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Stephen TUTT (1685-1756)

and Sarah GLYD (1691-?)


St. Clements, Hastings, from: Tutt and Sarah Glyd were my 7x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by licence on 8 June 1715 at St. Clements in Hastings, Sussex.  At the time Sarah Glide was of Warbleton, Sussex.

Stephen Tutt was baptised on 13 September 1685 at the parish church of St. Mary's in Warbleton, Sussex.  He was the son of Edward Tutt (1649-1731) and Sarah Wilmshurst (1656-1717).  He became the tenant of Bathurst in Warbleton (map ref TQ 6217) and Beaconlands in Warbleton (map ref TQ 6119) on the death of his father in 1731.  He relinquished his tenancy of Bathurst and Beaconlands sometime after 1740.  He was most probably buried on 4 April 1756 in Warbleton.

Sarah Glyd was baptised on 9 May 1691 at the parish church of St. Giles in Dallington, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Solomon Glyd (c1650-1706) and Sarah Ticehurst (1668-1744).


Stephen Tutt and Sarah Glyde had 9 known children:

  1. Stephen Tutt was baptised on 12 August 1715 in Hastings and probably died as an infant.

  2. Mary Tutt was baptised on 31 January 1716/7 in Warbleton.  She died before May 1792.  She was mentioned in her brother John's 1792 will, along with her son Daniel Baldy and 3 unnamed daughters.

    Mary married Daniel Baldock by banns on 2 May 1737 in Warbleton.

    Daniel may have been buried on 4 September 1750 in Wadhurst, Sussex.  A Mary Baldock was also buried there on 7 June 1750, but no details were given in the burial register to identify which Mary was buried.

    Daniel and Mary may have had the following children:

    1. Daniel Baldock may have been born in about 1740 and have died aged 79 years in 1819 in Wadhurst.  No baptism has been found for him in Warbleton or Wadhurst.

      He may have been the Daniel Baldock who married twice, firstly to Sarah Palmer by banns on 25 December 1777 and then to Mary Smith by banns on 20 January 1793.  Both marriages took place in Wadhurst.

      Sarah died in 1791.

      From the 1785 Sussex Land Tax assessment Daniel was the owner/occupier of land at Faircrouch in Wadhurst with a rental of four pounds ten shillings.

      Daniel and Sarah had 1 known son:

      1. Daniel Baldock

      Daniel and Mary had the following known children:

      1. William Baldock was baptised on 1 August 1793 in Wadhurst.

      2. John Baldock was baptised on 28 December 1794 in Wadhurst and buried there on 9 February 1796.

      3. Edward Baldock was baptised on 18 April 1796 in Wadhurst.  He may have died aged 80 years and his death have been registered in the first quarter of 1877 in the Ticehurst registration district.

        Edward may have married Harriet Philcox by banns on 15 February 1827 in Wadhurst.  They were both then of Wadhurst.  But there was another Edward of similar age who was the son of John Baldock and Lydia Sale.

        Harriot was baptised on 14 March 1802 in Mountfield, Sussex and was the daughter of Elizabeth Philcox.  She may have died aged 83 years and her death have been registered in the first quarter of 1886 in the Ticehurst registration district.

        When the 1841 census was recorded the couple and 3 children, namely 10 year old Hannah, 4 year old Mary and 1 year old Ebenezer were living at Little Faircrouch in Wadhurst and Edward an agricultural labourer.  In 1851 Edward was a 54 year old agricultural labourer living with his wife and 5 children at Stone Cross in Wadhurst.  Harriet was then 49 years old and gave her place of birth as Mountfield.  Their children then living at home were, Ruth (23), Hannah (19), Mary (14), Ebenezer (10) and 6 year old Rhoda.  By 1861 the couple and 2 daughters, Mary (24) and Rhoda (16), were living in Wadhurst village and Edward was a 64 year old agricultural labourer.  In 1871, 74 year old Edward and 69 year Harriot were living in Wadhurst village and Edward was still earning his living as an agricultural labourer.  Harriet was a widow by 1881 and she was then living with her daughter Mary and son-in-law John Kemp, a baptist minster, in Biddenden, Kent.

        Edward and Harriet's daughter Mary Baldock (1837-1899) married John Kemp (1850-1932) in 1873.

      4. John Baldock was baptised on 16 June 1800 in Wadhurst.

      5. Stephen Baldock was baptised on 1 July 1804 in Wadhurst.  He died on 16 February 1891.

    2. Mary Baldock was baptised on 1 May 1741 in Wadhurst.  Did she marry Thomas Botten on 5 April 1774 in Wadhurst?

    3. Philadelphia Baldock was baptised on 17 April 1748 in Wadhurst.  Did she marry Samuel Apps on 8 May 1770 in Lamberhurst, Kent?  He was then of Wadhurst.

    4. Thomas Baldock was buried on 7 September 1750 in Wadhurst.

  3. Sarah Tutt was baptised on 16 November 1718 in Warbleton and buried there on 12 August 1732.

  4. Stephen Tutt was baptised on 14 August 1720 in Warbleton and buried there on 8 December 1722.

  5. John Tutt was born in 1722 in Warbleton.  He never married and died in 1792 leaving a Will in which he mentioned siblings, nephews and nieces.

  6. Martha Tutt was baptised on 10 October 1725 in Warbleton.  She died before 1792.  Martha married John Hayman on 2 July 1753 in Burwash, Sussex.  She was then of Chiddingly, Sussex and he of Rowhurst, Kent.  Their son John Hayman and 3 unnamed daughters were mentioned in the 1792 will of John Tutt.

  7. Stephen Tutt was baptised on 26 June 1728 in Warbleton.  He married Elizabeth Apps in 1751. (They have their own page.)

  8. Ann Tutt, my 6x Great Grandmother, was baptised on 11 June 1730 in Warbleton.  She married 5 152 Thomas King in 1748.  (They have their own page.)

  9. Elizabeth Tutt was baptised on 18 June 1732 in Warbleton.  She died before 1792.  Elizabeth married Thomas Weston on 22 February 1762 in Burwash, Sussex.  He was then of Fletching, Sussex.  They had at least 3 known children:

    1. Thomas Weston was mentioned in the 1792 Will of his Uncle John Tutt.

    2. Elizabeth Weston was baptised on 7 April 1766 in Fletching.

    3. Ann Weston was baptised on 1 February 1770 in Fletching.



Many thanks to the following for additions to this page:

 Carole Child's husband descends from Richard Hodd and Barbara Tutt, via their son Stephen Tutt Hodd.

Judith James who descends from Daniel Baldock (c1740-1819).


GLYDE          TUTT

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