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Frederick James VIGOR (1872-?)

and Helen Elizabeth COLEBROOKE (1874-1951)


Frederick James Vigor and Helen Elizabeth Colebrooke married on 22 May 1898 at the Holy Trinity Church in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (ref. 1).  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Frederick James Vigor was born on 21 March 1872 (ref. 1) in Burwash, Sussex (1901 census).  He was the son of Richard Vigor (1825-1886) and Caroline Fairway (1827-1883).  In 1881 he was a 9 year old scholar living with his parents and elder siblings in the Main Street of Burwash.  The 1891 census records that he was a 17 year old butcher's assistant living at 96 Calverley Road in Tunbridge Wells.

Helen Elizabeth Colebrooke was born on 5 January 1874 (ref. 1) in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (1901 census).  She died on 20 November 1951 (ref. 1).  When the 1891 census was recorded she was probably the 17 year old Ellen Colebrook who was a domestic servant living at 4 Hope Cottages in Tunbridge Wells with her widowed mother Harriet and siblings.  However, there was also a 17 year old Ellen Colebrook, who was a servant and housemaid in the home of Henry Gardner at 15 Woodbury Road in Tonbridge, Kent.  Both Ellens then gave their place of birth as Tunbridge Wells.

When the 1901 census was recorded the couple were living in the High Street in Burwash, and Frederick was a butcher.


Frederick James Vigor and Helen Elizabeth Colebrooke had 6 known children:

  1. Edith Elizabeth Vigor was born on 31 May 1899 (ref. 1) in Burwash, Sussex (1901 census).  She was a year old when the 1901 census was recorded.

  2. Frederick Vigor was born on 20 June 1901 (ref. 1).

  3. Doris Helen Vigor was born on 26 February 1906 (ref. 1).

  4. Mabel Vigor was born on 12 September 1908 (ref. 1).

  5. Henry Arthur Vigor was born on 19 August 1911 (ref. 1).

  6. Charles William Vigor was born on 30 January 1913 (ref. 1).



Ref. 1 - Many thanks to David Barron for providing the details found a Holy Bible.  David is not related to the above family, but on finding the details in a Bible kindly forwarded them to me.


1881 census - Main Street, Burwash, Sussex (RG11/1045, folio 113, page 14)

Richard Vigor, Head, Mar, 56, Butcher, Unemployed, born Sussex, Burwash.

Caroline Vigor, Wife, Mar, 54, born Sussex, Burwash

Kate Vigor, Daur, Unm, 16, Dressmaker Assistant, born Sussex, Burwash

John A Vigor, Son, 14, born Sussex, Burwash

Frederick J Vigor, Son, 9, Scholar, born Sussex, Burwash


Richard Vigor and Caroline Fairway married in the first quarter of 1850 in the Brighton registration district.

Please visit Aussie Genes for more details about Richard and Caroline.


1891 census - 96 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (RG12/677, folio 76, page 25)

George Wilson, Head, Widr, 58, Butcher, born Sussex, Frant

Bessie Wilson, Daur, S, 25, Bookkeeper, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Martha Wilson, Sister, S, 65, House Keeper Dom, born Sussex, Frant

Harry Brotherhood, Serv, S, 35, Butcher's Assistant, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Fred Vigor, Serv, 17, S, Butcher's Assistant, born Sussex, Burwash


1891 census - 4 Hope Cottages, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (RG12/677, folio 82, page 37)

Harriet Colebrook, Head, Wid, 44, Laundress Wash, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

George Colebrook, Son, S, 20, Plumber, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Annie Colebrook, Daur, S, 18, Domestic Servant, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Ellen Colebrook, Daur, 17, Domestic Servant, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Charles Colebrook, Son, 13, Scholar, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Rosa Colebrook, Daur, 11, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Edith Colebrook, Daur, 8, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells


1891 census - 15 Woodbury PR Road, Tonbridge, Kent (RG12/679, folio 26, page 46)

Henry Gardner, Head, M, 48, School Tutor & Cahplain of Tonbridge Union, born Sussex, Littlehampton

Julia M Gardner, Wife, M, 40, born Yorks, Hull

Alan H Gardener, Son, S, 19, Pupil, born, Liverpool

Oswold J Gardner, Son, 16, Pupil, born, Liverpool

Anlon Hard, Boarder, S, 23, Pupil, born, Austria, Bohemia

George Ess, Boarder, S, 18, Pupil, born London

Ellen Colebrook, Servant, S, 17, Housemaid, born Kent, Tundbridge Wells

Alice M Watts, Servant, S, 17, Kitchenmaid, born Sussex, Rye


1901 census - High Street, Burwash, Sussex (RG13/892, folio 75, page 10)

Fredk J Vigor, Head, M, 29, Butcher, own account, at home, born Sussex, Burwash

Helen E Vigor, Wife, M, 27, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells

Edith E Vigor, Dr, S, 1, born Sussex, Burwash