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John ROBERTS (c1500-?)

and unknown


John Roberts was my 12x Great Grandfather.  (Click here to see his place in my pedigree chart.)  He died after 1562, as in that year he was an overseer to his son John's will.  In 1555 he was in occupation of the property Welches in Cowfold, Sussex (Beeding Manor), which he held by the rent of a rose.  The property was held by Richard Walsh in 1506, which he had received from his father James Walsh.  (In 1733, Welches was held by John's 3x Great Grandson, another John Roberts.)  Welches, later known as Long House, is situated in the north eastern corner of Cowfold parish, near to the borders with the parishes of Bolney, Slaugham and Lower Beeding.  Neither John or his son John were buried in Cowfold - the burial register begins 1558.  I believe they were probably buried in Cuckfield, Sussex, but the burial register does not commence until 1598.

Might John's wife have been a daughter of Richard Walsh?  And might he have inherited Welches via her?


John Roberts and unknown had 4 known children:

  1. John Roberts may have been born in the 1520's.  In 1542 he was the plaintiff in a fine for the Manor of Hayworth and tenements in Cuckfield.  His will was dated 12 July 1562 and proved on 2 October 1562.

    John married Margaret Monk, widow, on 20 June 1558 in Bolney, Sussex.  She was most probably named as wife Margery, executor of her husband's will.

    The couple had 4 known children:

    1. John Roberts - by the terms of his father's will he was to inherit parts of the Manor of Trubwick in Cuckfield and the lordship of Hayworth after the death of his grandfather.

    2. Mary Roberts

    3. Alice Roberts

    4. Agnes Roberts

  2. Thomas Roberts, my 11x Great Grandfather, may also have been born in the 1530's.  He married Joanna Ockenden in 1564.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Edmond Roberts may have been born about 1538.  He was buried on 19 January 1608/9 in Cuckfield, Sussex, when he was said to be aged about 70 years.  His will was dated 1 August 1608 and proved on 30 January 1608/9.  He appointed kinsman Henry Roberts and Nicholas Hardame as Overseers of his Estate.  He was an Overseer to his brother Thomas's 1593 will.

    Edmond first married Elizabeth Byshop on 6 February 1565/6 in Cowfold.  He then married Margery who was named as an executor of her husband's will.

    Edmund had 4 known children:

    1. John Roberts was of Cuckfield and sometime of Clayton.  He was buried on 29 June 1630 in Cuckfield.  His Will was dated 25 December 1626 and proved on 5 February 1630/1.  A caveat was lodged by his kinswomen Faintnot Avery and Anne Edwards, alias Avery, on 10 July 1630.  He was named in his father's 1608 will and that of Edmond Chaloner from 1609.  In 1616 he was granted Adminstration of his brother Edmond's estate.

      John married Joane Chaloner on 1 July 1600 in Cuckfield.  She was the daughter of Ninian Chaloner of Holmsted.  Joane was named in her Uncle Edmond's 1609 Will and that of her husband.

    2. Henry Roberts was of Cuckfield.  He was buired on 2 August 1610 in Cuckfield.  His Will was dated 1 August 1610 and proved on 17 November 1610.  He appointed kinsman John Roberts and Nicholas Herdam as overseers.  He was an executor of his father's will and an overseer to that of his brother Edmond.

      Henry married Joane.  She was mentioned in her husband's will.  They had 2 known children:

      1. Joseph Roberts was under 21 in 1610.  He may have been buried on 7 April 1615 in Cuckfield.

      2. Mary Roberts was a minor in 1610, and was appointed Executrix of her father's will although her mother was granted administration during her minority.

    3. Edmond Roberts was of Bolney and sometime of Hurstpierpoint.  He was buried on 13 March 1609/10 at Cuckfield, when he was said to be of Bolney.  His Will was dated 8 March 1609/10 and proved on 19 April 1610.  He was called "the younger of Bishops" in 1604/5.  He was named in his father's will.

      Edmond married Mildred.  She was appointed Executrix of her husband's estate.  She may have then married James Edwards on 28 November 1614 in Cowfold, but she had died before 20 April 1616.

      Edmond and Mildred had 5 known children:

      1. Mary Roberts was mentioned in her grandfather's will of 1608/9 and a minor in1616.  She may have married Richard Hamon on 24 November 1623 in Cuckfield.

      2. John Roberts was baptised on 13 June 1602 in Cuckfield.  He was named in his grandfather's will of 1608/9.  He was buried on 18 January 1611/2 in Cuckfield.

      3. Susan Roberts was baptised 20 January 1604/5 in Cuckfield.  She was named as a minor in her father's will.  She may have married Hugh Field of West Chiltington on 21 June 1624 in Cuckfield.

      4. Edmond Roberts was baptised on 16 October 1608 in Cuckfield.

      5. Elizabeth Roberts was baptised on 16 October 1608 in Cuckfield.

    4. Thomas Roberts was of Heseland and of Clayton.  He was probably buried on 26 April 1624 in Cuckfield.

      Thomas may have married twice.  Firstly to Susan who was buried in Cuckfield on 2 May 1616.

      Thomas and Susan had 2 known sons:

      1. John Roberts was baptised on 22 August 1613 in Cuckfield.  He may have been buried on 1 May 1651 in Cuckfield.  He was named as "only son" of Thomas in his Uncle John Roberts will of 1626.  John may have married Elizabeth Scrase on 7 May 1638 in West Blatchington, Sussex.  They had 4 known daughters.

      2. Thomas Roberts was baptised on 14 April 1616 in Cuckfield and buried there on 2 June 1617. 

      Thomas may then have married Anne King on 23 July 1616.  She was the daughter of John King of Tyled House in Cuckfield.

    5. A Daughter who married Thomas Avery.  He was named in his father-in-law's 1608 will and was also an overseer to his brother-in-law Edmond's will.  They were probably the parents of:

      1. Faintnot Avery

      2. Ann Edwards, alias Avery

  4. A Daughter married Richard Johnson.  Richard was an Overseer to his brother-in-law John's 1562 will.


A Ricus Roberts was baptised on 28 October 1559 in Cowfold - how might he fit into the tree?