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Edmund MITCHELL (1816-1884)

and Eliza SHARPE (1821-1898)


Edmund Mitchell and Eliza Sharpe married 2 December 1841 at the parish church of St. Johns in Lower Beeding (the same day as his sister Mary).  (They were not my direct ancestors.  Eliza was the 2x Great Grand Niece of 2 of my 6x Great Grandmothers.  I also have Mitchell ancestors, but as yet don't know if there is a connection somewhere down the line.)

St. Peter's, Cowfold, with thanks to Rita for this picture.Edmund Mitchell was baptised on 23 June 1816 in Cowfold. Sussex.  He was the son of Henry Mitchell (c1771-1853) and Ann Akehurst (c1775-1841).  He died aged 67 years and was buried on 17 December 1884 in Lower Beeding.  At the time of the 1841 census he was living with his parents at Job's Castle in Lower Beeding and he was then earning his living as a carpenter.

Eliza Sharpe was baptised on 1 July 1821 in Cowfold, at which time her father was a blacksmith.  She was the daughter of Hezekiah Sharpe (1793-1872) and Lucy Moore (1789-1833).  She died aged 77 years and was buried on 31 October 1898 in Lower Beeding.  When the 1841 census was recorded she was 19 years old and living at home with her father and step mother in Lower Beeding.  On 25 April 1857, Eliza was a witness to the marriage of her niece Caroline Dale.



Thanks to Rita for providing above photographs.  The two on the left are of Edmund and Eliza's headstone and the two on the right are of Job's Castle.  Click on the images for a larger view.  (After viewing the larger images, please click on your back arrow to return to this page.)

When the 1851 census was recorded Edmund was a 36 year old carpenter living at Job's Castle, along with his 29 year old wife, 3 daughters, 80 year old widower father, Henry Mitchell and 8 year old niece, Eliza Sayers.  His sister Mary and her family were living next door.  In 1861 Edmund and Eliza were living at New Job's Castle and his sister's family were still next door.  The couple and 2 sons were still at Job's Castle in 1871, as was his sister Mary and her family.  By 1881 the couple had moved to Cider House Farm Cottages in Lower Beeding.  Edmond was a 63 year old carpenter.  Also with them on census night was there daughter Rosa and 2 grandchildren.


Edmund Mitchell and Lucy Moore had 9 known children:

  1. Lucy Mitchell was baptised on 25 July 1843 in Lower Beeding, at which time her father was a labourer.  In 1851 she was 7 years and living with her parents and younger sisters.

    Lucy married James Arthur Williams on 19 December 1871 in Chelsea, London.

    James died before the recording of the 1881 census.

    The 1891 census records that Lucy was a 47 year old widow and an eating and coffee house keeper.  She was living at 21 Long Acre in St. Martin in the Fields, London, along with her 3 children, 10 year old niece Rose E. Bastow, 69 year old widow and lodger, Eliza Mitchell who was living on her own means, sister Rosa, 2 servants and waitresses Ada Wilson and Bela Rauscher, lodger Elizabeth Creed and 37 year old married visitor Kazia Mitchell (Lucy's sister-in-law, see further below).

    James and Lucy had the following children:

    1. Arthur F. Williams was born about 1874 in Chelsea.  He was a 7 year old scholar in 1881 and living with his maternal grandparents.  In 1891 he was a 17 year old apprentice engineer.

    2. Rose Lucy Williams was born about 1875 in Chelsea.  In 1881 she was a 6 year old scholar living with her maternal grandparents.  In 1891 she was a 16 year old dress and millinery apprentice.

    3. Fanny Williams was born about 1879 in Paddington.  The 1881 census records that she was 2 year old Lucy Williams and she was living with her mother.  She was a 12 year old scholar in 1891.

  2. Maria Mitchell was baptised on 31 August 1845 in Lower Beeding, at which time her father was a labourer.  She was 5 years old in 1851.

  3. Fanny Mitchell was baptised on 1 July 1849 in Lower Beeding, at which time her father was a carpenter.  When the 1851 census was recorded she was a year old and living with her parents and siblings at Job's Castle in Lower Beeding.  In 1861 she was an 11 year old scholar and the eldest of her siblings living at home.

    Fanny married Benjamin Richard Bourne in the fourth quarter of 1876 in the Chelsea, London registration district.  The photograph on the right is of Benjamin and Fanny.  Whilst the one below of Benjamin.  Many thanks to their Great Granddaughter, Rita, for the pictures.

    Benjamin was born in 1846 in Middlesex and his birth was registered in the first quarter of 1847 in the St. George Hanover Square, London registration district.  He was the son of John Bourne and Suan Chapman.

    When the 1881 census was recorded the couple and their young son were living with Fanny’s elder sister, 39 year old widow Lucy Williams and 2 year old niece also named Lucy Williams, at 72B Mare Street, Hackney, London.  Lucy was then a coffee and dinning room proprietor.  Also with the family on census night were 3 servants, 18 year old Elizabeth Oxley, a waitress, 15 year old Mary Streat who was a nurse maid and domestic servant and 18 year old porter Albert Knight.  Two lodgers were also staying with them, Isaac Collard a married 40 year old shoemaker from Somerset and married 57 year old Samuel Ambling from Suffolk.

    Benjamin and Fanny had 2 sons:

    1. Ernest Henry Bourne was born on 7 September 1879 in Chelsea.  He died in 1948.  He was a restuaranteur.

      Ernest married Sarah Jane Venn on 1 August 1903 in New Southgate, London.

      Sarah Jane was born on 6 September 1879 at 125 Grays Inn Road, Pancras, London and was the daughter of James Southcott Venn (1845-1896) and Mary Thorpe (1840-1902).  She was known as Jennie.  Her father was a master builder from South Molton, Devon, whilst her mother was a Londoner.


      This lovely photograph is from Ernest Henry Bourne and Sarah Jane Venn's wedding.

      (Thanks to Rita for this photograph and the following three.)

      Left to Right:  Albert Bourne standing next to his seated brother; Albert's wife Amy Gardener is stand behind him; the man standing behind the bride and groom is Sarah's brother Arthur James Venn and his wife and child are behind on the left.  The white haired man is Benjamin Richard Bourne and the woman in black hat is his wife, Fanny.  The the woman child on the right and the man at the centre back are unknown.

      The above photos are of Ernest Henry, Sarah Jane and Sarah Jane with 2 daughters Winifred Fanny and Doris Mary.

      Ernest Henry and Sarah Jane had the following children:

      1. Winifred Fanny Bourne was born on 27 May 1904 at 61 Grays Inn Road, London.

      2. Doris Mary Bourne was born on 29 October 1906 at Ivy Dale, Bowes Road, New Southgate.  She died in 1983 and never married.

      3. Ernest James Bourne was born on 15 May 1912 in Southgate, London.  Ernie married Peggy West.

      4. Albert Richard Bourne.

    2. Albert Bourne was born on 5 September 1883 at 6 Little James Street, Holborn, London.  He was a coffee house keeper.  Albert married Amy Daisy Gardiner on 18 April 1908.  They did not have any children.  Albert helped his father and grandfather run the Clovelly Dining Rooms at 61 Grays Inn Road.  Amy was a dresser for all sorts of stars and many of their signed photographs were displayed on the walls at 61 Grays Inn Road.

  4. Jane Eliza Mitchell was baptised on 25 January 1852 in Lower Beeding, at which time her father was a carpenter.  She died aged 39 years on 14 March 1890 and was buried in Bow cemetery.  In 1861 she was a 9 year old scholar.

    Please click on the above images for a larger view.  Many thanks to Valerie Palmer for the photographs.

    Jane Eliza married Frederick Batten in the third quarter of 1878 in the Chelsea registration district.

    Frederick was born in 1849 in Yarcombe, Devon.

    When the 1881 census was recorded the couple and their 2 children were living at 52 Settles Street, Tower Hamlets, Mile End Old Town, London.  Frederick was then a 29 year old policeman and Jane was 28 years old.  Also with them on census night was Fred's unmarried 32 year old brother Thomas Batten and unmarried 38 year old boarder James Pearce.

    Frederick and Jane Eliza had the following children:

    1. Frederick Bartholomew Batten was born on 9 April 1879 in the Mile End.  He was a year old in 1881.

      The above photographs are of Frederick Batholomew Batten and his family.  Thanks to Valerie for the pictures.

      Fred married Winifred McBride.

      Fred and Winifred had the following children:

      1. Frederick John Batten was born on 10 May 1901 in Melbourne, Australia.

      2. Wilfred Frank Batten was born on 17 June 1904 in Melbourne.

      3. Janet Louisa Daisy Batten was born in 1907 in Melbourne.

      4. Winifred Grace Batten was born in 1909 in Melbourne.

      5. Elizabeth Batten was born about 1914.

    2. Frank Batten was born about 1884 in White Chapel, Middlesex.

    3. Harry Batten was born in 1886 at 10 Prissilla Road, Bromley, Middlesex.

    4. Percy Batten was born in 1887 in Poplar, London.

    5. George Batten was born in 1888 in Poplar.

    6. Edmond Batten was born in 1890 in Poplar.

  5. William James Mitchell was baptised on 21 May 1854 in Lower Beeding, at which time his father was a carpenter.  He was a 6 year old scholar in 1861.  In 1871 he was a 16 year old carpenter and the eldest of his siblings living at home.

    William married Keaziah Akehurst by banns on 12 December 1880 in Lower Beeding.  He was then a bachelor and carpenter, whilst she was a spinster.  Their fathers were named as Edmund Mitchell a carpenter and John Akehurst a butcher.  The witnesses to their marriage were Edmund Mitchell and Rosa Charlotte Mitchell.

    Keziah was baptised on 9 April 1854 in Cowfold and was the daughter of John Akehurst and Sarah Nicholson, who had married in 1846.

  6. Rosa Charlotte Mitchell was baptised on 23 November 1856 in Lower Beeding.  The baptism register recorded that her father was a labourer from Job's Castle in Lower Beeding.  In 1861 she was 4 years old.  In 1881 she was an unmarried 24 year old laundress, living at home with her parents.  When the 1891 census was recorded she was and unmarried 34 year domestic companion and she was living with her sister Lucy in London.

  7. Edmund Mitchell was baptised on 6 February 1859 in Lower Beeding, at which time his father was a carpenter.  He died aged 31 years in Croydon and was buried on 9 November 1890 in Lower Beeding.  In 1861 he was 2 years old and in 1871 he was a 12 year old scholar.


I am very grateful to Rita Hayes for providing photographs and addition details about the family and ancestors of Edmund and Eliza.

Also to Valerie Palmer for the photographs of Jane Eliza Batten, nee Mitchell's family.