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Joseph STICKLAND (1772-1848)

and Ann COLVILL (1770-1817)


Joseph Stickland and Ann Colvill married by banns on 2 September 1792 in Ticehurst, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.  Joseph was the brother of my 5x Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Strickland.)

Joseph Stickland was baptised on 29 April 1772 in Wadhurst, Sussex.  He was the son of Robert Stickland (1731-1794) and Elizabeth Petit (1734-1816).  He died aged 76 and was buried on 30 April 1848 in Frant.  He was a farmer of Ticehurst and later of Lightlands, Frant, which he had inherited from his Uncle Estmond Stickland (1717-1799).  He sold the entire Lightlands estate of 219 acres to Henry Wrottesley on 13 October 1807 for 5,250.  Joseph was appointed the sole executor of his father's will.  When the 1841 census was recorded he was 67 years old and living with the family of James Fitness and Jane in Frant.  (James Fitness married Jane Bachelor on 16 July 1836 in Frant.)

Ann Colvill was baptised on 24 September 1770.  She died aged 46 years at Pembury and was buried on 6 May 1817 in Frant.


Joseph Stickland and Ann Colvill had 3 known children and possibly more:

  1. Robert Stickland was baptised on 30 January 1793 in Ticehurst and buried on 3 November 1807 in Frant, aged 14 years.

  2. Eliza Stickland was baptised on 13 July 1795 in Ticehurst.  She died in about 1855.

    Eliza married John Scrace on 13 November 1811 in Frant.  The witnesses to their marriage were Thomas Colvill and Fanny Scrase.

    John was born about 1785 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex and was the son of John Scrace and Lydia Cruise.  He died on 9 August 1864 at Frant.

    John and Elizabeth had 6 known children:

    1. John Scrace was born on 19 January 1812 and baptised on 23 February 1812 in Frant.

      John married Frances Coe on 24 August 1833 in Tonbridge, Kent.

      They had 2 known children:

      1. Samuel Scrace was baptised on 26 January 1834 in Frant.

      2. Susannah Scrace was baptised on 7 February 1836 in Frant

    2. Henry Scrace was baptised on 12 June 1814 in Frant.

      Henry married Frances Huggins on 7 February 1835 in Frant.

      They had 12 known children:

      1. Lucy Scrace

      2. Frances Scrace

      3. Henry Scrace

      4. Louisa Scrace

      5. Samuel John Scrace

      6. George Nathaniel Scrace

      7. Eliza Scrace

      8. Frederick Scrace

      9. Thomas Scrace

      10. James Scrace

      11. Alice Scrace

      12. Charles Scrace

    3. Joseph Scrace was born about 1818 in Pembury and baptised on 10 June 1827 in Frant.

      Joseph married Mary Gasson on 27 November 1836 in Frant.  He was then a bachelor and she a spinster and they were both of Frant.

      They had 3 known children:

      1. Ann Scrace

      2. John Scrace

      3. Philadelphia Scrace

    4. Eliza Ann Scrace was born about 1821 in Frant and baptised there on 10 June 1827.

      Eliza Ann married James Clark on 27 June 1838 in Frant.

      James was born about 1813 in Wadhurst and was the son of William Clark.

      They had 2 known children:

      1. Kezia Clarke

      2. William John Clarke

    5. Mahala Scrace was born about 1825 in Frant baptised there on 10 January 1827.

      Mahala married George Clarke on 15 November 1844 in Frant.

      George was born about 1819 in Wadhurst and was the son of James Clarke and Sarah Palmer.

      George and Mahala had 12 known children:

      1. Asher Clarke was born on 5 January 1846 baptised on 1 February 1846 in Frant.  He was buried on 16 October 1911 at the Five Ash Down Independent Chapel in Mayfield (ref George Thompson).

        Asher married Mercy Duplock on 29 October 1872 at the Providence Baptist Chapel in Rotherfield (ref George Thompson).

        Mercy was born about 1848 in Buxted, Sussex and was the daughte of John Duplock and Elizabeth Colebran.

        When the 1881 census was recorded the couple and their 4 children were living on Pale House Common in Framfield.  Asher was then a master grocer.

        Asher and Mary had 7 known children:

        1. Asher Gad Clarke was born on 8 August 1873 at Five Ashes in Mayfield.  He died on 26 May 1952 at Dulwich Hospital, partly as a result of injuries recieved during the war when a landmine exploded outside his flat in West Norwood while he was looking out of the window (ref George Thompson).

          In 1881 Asher was a 7 year old scholar.

          Asher  married Ann Chilton on 8 May 1895 at the Baptist Chapel in Uckfield.  Ann was related to the Chiltons who owned the Chiltonian Biscuit Factory whose biscuits were very popular after the war (ref George Thompson).

          They were the parents of:

          1. Grace E. Clarke married Albert Holmes.

        2. Anne Hepzibah Clarke was born about 1875 in Buxted.  She was a 5 year old scholar when the 1881 census was recorded.

          Anne Hepzibah married Joseph Edward Chilton and they had 5 children (ref George Thompson):

          1. Percival Chilton

          2. Millicent Chilton

          3. Christopher Chilton

          4. Gwendoline Chilton

          5. Constance Chilton

        3. Benjamin Clarke was born in 1879 in Eastbourne.  He was 2 years old when the 1881 census was recorded.

        4. Mercy Clarke was born in 1881 in Framfield.  At the time of the 1881 census she was 3 months old.

        5. Rhoda Elizabeth Clarke was born in 1883 in Framfield.

        6. Jabez Eli Clarke was born in 1885 in Framfield.

        7. Thomas Simeon Clarke was born in 1887 in Framfield.

      2. Mahala Clarke was born about 1848 in Frant.  She had an illegitimate son:

        1. Edward Clarke was born about 1870 in Eastbourne, Sussex.  He died on 19 March 1961.  Edward married Julia.  She was born about 1868 and died on 19 March 1948.

      3. Sarah Clarke was born about 1850 in Frant.

      4. George Clarke was born about 1852 in Waldron.

      5. Ruth Clarke was born on 15 April 1854 in Waldron.  She died on 19 January 1946.

        Ruth married James Frost on 14 December 1875 in Hadlow Down, Sussex.

        James was born on 21 September 1851 and baptised on 2 November 1851 in Framfield, Sussex.  He was the son of James Frost (1827-1892) and Hannah Richardson (1832-1891).  He died on 28 January 1913 and was buried on 4 February 1913 in Hadlow Down.

        James and Ruth had 9 known children:

        1. Hephzihab Frost (1876-1909)

        2. Mercy Frost (1878-1956)

        3. Naomi Frost (1879-1911)

        4. Joseph Frost (1881-1952)

        5. Ruth Frost (1884-1964)

        6. James Frost (1885-1958)

        7. Samuel Frost (1887-1958)

        8. Obed Frost (1889-1966)

        9. Mary Kezia Frost (1892-1980)

      6. Hepzibah Clarke

      7. James Clarke

      8. Kezia Clarke

      9. Esther Clarke

      10. Mary Clarke

      11. Lucy Clarke

      12. Martha Clarke

    6. Sarah Scrace was baptised on 10 June 1827 in Frant.  She married Thomas Bishop on 27 June 1848 in Frant.

      (Please see Steve Bishop's website for more about the family and ancestors of Thomas and Sarah.)

  3. Sophia Strickland was baptised on 24 March 1797 in Ticehurst.

  4. Ann Strickland was born about 1801 in Pembury, Kent.  She may have been a daughter of Joseph and Ann.  She married John Pavey on 28 October 1821 in Speldhurst, Kent.

  5. Joseph Strickland may have been a son of Joseph and Ann.

  6. William Strickland may have been a son of Joseph and Ann.  He died aged 11 months and was buried on 12 May 1814 in Frant.

  7. Samuel Strickland may have been a son of Joseph and Ann.  He died aged 9 months and was buried on 18 May 1817 in Frant.


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