.

  6. Elenor Aley was baptised on 2 March 1622/3 in Ifield.

  7. Elizabeth Aly was buried in June 1635 in Ifield.  The burial register noted she was the daughter of John and Katherine.

Only the father's name of John was shown against the 6 baptisms.

I am assuming Katherine was born in the 1580's.  She was the kinswoman of Rafe who died in 1617, so not his daughter, and probably not the daughter of his brother Basil.  So was she the daughter of a cousin to Rafe?  Was she the sister or daughter of Rafe's kinsman Thomas?


WiLLARD of Ifield (see the same will on p. 35), — Ralph Willard, of Ifield, yeoman or gentleman ; will dated 1599, proved 1600. Married Agnes . Of their children, Edward was living in 1599; Ralph of Ifield, yeoman or gentleman, died in 1617; Basil married, and had daughters, — Timothea, who married Bechylye ; Dorothy, who married Lambert ; and Jane. These three daughters of Basil were living in 1599.

Willard, Raphe, of East Grinstead, co. Sussex, armorer ; will dated 11th September, 1598, 40 Elizabeth ; proved 4th August, 1599: "To the poor of East Grinstead, 16 dozen loaves of bread at my funeral ; to Alexander Heeley, a poor man, 20s. ; to Sibell Allen, widow, another poor body, 20s. ; and many other similar bequests. To Thomas Mantell, jun.,* of Lewes, my best wearing apparel ; to NichoU of the Greene, of East Grin- stead, my two surgei-y books, entitled 'The Englisheman's Treasure,' and 'The Tresure of Health;' to Edward Edgei-- ton, of Dorking, my herball. To my kinsman, Edward Willard, of Old Waltham, 20 markes ; Alice, Margaret, and Martha Willard, my relatives ; Mary Cassley, my kinswoman, daughter of Thomas Cassley, of Cralesdowne, co. Sussex. Thomas Mantell, of Lewes, my brother-in-law, executor."



Richard ? servant to Rafe Willard was buried on 27 March 1597 in Ifield.


My Willard ancestry ends with William Willard born about 1680 who married in Pulborough, Sussex in 1707.  His wife was born in 1680.  I think it possible William was the son of Richard Willard.  Richard had children baptised in the neighbouring parish of West Chiltington in 1676, 1684, 1687, 1690 and 1696.  I am further guessing that Richard was born about 1650 and that he may have been the son of a Richard Willard who had a daughter baptised in Pulborough in 1646.  There are many missing pieces in my early Willard ancestry, so I am trying to piece together other Willard families in an effort to eliminate them my family tree.



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