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William MASTERS (c1786-1875)

and Elizabeth FOSTER (c1790-1872)


William Master and Elizabeth Foster married by banns on 2 October 1808 in Rye, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor and she a spinster. 

William Masters was born about 1786, possibly in Wadhurst.  He was the second son of Thomas Masters (1762-?) and Sarah (c1765-1810).  A settlement certificate was issued to his parents in 1792 and William was then said to have been 6 years old.  The IGI records that he died in 1875 in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia.

Elizabeth Foster's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She died on 10 December 1872 at Stroud, New South Wales and buried at St. Johns.  Might she have been related to Sarah Foster who married George Masters in 1802?  According to the IGI she was born on 19 November 1783 in Icklesham or Rye.

The family emigrated to Austalia aboard the Achilles, leaving England on 22 February 1841 and arriving at Port Jackson on 12 December 1841.


William Masters and Elizabeth Foster may have had the following children: 

  1. Maria Masters was born in 1809 in Rye and died there in 1841.

  2. William Masters was baptised on 6 August 1809 in Rye.  He died in 1859 in Australia.  He emigrated to Australia with his parents.

    William married Frances Louisa Hoad in 1830 in Rye.  (I have checked the Sussex marriage index but could not find their marriage.  However, if she was born shortly before she was baptised in 1815, then she would only have been 15 in 1830, so might they have married later?)

    Frances may have been baptised on 26 May 1815 in Winchelsea and have been the daughter of James Hoad and Ann Martin, who had married on 14 June 1810 in Winchelsea, at which time James was a widower.  (James and Ann had a daughter baptised on 16 July 1811 named Sabina Ann Hoad.)

    They had the following children:

    1. William Thomas Masters was baptised on 8 August 1834 in Icklesham.  He died aged 2 years and was buried on 2 October 1836 in Icklesham.

    2. Ann Sabina Masters was baptised on 31 March 1836 in Icklesham.

    3. Fanny Masters was baptised on 13 March 1838 in Icklesham, at which time her parents were of Winchelsea.

    4. Henry Augustas Masters was baptised on 3 March 1840 in Winchelsea.

    5. William Augustas Masters was baptised on 13 December 1840 in Icklesham.

  3. Moses Masters was bapitsed on 7 April 1811 in Winchelsea.  His parents were at the Sheephouse when he was baptised.  He died in 1884 in Liverpool, NSW (as per the IGI).

    Moses married Rebecca Brooks by banns on 4 August 1833 in Icklesham.  He was a bachelor and she a spinster.  They were both of Icklesham.  The witnesses to their marriage were William Masters, Elizabeth Masters and Frances Masters.  All except Frances signed their names, Frances made her X mark.

    Might she have been baptised as Rebecca Emily Brook on 25 December 1816 at All Saints in Hastings, the daughter of Richard Brooks and Rebecca Gain who married on 26 December 1812 in Ore, Sussex?  Or was she the daughter of Richard Brooks and Mary Brekenbury?

    The family emigrated to Australia on board the Coromandel, leaving England on 14 June 1838 and arriving on 2 October 1838.

    Moses and Rebecca had the following children:

    1. The IGI records that William Brooks Masters was born in 1830 in Icklesham and died on 26 June 1907 in Stroud, NSW.

    2. Mary Masters was baptised on 2 September 1833 at the Baptist chapel in Rye.

    3. Aaron Masters was baptised on 30 January 1835 in Rye.

    4. Sarah Masters was baptised on 15 February 1837 in Rye.

    5. Charlotte Masters was born in 1844 in Stroud, NSW.  She died in 1924.  Charlotte married George Steven Carter in 1862.

  4. Elizabeth Ann Masters was born in 1812 in Rye and died there in 1840.  Seems a little odd that the family should have 2 Elizabeths.

  5. Elizabeth Masters was born about 1814 in Rye.  She died in 1894 in Goulburn, NSW (as per the IGI).  She emigrated to Australia with her parents.

  6. Mary Ann Masters was born on 10 February 1817 and baptised on 22 March 1817 at the Wesleyan Chapel in Rye.

    Mary Ann married Henry Sharp on 7 September 1836 in Icklesham.  He was then of Icklesham and she of Rye.

  7. Sarah Mastus was baptised on 16 May 1819 in Icklesham.  She died aged 10 months and was buried on 27 February 1820 in Icklesham.

  8. John Mastus was baptised on 5 May 1822 in Icklesham.  The IGI records that he died on 1 July 1910.  He emigrated to Australia with his parents.

  9. Henry Mastus was baptised on 25 July 1824 in Icklesham.  The IGI records that he died on 16 September 1880 at Port Stephens, NSW.  He emigrated to Australia with his parents.

  10. Anne Masters was baptised on 15 April 1827 in Icklesham.  She died aged 2 years in Peasmarsh and was buried on 22 August 1829 in Icklesham.