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John SILVERSON (1816-1884)

and Rebecca PARSONS (1817-1854)

and Mary MURRELL (1833-1903)


St. Bartholomew's, Albourne, circa 1905 - from Silverson and Rebecca Parsons were the step grandparents of my Great Grandfather William Stillaway, and may also have been his biological Grandparents and, therefore, they may have been my 3x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their possible place in my pedigree chart.)  They married by banns on 8 February 1839 at the parish church of St. Bartholomew's in Albourne, Sussex.  At the time John was a bachelor and labourer and was unable to sign his name.  Rebecca was a spinster and signed her name.  They were both of full age and of Albourne.  The witnesses to their marriage were George Simons and Harriet Purkens who both signed their names.  After Rebecca's death, John Silverson married Mary Murrell by banns on 29 July 1860 in Woodmancote, Sussex.  John was a widower and a shepherd.  Mary was a spinster.  They were both of full age and of Woodmancote.  John made his X mark and Mary signed her name.  The witnesses were George Simmons (signed) and Harriet Simmons (marked).

St. Peters, Twineham, circa 1910 - from Silverson was baptised on 10 November 1816 at the parish church of St. Peter's in Twineham, Sussex.  He was the second son and third child of Richard Silverson (1788-1866) and Mary (c1789-1850).  He was an agricultural labourer and when the 1861 census was recorded he was a shepherd.  John died aged 69 on 17 December and was buried on 23 December 1884 in Woodmancote.  On 5 May 1823, John was admitted as a pupil to the Henfield Free School, at which time his father was a labourer of Woodmancote.  He was discharged from the school on 6 October 1823.

St. Peter's, Woodmancote, circa 1905 - from Parsons was baptised on 16 February 1817 in Slaugham, Sussex.  She was the daughter of William Parsons (1792-1875) and Hannah Thorns (1790-1858).  She died aged 38 years and was buried on 29 March 1854 in Woodmancote.

Mary Murrell was baptised on 26 May 1833 in Shermanbury, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Abel Murrell (1803-?) and Eliza Mitchell (1808-?).  Mary died aged 69 on 10 May in Lower Beeding, Sussex and was buried on 20 May 1903 in Woodmancote.

In 1861 the family were living at Bilsborough in Woodmancote.  In 1881 John and Mary were living at New Cottage at Hundred Steddle in Woodmancote where John was an agricultural labourer.


 John Silverson and Rebecca Parsons had 7 known children:

  1. Harriet Silverson was baptised on 7 June 1840 in Woodmancote.  She died aged 44 years in 1884.

    Harriet married Samuel Potter Shoulders by banns on 26 March 1864 in Henfield.  He was then a bachelor and labourer of St. Marylebone in Middlesex.  She was a spinster of Henfield.  Samuel was unable to sign his name, but Harriet could sign her name.  The witnesses to the marriage were William Shoulders (marked) and Mary Ann Silverson (signed).

    Samuel was born on 26 February 1839 in Shoreham, Sussex and was baptised on 12 May 1839 in Henfield. He was the son of Thomas Shoulders (1798-?) and Elizabeth Potter (c1806-?).

    In 1881 the family were living at 20 Little North Street in London where Samuel was a coffee stall owner.  By 1901 he was a coppersmith keeper living in Marylebone along with his son William's family.

    Samuel and Harriet had 5 known children:

    1. William Thomas Shoulders was baptised on 9 July 1865 in Henfield.  He married Alice Caroline Stoner Hole in 1890.  Alice was born about 1867 in Patcham, Sussex and was the daughter of Anthony Hole (1843-1899) and Ann Silverson (1845-?).  (Ann was a cousin of William's mother.)  In 1901 William was a postman.

    2. Annie Shoulders was born about 1867 in London.

    3. Albert Potter Shoulders was born in 1872 in Marylebone, London.  He died on 5 August 1908 in London.  Albert married Alice Emma Styles on 12 April 1896 at St. Marylebone parish church in London.  Alice was born on 13 September 1871 in London.  She died on 25 December 1961 in Paddington, London.  In 1901 the family were living in Paddington, London and Albert was a postman.

    4. Frederick Shoulders was born about 1873.

    5. Queenie Shoulders was born about 1875.

  2. William Silverson was baptised on 25 July 1842 in Woodmancote.  He was a twin.  In 1861 he was an agricultural labourer living with his father, step mother and younger siblings at Bilsborough in Woodmancote.  When the 1871 census was recorded, William and his 24 year old wife Charlotte, were living in Eckington, Derbyshire, where they were lodging in the home of Samuel Paulger.  William was then a mason's labourer.

    Charlotte was born about 1846/7 in Chatham, Kent.

    In 1881 William may have been the 36 year old William Sil... who gave his place of birth as Brighton and was at the time a crew member on board the "Free Trade" moored at St. Andrew, Plymouth, Devon.

    I am speculating that William may have been the father of my Great Grandfather William Stillaway who was born in 1866, but I have no proof.  William Stillaway was also a twin.  His twin sister and mother were both named Eliza.

  3. John Silverson was baptised on 25 July 1842 in Woodmancote.  He was a twin.  He married Eliza Parson in 1872.  (They have their own page.)

  4. James Silverson was baptised on 22 November 1844 in Woodmancote.  He died aged 5 years and was buried on 16 March 1850 in Woodmancote.

  5. Mary Silverson was born in 1847.  She was living with her parents when the 1851 census was recorded, but not in 1861.

  6. Henry Silverson was born in 1850.  He married my 2x Great Grandmother Eliza Stillaway in 1874.  (They have their own page.)

  7. Arthur Silverson was born about 1853/4 in Woodmancote.  He married Lucy Trigwell in 1882.  (They have their own page.)


John Silverson and Mary Murrell had 6 known children:

  1. Alfred Silverson was baptised on 4 November 1860 in Woodmancote.  He married Jane Lelliott in 1886.  (They have their own page.)

  2. Herbert Silverson was baptised on 11 January 1863 in Woodmancote.

    Herbert married Harriet Pope in the second quarter of 1897 in the Lewes registration district.

    In 1901 Herbert was a railway goods shunter living in Newhaven, Sussex, along with his 27 year old wife who had been born in Burwash, Sussex.

    Herbert and Harriet had the following known child:

    1. John Herbert Victor Silverson was baptised on 30 December 1897 in Newhaven.

  3. Richard Silverson was baptised on 28 August 1864 in Woodmancote.  He died aged 64 years and was buried on 2 March 1929 in Shermanbury, Sussex.

    Richard married Emily Rebecca Murrell in the fourth quarter of 1888 in the Steyning district. 

    Emily was baptised on 30 September 1860 in Cowfold and was the daughter of Thomas Murrall and Elizabeth Newman.  Richard and Emily were cousins as his mother and her father were siblings.

    In 1901 the family were living in Shermanbury, Sussex and Richard was a stockman on a farm. 

    Richard and Emily had 5 known children:

    1. Bessie Silverson was baptised on 27 March 1889 in Woodmancote.  When the 1901 census was recorded she was staying with her maternal grandparents.

      Bessie married Frederick F. Strivens in the fourth quarter of 1911 in the Steyning registration district.

      Frederick and Bessie had the following children:

      1. Alice Strivens was born in 1912.

      2. Frank Strivens was born in 1915.

      3. Ivy Strivens was born in 1920.

    2. Thomas Silverson was baptised on 12 October 1890 in Woodmancote.  He married Lilian Batchelor in 1918.

    3. Nellie Silverson was baptised on 16 October 1892 in Woodmancote.

    4. Alice Silverson was baptised on 9 June 1895 in Woodmancote.

    5. Richard Silverson was baptised on 7 November 1897 in Woodmancote.

  4. Thomas Silverson was baptised on 14 October 1866 in Woodmancote.

    Thomas married Emily Bartley in 1899.

    Emily was born about 1873 in Newhaven, Sussex.

    In 1901 the were living in Portsmouth, where Thomas was a railway goods guard.

    Thomas and Emily had the following children:

    1. John Henry Silverson was born 1900 in Southsea, Hampshire.  He died on 16 November 1918 when he was a Private in the Middlesex Regiment.  He was buried in the Littlehampton Cemetery.  The CWGC web site records that he was the son of Mrs. Emily Silverson of 1 Railway Cottages, Terminus Road, Littlehampton.

    2. Thomas Silverson was born in 1901.  Did he marry Rose G. W. Legg in the third quarter of 1924 in the East Preston registration district?

    3. Elizabeth Mary Silverson was born in 1904.  Did she marry Alfred J. Worsfold in the first quarter of 1927 in the East Preston registration district?

    4. Frederick Silverson was born on 7 December 1905.  He death was registered in May 1993 in the Worthing registration district.

  5. George Silverson was born on 19 March and baptised on 25 April 1869 in Woodmancote and buried there on 21 June 1870.

  6. Eliza Silverson was baptised on 25 February 1872 in Woodmancote.  She died on 27 June 1953.

    Eliza married Frederick John Stoner on 12 October 1901 in Lower Beeding, Sussex.

    Fredrick was born in 1876 in Ditchling and was the son of John Stoner (1841-?) and Rhoda Jordan (1838-?).

    Fredrick and Eliza had 6 known children:

    1. Frederick Stoner was born in 1902.

    2. Winifred Stoner was born in 1904.  She married Sidney Brett.

    3. John Stoner was born in 1905.

    4. Thomas Stoner was born in 1906.

    5. Doris Stoner was born in 1908.

    6. Nellie Stoner was born in 1910.


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