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Stephen MONK (1649-1721)

and Mary FRENCH (1651-?)


Stephen Monk and Mary French were my 8x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 23 April 1672 in Heathfield, Sussex.

Stephen Munke was baptised on 28 January 1648/9 in Heathfield.  He was the son of Henry Monk (1618-1658) and possibly Mary (c1620-1697).  Stephen was buried on 21 September 1721 in Heathfield and the burial register recorded that he was Stephen Monk, senior.

Mary French was baptised on 16 February 1650/1 in Heathfield.  She was the daughter of Richard French (1624-1667) and Barbara Humfry (1624-?).  She may have been buried on 23 January 1725/6 in Heathfield, but the burial register only records that Mary Monk, widow was buried and she did have a sister-in-law also named Mary Monk who was also a widow at that time.  Another Mary French was baptised on 1 February 1651/2 in Warbleton, Sussex, the daughter of Robert French (c1620-1681) and Replenish (c1620-1677), but I think it more likely that Heathfield Mary married in Heathfield.

Stephen's grandfather or great grandfather was a collier in Heathfield.  Mary's grandfather was also a collier in Heathfield.


Stephen Monk and Mary French had 9 known children:

  1. Mary Monk was baptised on 18 May 1673 in Heathfield and possibly buried there on 18 May 1673.  Or did she, or her cousin Mary Monk born in 1679, marry Thomas Dunk on 2 February 1695/6 in Heathfield?  Mary was then of Heathfield and Thomas of Burwash.

  2. Sarah Monk was baptised on 6 January 1674/5 in Heathfield.  She may have been buried on 23 October 1704 in Heathfield.  The entry in the burial register is for Sarah daughter of Stephen and Mary Monk.

  3. John Monk was baptised on 21 January 1676/7 in Heathfield.  He may have been buried on 19 June 1748 in Heathfield, but another John Monk was baptised on 23 Febraury 1685/6 in Heathfield, the son of John Monk.

  4. Stephen Monk was baptised on 16 June 1679 in Heathfield and buried there on 7 February 1682/3.

  5. Barbara Monk was baptised on 17 May 1681 in Heathfield and buried there on 31 March 1682/3.

  6. Henry Monk, my 7x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 26 December 1682 in Heathfield.  He married Sarah Collins in 1709.  (They have their own page.)

  7. Ann Monk was baptised on 27 January 1687/8 in Heathfield.

  8. Stephen Monk was baptised on 29 January 1689/90 in Heathfield.  He was baptised on the same day as his cousin Elizabeth Monk.  Stephen was described as a husbandman of Heathfield in 1739.  He may have been buried on 13 December 1748 in Heathfield, but unfortunately the burial only records that Stephen Monk was buried and gives no other helpful information.

    Stephen married Mary Fuller.  They may have married in Dallington on 13 June 1721, at which time they were both said to be of Heathfield.  However, their marriage licence would seem to have been dated 12 June 1725, and that recorded that Stephen was a yeoman of Heathfield and Mary a widow.  Mary had previously married John Fuller, gent of Heathfield.

  9. William Monk was baptised on 17 April 1694 in Heathfield.


The baptism dates have come from the original parish register on microfilm.  Some pages are impossible to read, so there may have been other children.  I could not find a will for Stephen, but his brother John Monk a cooper of Heathfield left a will dated 20 May 1717.



Who was the Mary Monk who married Thomas Balcomb on 3 August 1714 in Dallington, Sussex?  Might she have been in some way related to the above family?  Thomas and Mary had at least 1 child:

  1. Thomas Baucombe married Ann Barton by Banns on 30 April 1742 in Heathfield.  They had at least 1 child:

    1. Thomas Balcomb married Lucy Simmonds on 26 August 1794 in Heathfield.  She was the daughter of James Simmonds and Ann.  They also had at least 1 child:

      1. Thomas Balcomb married Jane Wood.  She was the daughter of James Wood and Ann Oxley.  Thomas and Jane had at least 1 child:

        1. Isabella Balcomb



The following extract has been copied from the A2A web site:


FILE - Lease for a year - ref.  SAS-B/828  - date: 18 Oct 1739
By Arthur Berry of Seal, Kent, victualler, and Stephen Monk of Heathfield, husbandman, and Mary his wife (who was widow and relict of John Fuller late of Heathfield, gent. decd.) to Joseph Weller of Dallington, esq., of a messuage or tenement with barn, stable, stall, outhouses &c. and lands belonging called Sandland, containing 30 acres, late in the tenure of John Smith and then of Stephen Monk, in Heathfield; which said premises the said John Fuller decd. purchased of Wm. Farncombe, gent. Marks of Arthur Berry and Stephen Monk and signature of Mary Monk. Witnesses:- W. Roffe, Hen. Roffe

FILE - Release in fee - ref.  SAS-B/829  - date: 19 Oct 1739
Between the said Arthur Berry and Stephen Monk (1), John York of Dallington, bricklayer, (2), the said Joseph Weller (3) and Daniel Blackman of Dallington, cordwainer (4)
Whereby - in consideration of 235 - the said Arthur Berry and Stephen Monk released to the said Jos. Weller the messuage and lands mentioned in the above Lease for a year To hold in trust for the said John York and Sarah his daughter with provision for the vesting of a term of years in Daniel Blackman to secure the payment by the said Sarah, daughter of the said John York, of 60 to Mary another daughter of John York by a former marriage

FILE - Fine - ref.  SAS-B/830  - date: 1739
Between Joseph Weller, esq., plaintiff, and Arthur Berry and Mary his wife, Stephen Monk and Mary his wife, deforciants, of one messuage, one barn, 2 stables, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 20 acres of land, 5 ac. of meadow, 5 ac. of pasture, 5 ac. of wood, 10 ac. of furze and heath, and common of pasture for all cattle in Heathfield. Trinity term, 13 Geo. II

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