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Samuel SETFORD (1819-?)

and Mary Ann BALL (c1820-1850)

and Annesley (c1820-1876)


Samuel Setford and Mary Ann Ball married on 23 October 1843 in Foots Cray, Kent.  Samuel also married Annesley.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Samuel Setford was baptised on 11 April 1819 in Maresfield, Sussex.  He was the son of David Setford (1774-1851) and Jane Hastings (c1779-1826).  When the 1881 census was recorded Samuel was a 60 year widower and labourer living at 3 Bull Pit Cottage, Park Lane in Charlton (next to Woolwich), Kent.  (The family surname has been recorded as Letford in the 1881 on-line census transcript.)

Mary Ann Ball's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She died in the first quarter of 1850 in the Greenwich registration district.

Annesley was born about 1820 in Maresfield, as per the 1851 census.  She died aged 56 years in the fourth quarter of 1876 in the Woolwich registration district.

In 1851, 32 year old Samuel was a labourer living at 16 Ogelby Street in Woolwich, along with his 31 year old wife Ann and son Alfred.


Samuel Setford and Mary Ann Ball had 1 known child:

  1. Alfred Setford was born about 1849 in Woolwich.  When the 1851 census was recorded he was a 2 year old living with his father and step mother.

    When the 1871 census was recorded he, or the Alfred Setford born in 1851, may have been a convict held in the Chatham prison, awaiting exile to Australia.  One of the 2 Alfreds made their way to New Zealand by about 1876 and married Emily Rich there in 1877.    (Alfred Setford and Emily Rich have their own page.)


Samuel Setford and Annesley had 5 known children:

  1. Samuel Setford was born in the second quarter of 1852.  He died aged 45 years in the third quarter of 1896 in the Woolwich district.

  2. David Setford was born on 5 February 1854 in Charlton.

    As David Sedford he married Susanna Jane Edwards in the fourth quarter of 1875 in the Woolwich district.

    Susanna Jane was born about 1852 in Greenwich.

    In 1881 the couple were living at 7 Miles Street in Greenwich and David was then a general labourer.  Also living with them at that time was his father, 62 year old Samuel who was a gardener, born in Lewes, Sussex.  But as mentioned above, Samuel was heading his own household in 1881.  The family surname was spelt as Selford in the 1881 on-line census index.  When the 1901 census was recorded they were living in Greenwich and their surname was again recorded as Selford in the on-line census index.  Also with them at that time was 4 year old nephew Fred Selford.  David was then employed as a river dredger.

    In July 2009 Annette Hoffman got in touch to enquire if I knew anything more about Fred Setford, but unforntunately I don't.  Annette believes David and Susanna brought up Fred and wonders if he might have been the illegitimate son of one of Ellen Snipp's nee Edwards children.  Ellen was the sister of Susanna Jane Edwards, therefore, Fred would have been a great nephew.

  3. Annesley Setford was born on 3 May 1856 in Charlton.

  4. William Setford was born on 5 January 1859 in Charlton.  In 1881 he was a 22 year old labourer living with his father, wife and daughters.  He married Louisa Catherine Edwards in the second quarter of 1878 in the Woolwich district.  She was born about 1858 in Charlton.  They had the following children by 1881:

    1. Maria Beatrice M Setford was born in the second quarter of 1879 in Charlton.  She was 2 years when the 1881 census was recorded.

    2. Laura Setford was born in 1880 in Charlton.  She was 7 months old in 1881.  The birth of a Louisa Annesley Setford was registered in the fourth quarter of 1880 in the Woolwich district - might Laura and Louisa be one and the same?

  5. Agnes Setford was born on 21 August 1860 in Charlton.


Many thanks to Graeme Setford for additions to this page. 


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