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Richard NORRIS (c1725-1789)

and Mary PENFOLD (c1730-?)


Richard Norris and Mary Penfold were possibly my 5x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 16 May 1754 in Steyning, Sussex.  The witnesses were James Burfield and John Burfield.

Richard Norris may have been baptised on 24 October 1725 in Cuckfield, Sussex and have been the son of John Norris (1694-?) and  5 317 Margaret Virgo.  But Cuckfield to Steyning is a fair distance and there were other Norris families in parishes closer than Cuckfield.

Mary Penfoldís date and place of birth are unknown, to me (see below).


Richard Norris and Mary Penfold had 3 known children:

  1. Richard Norris, my 4x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 27 July 1755 in Steyning.  He married twice.  Firstly to Ann Alfrey in 1780 and then 5 62 Hannah Scutt in 1790.  (They have their own page.)  Please note, I have nothing definite to link my 4xggf Richard Norris of Billingshurst with this Richard baptised in Steyning, but he did die aged 70 years in April 1826.

  2. Philip Norris was born on 4 June 1757 and baptised on 3 July 1757 in Steyning.  He died aged 93 years on 28 June 1850.  As Philip Norris a bricklayer of Steyning, he provided surety on the marriage licence dated 16 April 1786 of Adam Maiben a 21 year old saddler of Brighton, Sussex and Sarah Osmer a 21 year old of West Grinstead, Sussex.  It might be just a coincidence, but some members of the Cuckfield Norris families were also bricklayers - might Philip have followed a family occupation?

    Philip married Elizabeth Kelsey by licence on 29 April 1783 in Steyning.  Philip was a bachelor and Elizabeth a spinster and they were both of Steyning.  The witnesses were Henry Kelsey and ? Kelsey.  Their marriage licence was dated 23 April 1783 and recorded that Philip was of Steyning (4 weeks), a bricklayer and bachelor aged 21 years and upwards.  Elizabeth was also of Steyning (4 weeks) and a spinster aged 21 years and upwards.  Surety was provided by Philip himself and Henry Boxall of Henfield, a gardener.

    Elizabeth Kelsey was born on 27 August 1756 and baptised on 12 September 1756 in Southwick, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Henry Kelsey (c1713-1808) and Mary.  She died aged 80 years on 11 February 1836 at Offham House, South Stoke, Sussex.

    Philip and Elizabeth had 5 known children:

    1. Philip Norris was born on 21 February 1784 and baptised on 23 February 1784 in Steyning.  He married Charlotte Hoare by Licence on 17 November 1803 in Westbourne, Sussex.  Their marriage licence was dated 12 November 1803 and was issued by the Archdeaconry of Chichester, which stated that Philip Norris junior was a 19 year old Bricklayer of Steyning who married with consent.  Charlotte was a Spinster aged 24 years and of Westbourne.  Charlotte was born on 7 February and was the daughter of William Hoare (c1739-1818) and Margaret Lang (c1740-1819).  She died aged 69 years on 14 September 1844 and was buried on 18 September 1844 in Westbourne, Sussex.  Philip and Charlotte had 9 known children:

      1. William Hoare Norris was baptised on 29 July 1804 in Steyning.

      2. Richard Hoare Norris was born on 30 May 1806 and baptised on 26 June 1807 in Steyning.  He married Mary White on 1 July 1832 in Steyning.  She died aged 43 years on 31 July 1852.

      3. Margaret Langhore Norris was baptised on 5 June 1808 in Steyning.

      4. Elizabeth Kelsey Norris was baptised on 6 May 1810 in Steyning.  She married John Garton on 27 February 1837 in Upper Beeding, Sussex.  She was then of Steyning.

      5. Charlotte Hoare Norris was born on 23 June 1813 and baptised on 17 October 1813 in Steyning.  She married Alfred Bailye on 16 October 1837 in Steyning.

      6. Henry Kelsey Norris was born on 24 October 1815 and baptised on 26 November 1815 in Steyning.  He married Mary.

    2. Mary Ann Norris was baptised on 28 April 1786 in Steyning.  She was buried there on 5 September 1807.  Mary Ann married Charles Lasseter on 8 April 1805 in Steyning.  He was baptised on 31 December 1780 in Arundel, Sussex and was the son of William Lassiter and Sarah Marshall.  They had 1 known son:

      1. Charles Lasseter was baptised on 23 May 1806 in Steyning.

    3. Elizabeth Norris was baptised on 7 April 1788 in Steyning.

    4. John Norris was baptised on 7 December 1789 in Steyning.  Did he marry Sarah Burningham on 24 August 1816 in Petworth?

    5. Jane Norris was baptised on 11 March 1791 in Steyning.  She died aged 60 years in London on 28 January 1852.  She married M. Kenney.

    6. Sarah Norris was baptised on 2 April 1793 in Steyning.

    7. Catherine Norris was baptised on 1 January 1795 in Steyning.

    8. Susannah Norris was baptised on 9 February 1797 in Steyning.  She died aged 49 years on 16 April 1846.  She married John Seward on 23 July 1823 in Washington, Sussex.  John was a Perser in the Royal Navy.

    9. Frances Norris was baptised on 17 June 1799 in Steyning.

  3. Mary Norris was baptised on 13 January 1760 in Steyning.





The following Mary Penfold's were baptised between 1720 and 1740:

  1. Mary Penfold baptised on 16 November 1720 in Sullington, Sussex, the daughter of George Penfold and Mary Sandham who had married on 25 January 1719/20 at St. Martin in Chichester.

  2. Mary Penfold baptised on 20 March 1721/2 in Sullington, the daughter of Oliver Penfold and Mary Penfold who had married on 10 April 1721 in Wiggonholt.

  3. Mary Penfold baptised on 7 May 1723 in Shipley, Sussex, the daughter of Thomas Penfold and Mary Fairs who had married on 22 April 1722 in Shipley.

  4. Mary Penfold baptised on 19 April 1724 in Pulborough, Sussex, the daughter of Joseph Penfold and possibly Elizabeth Woods who had married on 17 July 1723 in Wisborough Green, but only Joseph's name was recorded against Mary's baptism.  Mary may have married John Mates on 24 October 1745 in Pulborough.

  5. Mary Penfold baptised on 4 August 1724 in Pulborough, the daughter of Henry Penfold and possibly Avis Greenfield who had married on 30 May 1717 in Burpham, Sussex, but only Henry's name was recorded against Mary's baptism.  Mary may have married John Mates on 24 October 1745 in Pulborough.

  6. Mary Penfold born on 19 August and baptised on 30 August 1724 in Henfield, the daughter of Thomas Penfold and Sarah.

  7. Mary Penfold baptised in 1725 in West Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of Philip Penfold and Mary.  No possible marriage for Philip and Mary in the Sussex Family History Group's marriage index, but a Philip Penfold of West Grinstead married Ann Adams on 30 September 1725 in Shipley.

  8. Mary Penfold baptised on 19 October 1725 in Westmeston, Sussex, daughter of William Penfold and Susanna Farncomb who had married on 19 October 1717 at St. Annes in Lewes, Sussex.

  9. Mary Penfold baptised on 17 April 1726 in Wisborough Green, Sussex, daughter of Edward Penfold and Hannah Gocher.

  10. Mary Penfold baptised on 22 August 1726 in Angmering, Sussex, daughter of John Penfold.

  11. Mary Penfold baptised on 10 October 1729 in Hurstpierpoint, daughter of Thomas Penfold and Margaret.

  12. Mary Penfold baptised on 19 October 1729 in Cuckfield, daughter of Richard Penfold and Mary.

  13. Mary Penfold baptised on 8 November 1730 in Crawley, Sussex, daughter of Thomas Penfold and Mary.

  14. Mary Penfold baptised on 18 November 1730 in Ifield, Sussex.

  15. Mary Penfold baptised on 29 November 1730 in Shipley, daughter of William Penfold and Sarah.  A William Penfold married Sarah Bray on 16 May 1717 in Shipley.

  16. Mary Penfold baptised on 4 February 1731/2 in Worth, Sussex, daughter of William Penfold and Timothy.

  17. Mary Penfold was baptised on 25 June 1732 in Kirdford, Sussex, daughter of John Penfold and possibly Joan Ayling who had married in Kirdford on 30 October 1721, but only John's name was recorded against Mary's baptism.

  18. Mary Pinfold was born 1 November and baptised on 18 November 1733 in Telscombe, daughter of Richard Pinfold and Sarah.  A Richard Pinfold married Sarah Austin on 11 June 1724 in Glynde, Sussex.

  19. Mary Penfold baptised on 29 January 1734 in Angmering, the daughter of Richard Penfold and possibly Mary Tutt who had married in Wiggonholt on 3 April 1727, at which time Richard was of Angmering.  Only Richard's name was recorded against Mary's baptism.

  20. Mary Penfold baptised on 17 June 1737 in Horsham, the daughter of Thomas Penfold.

  21. Mary Penfold baptised on 7 July 1738 in Bepton, the daughter of Robert Penfold and Elizabeth Hewitt who had married on 29 September 1726 at St. Martins in Chichester.

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Many thanks to Norma Temperton for details about the family of Philip Norris and Elizabeth Kelsey.  Norma's transcript of a family bible can be found in the Sussex OPC website.



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