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Peter TULLETT (1814-1902)

and Mary DINNEGE (1819-1884)


Peter Tullet and Mary Dinnege married by banns on 20 October 1838 in Warnham, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor of Horsham and she a spinster and minor.  Their fathers were named as Richard Tullet and Edward Dinnege who were both labourers.  The witnesses to their marriage were Timothy Tugwell and Elizabeth Laker.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Peter Tulett was baptised on 27 March 1814 in Worth, Sussex.  He was the son of Richard Tulett (1775-1847) and Mary Pierce (c1780-1861).  Peter died in September 1902 in Cuckfield.

Mary Dinnege was born about 1819 in Horsham and died there in 1884.

In 1851 the couple and 3 sons were living in Worth.  Peter was then a 37 year old agricultural labourer and Mary was 32.  When the 1861 census was recorded the couple were living in Worth with their 4 children and 4 lodgers, namely Charles Berkshire 24, John Funnell 22, George Holden 19 and William Johnson aged 23.  Peter was then a 47 year old agricultural labourer and Mary Ann was 42.  By 1871 the couple together with 2 sons were living in Three Bridges within the parish of Worth.  Peter was a 57 year old agricultural labourer and Mary was 52.  Also with the family were 2 lodgers, 20 year old Henry Jupp and 22 year old Henry Killick.


Peter Tullet and Mary Dinnege had 9 known children:

  1. Peter Tullett was born on 5 August 1839 and baptised on 8 September 1839 in Horsham.  The baptism register noted that his father was a labourer.  He died on 7 November 1919 at 29 Highcroft, Swanley Junction, Kent.  In 1851 he was 11 years old.  When the 1871 census was recorded Peter was a 33 year old married agricultural labourer living with his parents.  His wife was not with him on census night.

    Peter married Matilda Jenner in third quarter of 1861 in the Godstone registration district.

    Jane Matilda was born about 1839/40 in Horne, Surrey.  She died in November 1919 at 29 Highcroft, Swanley Junction.

    When the 1881 census was recorded Peter and Jane Matilda were both aged 42 years and living in Hangleton Cottage, Portslade.  Peter was then an agricultural labourer.  With the couple on census night were 3 of their children.  In 1891 the couple and 4 children were living at 3 ???mont Villa in Sutton at Hone.  They were then both said to be aged 56 years and Peter was an agricultural labourer.

    Peter and Jane Matilda had the following children:

    1. Amy Alice Tallett was born in 1866 in Westerham, Kent.  In 1881 she was a 14 year old domestic servant living at 10 Goldstone Villas Road, BrightonShe married William James Davis on 20 April 1890 at Crockenhill, Kent.

    2. Arthur Frederick Tullett was born on 5 April 1868 in Godstone, Surrey.  He was a 14 year old agricultural labourer in 1881.  Arthur married Kate.  Arthur and Kate had the following children:

      1. Thomas A. Tallett

      2. Albert Tallett

      3. Edith Maud Tallett

    3. James Tullett was born about 1872/3 in Lingfield, Surrey.  He was an 8 year old scholar in 1881.  James married Clara Gibson on 30 August 1890 in Crockenhill.  James and Clara had the following children:

      1. Florence M. Tallett

      2. William J. Tallett

    4. Albert Edward Tullett was born on 5 March 1878 at Hangleton Cottages in Portslade.  He died on 20 June at Southern Hospital, Darenth Road, Dartford.  He was 3 years old in 1881.  In 1891 he was a 13 year old scholar.

      Albert Edward Tallett married Edith Maud Checkley in the fourth quarter of 1907 in the Dartford, Kent registration district.

      Edith was born in 1882 in Farnborough, Kent and was the daughter of Henry Checley.  She died on 5 August 1909 at the Dartford Union Workshouse.

      Albert and Edith had the following son:

      1. Cecil Tallett was born in the first quarter of 1909 in Swanley.  He died in November 1979.  Cecil married Elsie Elizabeth Ansley on 4 February 1934 in Swanscombe.  Elsie was born in 1912 and died in 2002.

      Albert next married Sarah Violet Bates.

      Sarah was born in 1879 in Chislehurst, Kent and died on 15 May 1948 at 11 Highcroft Cottages, Swanley.

      Albert and Sarah had the following son:

      1. George Lionel Tallett was born on 13 June 1918 in Swanley.  He died on 5 November 1989 in Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford.

    5. Ethel Mary Tullett was born in 1881 in Portslade.  She was a 9 year old scholar in 1891.

    6. William Cornelius Tullett was born about 1886/7 in Portslade.  He died on 2 December 1917 in Moevres, France.  He was 5 years old in 1891.

      William married Kezia Frewing on 8 June 1908 in Farningham, Kent.

      Kezia was born on 4 June 1883 in Croydon, Surrey and was the daughter of John Frewing (1844-1918) and Keziah Goddard.  She died on 17 March 1965 in Dartford.

      William and Kezia had the following children:

      1. Matilda Keziah Tallett was born in 1907 in Swanley.  She married George Lee.

      2. Jane Tallet was born in 1909 in Swanley.

      3. William Tallett was born in 1910 in Farningham.

      4. Barbara J. Tallett was born in 1920 in Dartford.

    7. Jane Matilda Tallett was born in the third quarter of 1888 in Farningham, Kent.  She died on 5 February 1972 in Cairs, Queensland, Australia.  She was 2 years old at the time of the 1891 census.  Jane Matilda married Arthur Edward Hinkley on 24 July 1909 in Farningham, Kent.

  2. John Tullett was born about 1842 in Kingswood, Surrey.  He was a 9 year old scholar in 1851.

  3. William Tulett was baptised on 9 June 1844 in Worth.  He died in 1914.  He was 6 years old in 1851.  He was 17 years old in 1861 and the eldest of his siblings living at home.

    William married Martha Rice on 22 December 1866 in Worth.

    Martha was baptised on 18 September 1841 in Worth and was the daughter of Matthew Rice (1813-1876) and Sarah Blaker (1815-1906).  Martha died in 1912.

    William and Martha had the following children:

    1. Alice Tullett was born in 1868 in Worth and died there in 1898.

    2. Mary Jane Tullett was born on 19 March 1870 at Copthorne, Worth.  Mary Jane married George John Hinchey.

    3. Emily Tullett was born in 1872 in Crawley Down.

    4. Annie Sarah Tullett was born in 1875 in Worth.

    5. William Tullett was born in 1877 in Worth and died there in 1879.

    6. Peter Tullett was born in 1879 in Worth.

    7. Edith Maud Tullett was born in 1882 in Worth.

  4. Alfred Tullett was baptised on 7 March 1847 in Worth.

  5. Thomas Tullett was baptised on 4 February 1849 in Worth.

  6. James Tulett was baptised on 4 April 1852 in Worth.  He was 9 years old in 1861.  In 1871 he was a 17 year old agricultural labourer.

  7. Emily Tulett was baptised on 2 December 1855 in Worth.  She was 5 years old in 1861.

  8. Mary Ann Tulett was baptised on 6 December 1857 in Worth and buried there on 6 February 1859.

  9. Alice Tullett was baptised on 6 May 1860 in Worth and buried there on 10 July 1861.  At the time of the 1861 census she was a year old.



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