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Thomas STONER (c1770-1849)

and Barbara BUCKWELL (c1775-1849)


Thomas Stoner and Barbara Buckell married by licence on 10 January 1796 in Shermanbury, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor of Horsham and she was then a spinster of Shermanbury.  The witnesses to their marriage were John Burtenshaw and Mary Buckman, and they married 2 weeks later in Shermanbury.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Thomas Stoner may have been born about 1769/70.  He died aged 79 years on 26 February 1849 in Cowfold and was buried there on 8 March 1849.  Thomas was a carpenter.  Might he have been the son of Henry Stoner (1733-?) and Elizabeth Stone?

Barbara Buckwell's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She was most probably the daughter of George Buckwell (1737-?) and Elizabeth Dowlen (1741-1816).  Barbara's death was registered in the third quarter of 1849 in the Cuckfield registration district.  She died on 3 August 1849 aged 74 years, but a headstone inscription seems to record that it was her husband Thomas who died on that day.  The Cowfold burial register records that she was buried on 6 August 1849.

In 1841, Thomas aged 71 and Barbara aged 65 were living at Little Fritham in Cowfold.  He was then a carpenter.  Also with them on census night was 7 year year old Sophia Stoner who was not born in Sussex.

A transcript of a headstone in Cowfold churchyard reads as follows:

Sacred to the memory of


who departed this life AUG 3rd 1849

aged 74 years

also LEWIS CHARLES son of the above

who departed this life SEPTEMBER 1st 1834

aged 19 years

Also EDWARD son of the above who died in LONDON MARCH 1st 1849

aged 43 years


daughter of the above named


who departed this life APRIL 1st 1834 aged 24 years


who departed this life JULY 8th 1816

aged 75 years


Thomas Stoner and Barbara Buckwell had 9 known children:

  1. John Stoner was baptised on 9 October 1796 in Cowfold.

  2. George Stoner was baptised on 30 March 1800 in Cowfold.  George was a jeweller.  He was most probably a witness to the marriage of John Hues and Selina Stoner in 1826.

    George married Elizabeth Paine West.

    Elizabeth was born about 1796 in Shoreham, Sussex.

    George and Elizabeth had the following known children:

    1. Georgina Stoner was born on 16 October 1818 and baptised on 8 September 1822 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    2. Harry West Stoner was baptised on 8 September 1822 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    3. Cordelia Stoner was baptised on 1 October 1826 in Brighton.

    4. George West Stoner was baptised on 17 February 1828 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    5. Mary Lashmar Stoner was baptised on 17 February 1828 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    6. Frederick Lashmar Stoner was baptised on 3 May 1829 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

    7. Adolphus Stoner was baptised on 15 January 1832 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

      Adolphus married Antoinette Hills on 2 October 1860 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

      Antoinette was baptised on 15 January 1837 at St. Nicholas, Brighton and was the daughter of Richard Hills and Antoinette Eritz.  She died aged 40 years and her death was registered in the second quarter of 1877 in the Brighton registration district.

      When the 1881 census was recorded Adolphus was a 49 year old widower and he was living with his 3 sons at 45 Surry Street in Brighton and he was then a jeweller.  Next door at that time was the family of James Peacock.  (Adolphus's great grandmother and James's grandfather were siblings.)  By 1891 Adolphus was boarding in the home of Eliza Cowley at 24 Cheltenham Place in Brighton.

      Adolphus and Antoinette had the following known children:

      1. Bertha Stoner was baptised on 11 October 1863 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.  She died aged 2 years and her death was registered in the second quarter of 1866 in the Brighton registration district.

      2. Sydney Stoner was baptised on 21 January 1866 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

      3. Henry H. Stoner was born about 1867 in Brighton.

      4. Frank Herbert Stoner was born in the third quarter of 1869 in Brighton.

      5. Antoinette Elizabeth Stoner may have been part of this family.  She died aged 4 years and her death was registered in the first quarter of 1876 in the Brighton registration district.

      6. Arthur Cecil Stoner was born in the first quarter of 1874 in Brighton.  At the time of the 1881 census, 7 year old Arthur was boarding with 44 year old widow, Ellen Newnham in Shermanbury, Sussex.  He was then a scholar.  In 1891 he was a 17 year old domestic man servant living in the home of James A. Provert at 1 Stanford Avenue in Preston, near Brighton.  Arthur married twice, firstly to Harriet Ellen Jones in the first quarter of 1896 in Brighton, and then to Eliza Osborne.

    8. Selina Jane Stoner was baptised on 8 November 1835 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.

  3. Thomas Stoner was baptised on 29 May 1803 in Cowfold.  He died on 23 August 1870.  Thomas married Caroline sometime before or about 1826.

  4. Edward Stoner was born about 1806 in Cowfold.  He died aged 43 years on 1 March 1849 in London and was buried in Cowfold.

  5. Rebecca Stoner was baptised on 7 August 1808 in Cowfold.

  6. Christiana Jane Stoner was baptised on 21 March 1810 in Cowfold.  She died aged 24 years on 1 April 1834 and was buried in Cowfold as Christina Jane Atkins.  She married John Atkins on 1 May 1833 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London.

  7. Alfred Stoner was baptised on 17 May 1812 in Cowfold.  Alfred married Sarah.

  8. Lewis Charles Stoner was baptised on 13 December 1815 in Cowfold.  He died aged 19 years on 1 September 1834 and was buried in Cowfold.

  9. Mary Ann Stoner was baptised on 3 August 1819 in Cowfold and buried there on 8 August 1819.


Many thanks to Geoff Stoner for additions to this page.



1851 census - 43 Mighell Street, Brighton, Sussex (HO107/1645, folio 105, page 5)

George Stoner, Head, Mar, 51, Jeweller, born Sussex, Cowfold

Elizabeth Stoner, Wife, Mar, 55, born Sussex, Shoreham

Cordeliar Stoner, Dau, Un, 26, Dress Makers, born Sussex, Brighton

Adolphus Stoner, Son, Un, 19, Jeweller, born Sussex, Brighton

Selina Stoner, Dau, Un, 16, Milliner, born Sussex, Brighton


1851 census - 66 Denbigh Street, St. Georges Hannover Square, Westminster, London (HO107/1478, folio 587, page 31)

Alfred Stoner, Head, Mar, 39, Carpenter, bron Cowfold, Sussex

Sarah Stoner, Wife, Mar, 41, born Lambeth, Surrey

Francis Wm Stoner, Son, U, 13, Scholar, born Lambeth, Surrey

Alfred Stoner, Son, U, 7, Scholar, born Lambeth, Surrey

Wm Francis Stoner, Son, U, 3, born Lambeth, Surrey

John Lewis Stoner, Son, U, 1, born St. Georges Hanover Square

Emma Heather, Servant, Mar, 29, born St. Marylebone, Middx


1881 census - 45 Surry Street, Brighton, Sussex (RG11/1088, folio 125, page 35)

Adolphus Stoner, Head, Widr, 49, Jeweller, born Sussex, Brighton

Sydney Stoner, Son, 15, Dentists Apprentice, born Sussex, Brighton

Henry H. Stoner, Son, 13, Scholar, born Sussex, Brighton

Frank H. Stoner, Son, 11, Scholar, born Sussex, Brighton

Next household, 46 Surry Street

James Peacock, Head, Mar, 53, Coachman dom, born Sussex, Woodmancote

Eliza Peacock, Wife, 54, born Sussex, Brighton

James W. Peacock, Son, Unm, 18, Watchmaker's Apprentice, born Sussex, Brighton

Frederick Saunders, Lodger, Mar, 24, Platemaker ?, born London, Paddington

Emma A. Saunders, Wife, Mar, 24, bron Somerset

Edward E. Saunders, Son, 12 mo, born Sussex, Brighton


1881 census - Cottage, Shermanbury, Sussex (RG11/1105, folio 79, page 4)

Ellen Newnham, Head, W, 44, Laundress, born Sussex, Henfield

Annie Newnham, Daur, Unm, 19, Dressmaker, born Sussex, Shermanbury

Mary Steel, Mother, W, 85, born Sussex, Hurstpierpoint

James Neal Boarder, Unm, 50, Annuitant, born Sussex, Brighton, Imbecile

Arthur Stoner, Boarder, Unm, 7, Scholar, born Sussex, Brighton

William R Toule, Unm, 20, Joiner, born France, British Subject


1891 census - 24 Cheltenham Place, Brighton, Sussex (RG12/812, folio 85, page 44)

Eliza Cowley, Head, Wid, 61, Mantle maker dress, born Brighton

Adolphus Stoner, Boarder, Widr, 59, Jeweller gold, born Brighton

William Brown, Boarder, S, 60, Porter, bron London

John Moon, Boarder, S, 36, General Labourer, born Sussex, Rotherfield


1891 census - 1 Stanford Avenue, Preston, Brighton, Sussex (RG12/821, folio 9, page 9)

James A Provert, Head, M, 47, Lives on his own Means, born Huntingdon

Daisy Provert, Daur, 7, Scholar, born, Warwickshire, Birmingham

Edie Provert, Dau, 5, Scholar, born London

Isabella Provert, Wife, M, 45, born Lincolnshire, Boston

James Gosden, Son, 14, Scholar, born Sussex, Eastbourne

Bessie Gosden, Daur, 13, Scholar, born Susex, Eastbourne

Arthur Stoner, Servant, S, 17, Man servant, Domestic, born Sussex, Brighton

Lottie Boxall, Servant, S, 19, Governess School, born Devon Exeter