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Stephen TUTT (1728-1803)

and Elizabeth APPS (1731-1809)


Stephen Tutt and Elizabeth Apps married by licence on 2 April 1751 at the parish church of St. Michael and All Angels in Withyham, Sussex.  She was then of Mayfield, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.  Stephen's sister, Ann Tutt, was my 6x Great Grandmother.)

Stephen Tutt was baptised on 26 June 1728 in Warbleton, Sussex.  He was the son of Stephen Tutt (1685-1756) and Sarah Glyde (1691-?).  He was buried in Chailey,Sussex on 20 November 1803.

Elizabeth Apps was baptised on 5 April 1731 in Hamsey, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Richard Apps (c1700-1748) and Elizabeth Baker (c1710-1731).  Elizabeth was her father's sole heir and inherited a farm in Chailey, later known as Tutts Farm, and various bits of land.  Elizabeth was buried on 29 March 1809 in Chailey.


Stephen Tutt and Elizabeth Apps had 9 known children:

  1. Elizabeth Tutt was baptised on 11 March 1753 in Newick, Sussex.  She was buried on 3 November 1795 in Chailey.

  2. Steven Tutt was baptised on 15 September 1754 in Chailey and buried there on 10 November 1754.

  3. Sarah Tutt was baptised on 27 August 1755 in Chailey.

    Sarah married John Turner by licence on 4 November 1782 in Uckfield, Sussex.  At the time they were both aged 22 and upwards.  She was a spinster of Uckfield and he a bachelor and miller of Fletching, Sussex.  Their marriage licence was dated 2 November 1782 and issued by the Archdeaconry of Lewes.

  4. Ann Tutt was baptised on 12 May 1757 in Chailey.  She married George Grantham in 1782.  (They have their own page.)

  5. Mary Tutt was baptised on 6 October 1758 in Chailey.  She married Richard Markwick in 1784.  (They have their own page.)

  6. Jenny Tutt was baptised on 8 February 1760 in Chailey.

    As Jane Tutt she married Richard Trill by licence on 6 December 1792 in Chailey.  He was then a bachelor and gent of Buxted, Sussex, aged 25 and upwards.  She was a spinster of Chailey also aged 25 and upwards.  Their marriage licence was issued on 1 December 1792 by the Archdeaconry of Lewes.  The witnesses to there marriage were Thomas Farley??, Frances ?Lutham and Samuel Bennett.

  7. Martha Tutt was baptised on 8 March 1762 in Chailey.

    Martha married Thomas Howe by banns on 21 December 1786 in Uckfield.  They were then both of Uckfield.

  8. Barbara Tutt was baptised on 12 January 1768 in Chailey.

    Barbara married Richard Hodd by licence on 27 November 1794 in Chailey.  He was then of Cuckfield and she of Chailey.  The witnesses to their marriage were William Constable,  Sarah Turner and F. Lulham??.

    Richard was the younger son of Richard Hodd of Ansty, Cuckfield, Sussex and Susannah.  Richard senior was a farmer on a fairly large scale who also owned The King's Head in Cuckfield and had an interest in the turnpike road to Brighton. When he died he left the farm to his son Richard (Robert Hodd the elder son was a miller at Worth), but it appears farming didn't appeal to him, as sometime around 1810 the family moved to Lewes where Richard Hodd became landlord of The White Hart.

    Richard and Barbara had 11 known children:

    1. Stephen Tutt Hodd was baptised on 15 August 1795 in Cuckfield.  He left a will which was proved in 1848.  He was then an innkeeper in Brighton.

      Stephen married Elizabeth Allen by licence on 14 February 1820 in Brighton.  He was then a bachelor of St. Michael's in Lewes and she a spinster of Brighton.

      Elizabeth was the daughter of William Allen.

      Stephen and Elizabeth had the following children:

      1. Stephen Allen Hodd

      2. Elizabeth Austin Hodd

      3. Frederick Henry Hodd

      4. Emma Sarah Hodd

      5. Mary Olivia Hodd

      6. Albert Harry Hodd

    2. Elizabeth Hodd was baptised on 4 June 1796 in Cuckfield.

    3. Louisa Hodd was baptised on 31 October 1798 in Cuckfield.  She was mentioned in her brother Stephen's will as the wife of John Child.

    4. Barbara Hodd was baptised on 20 November 1799 in Cuckfield.  She was mentioned in her brother Stephen's will as Barbara Edwards.

    5. John Henry Hodd was born about 1803 in Cuckfield.  He was mentioned in the will of his brother Stephen.

      John Henry married Sarah Ann.

      When the 1861 census was recorded he and Sarah were both aged 58 years and living with the family of their daughter Eliza and her husband Cornelius Fuller, at Tannery in Send and Ripley, Surrey.  John was then a brewer but out of business.  Sarah then gave her place of birth as Lewes, Sussex

    6. Edward Hodd was mentioned in the will of his brother Stephen.

    7. Caroline Hodd was baptised on 12 December 1806 in Cuckfield.

    8. Sarah Ann Hodd was baptised on 10 September 1809 in Cuckfield.

    9. Mary Jane Hodd was born on 21 December 1811 and baptised on 26 April 1812 at St. Michael's in Lewes.  She was mentioned in her brother Stephen's will as Mary Jane Miller.

    10. George Hodd was baptised on 28 November 1813 at St. Michael in Lewes.

    11. Harriet Hodd was mentioned in her brother Stephen's will as the wife of Abraham Johnson Lamprell.

  9. Fanny Tutt was baptised on 19 June 1772 in Chailey.

    Fanny married Thomas Markwick by banns on 25 April 1791 in Chailey.  They were then both of Chailey.  The witnesses to their marriage were T. Weston and Jenney Tutt.

    Thomas and Fanny had 13 known children:

    1. Thomas Markwick was baptised on 7 October 1791 in Chailey.  He was the land steward at Buxted Park.

    2. William Markwick was baptised on 11 April 1793 in Chailey.

    3. Richard Markwick was baptised on 28 December 1794 in Chailey.

    4. Ann Markwick was baptised on 13 November 1796 in Chailey.

    5. Mary Markwick was baptised on 19 January 1798 in Chailey.

    6. Fanny Markwick was baptised on 4 August 1799 in Chailey.

    7. John Markwick was baptised on 7 June 1801 in Chailey.

    8. Stephen Tutt Markwick was baptised on 17 April 1803 in Chailey and buried there on 16 November 1804.

    9. Miles Markwick was baptised on 13 April 1806 in Chailey.

    10. Eliza Markwick was baptised on 29 May 1808 in Chailey.

    11. Jane Markwick was baptised on 10 June 1810 in Chailey.

    12. Frederick Markwick was baptised on 12 April 1812 in Chailey.

    13. Leonard Markwick was baptised on 31 July 1814 in Uckfield, Sussex.


The 8 daughters were mentioned, unnamed, in the 1792 will of their Uncle John Tutt, as his 8 nieces daughters of brother Stephen Tutt.



Many thanks to Carole Child and Becca Kenneison for additional details on this page  

   Carole's husband descends from Richard Hodd and Barbara Tutt via their son Stephen Tutt Hodd

Becca descends from Richard Markwick and Mary Tutt

Also, many thanks to Bernie for the details about the family of George Grantham and Ann Tutt

And thanks to Val Brown for telling me more about the Hodd family


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