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Thomas REED (1824-?)

and Mary Ann BEARD (1831-?)


Thomas Reed and Mary Ann Beard married in the fourth quarter of 1853 in the Lewes, Sussex registration district.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Thomas Read was baptised on 31 October 1824 in Ardingly, Sussex.  He was the son of Elizabeth Read.

Marie Ann Beard was baptised on 1 January 1832 in Lindfield, Sussex.  She was the daughter of James Beard (c1793-?) and Mary Harden (c1794-?).  In 1851 she was a 19 year old unmarried servant and living with her parents and infant daughter in Spring Lane, Lindfield.

When the 1861 census was recorded the couple and 5 children were living at No. 4 Scaynes Hill, Lindfield.  Thomas was a 39 agricultural labourer and Mary was 29.  He gave his place of birth as Ardingly and she as Lindfield.

In 1871 the family were living at No.5 Allen Cottages in Lindfield.  Thomas was a 49 year old agricultural labourer and Mary Ann was 43.  Their places of birth were recorded as in the previous census.  Four children were at home on census night.

Before her marriage Mary Ann had the following daughter:

  1. Julia Ann Beard was born in 1851 in Lindfield.  She was 2 months old when the 1851 census was recorded and living with her mother and grandparents.


Thomas Reed and Mary Ann Beard had 6 known children:

  1. James Read was born about 1854.  He was 7 years old in 1861.

  2. Fanny Read was born about 1856/7 in Chailey, Sussex.  She was 5 years old in 1861.  Fanny married Henry Botting in 1877.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Leonard Read was born about 1858 in Chailey.  He was 3 years old in 1861.  In 1871 he was 13 years old and the eldest of his siblings living at home.

  4. Ann Read was born in 1860/1 in Lindfield.  At the time of the 1861 census she was 4 months old.  In 1871 she was a 10 year old scholar.

  5. Mary Ann Reed was born about 1863 in Lindfield.  She was an 8 year old scholar in 1871.

  6. Elizabeth Reed was born about 1868 in Wivelsfield, Sussex.  She was 3 years old at the time of the 1871 census.



No. 4 Scaynes Hill, Lindfield, Sussex (1861)

Thomas Read, Head, Mar, 39, Agricultural Labourer, born Sussex Ardingly

Mary Read, Wife, Mar, 29, Agricultural Labourer, born Sussex Lindfield

Julie Beard, Dau, 10, born Sussex Lindfield

James Read, Son, 7, born Sussex ???k

Fanny Read, Dau, 5, born Sussex Chailey

Samuel Read, Son, 3, born Sussex Chailey  (Should this be Leonard?)

Ann Read, Dau, 4 mo, born Sussex Lindfield

Sophia ??th??, Mar, Sister, 27, born Sussex Lindfield


Spring Lane, Lindfield, Sussex (1851)

James Beard, Head, Mar, 58, Agricultural Labourer, born Sussex Lindfield

Mary Beard, Wife, Mar, 57, born Sussex West Hoathly

Mary A Beard, Dau, U, 19, Servant, born Sussex Lindfield

Julia Ann Beard, Grand Dau, 2 mo, born Sussex Cuckfield

Henry Elliot, Lodger, 28, Thatcher, born Sussex Lindfield

Charlotte Elliott, Lodger, 20, born Sussex Wivelsfield

Frederick Elliott, Lodger, 10 mo, born Sussex Lindfield


Wivelsfield, Sussex (1851)

William Welfare, Head, Widr, 72, Chelsea Pensioner, born Sussex Lindfield

John Reid, Lodger, Mar, 24, Ag Lab, born Sussex Ardingly

Sarah Reid, Lodger, Mar, 22, born Sussex Chailey

Jethro Reid, Lodger, 2, born Sussex Lindfield


John Reed or Murrell was baptised on 24 February 1828 in Ardingly, the son of George Murrell and Elizabeth Reed.

Elizabeth Reed was born on 27 March 1796 and baptised on 14 April 1796 in Ardingly, the daughter of John Reed and Mary.

Elizabeth Reed was born on 7 December 1803 and baptised on 21 December 1803 in Ardingly, the daughter of John Reed and Mary.

Thomas Staines and Elizabeth Reed married on 5 February 1829 in Ardingly.

John Reed and Mary Thomset in 1792 in Lindfield.  John was of Ardingly and Mary of Lindfield.


Henry Elliott and Charlotte Welfare married in the first quarter of 1850 in the Cuckfield registration district.

James Beard and Mary Harden married by banns on 21 June 1813 in West Hoathly.  He was a bachelor and she a spinster and they were both of West Hoathly.  The witnesses to their marriage were Thomas Jup and Nanny Harden.

James Beard Wood and William Beard Wood were baptised on 25 April 1793 in Lindfield, the sons of Ann Wood.

Mary Harden was baptised on 21 June 1795 in West Hoathly, the son of Thomas Harden and Ann.  The IGI notes Mary died on 21 February 1803.

Ann Beard, widow married Thomas Parker by banns on 15 September 1802 in Lindfield.  They were both of Lindfield.

James Beard was baptised on 23 May 1794 in Lindfield, the son of Richard Beard and Jane.

Richard Beard and Ann Coppard married by banns on 22 November 1785 in Lindfield.  He was of Horsted Keynes and she of Lindfield.

James Beard and Elizabeth Tester married by banns on 26 December 1792 in Wivelsfield, Sussex.  James was of Horsted Keynes and Elizabeth of Wivelsfield.


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