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Edward MARCHANT (1696-1761)

and Sarah SIMMONDS (1700-1774)


Edward Marchant and Sarah Simmonds married on 20 August 1728 in Lindfield, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors, but Sarah was the sister of my 6x Great Grandmother, Ann Simmonds.)

Edward Marchant was born on 17 March 1695/6 and baptised on 13 April 1796 in Cuckfield, Sussex.  He was the fourth child and son of Thomas Marchant (1664-?) and Ann Jarrett.  He died aged 66 years and was buried on 9 June 1761 in Ardingly.

Sarah Symonds was born on 6 August 1700 and baptised on 31 August 1700 in Ardingly.  She was the eldest child and daughter of Thomas Symmonds (c1666-1748) and Sarah Burleigh (c1672-1754).  She died aged 74 years and was buried on 20 February 1774 in Ardingly.


Edward Marchant and Sarah Simmonds had 8 known children:

  1. 5 89 John Marchant (1728-1801) married Dorcas Alfrey (1738-1822) in 1858.  (They have their own page.)

  2. Sarah Marchant was born on 23 May 1730 and baptised on 7 June 1730 in Ardingly.  She died aged 32 years and was buried on 19 October 1762 in Ardingly.

  3. Ann Merchant was born on 29 August 1732 and baptised on 3 September 1732 in Ardingly.  She died aged 7 years and was buried on 29 September 1739 in Ardingly, by the name of Anne Marchant.

  4. Mary Merchant was born on 11 February 1734/5 and baptised on 17 February 1734/5 in Ardingly.

  5. James Merchant was born on 4 October 1735 and baptised on 5 October 1735 in Ardingly.  He died aged 75 years and was buried on 3 April 1811 in Ardingly, when his name was again recorded as James Merchant.  He may have been a witness to the marriage of his brother Michael on 26 August 1762 in Worth, Sussex.  Did he marry Judith Gibb on 27 April 1762 in Balcombe?  She was buried on 8 July 1763 in Balcombe along with an unbaptised son James Marchant.  James and Judith also had a daughter Ann Marchant baptised on 4 October 1762.

  6. Elizabeth Merchant was born on 2 March 1736/7 and baptised on 6 March 1736/7 in Ardingly.  She married Richard Sayers on 18 June 1769 in Ardingly.  The witnesses to the marriage were John Marchant (signed) and Hugh Marchant (marked).

  7. Hugh Marchant (1738-1814) married Sarah Streeter (1743-1803) in 1765.  (They have their own page.)

  8. Michael Marchant (1740-1815) married Elizabeth Jarrett (1742-1824).  (They have their own page.)



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