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Moses LILIOT (1788-1859)

and Frances HOLLOWAY (c1790-?)

and Elizabeth (c1790-?)


Moses Leliot first married Frances Holloway on 24 July 1810 in Wiston, Sussex.  He was then of Wiston and she of Upper Beeding.  The witnesses to their marriage were Ann Leliot and Daniel Simmonds.  Then as Moses Lallyett, widower he married Elizabeth Divall, widow on 15 February 1834 in Brighton, Sussex.  They were both then of Brighton.  (They were not my direct ancestors.  Moses was the brother of my 4x great grandmother, Naomi Lelliott.)

Moses Liliot was baptised on 6 July 1788 in Wiston, Sussex.  He was the son of Samuel Lillyott (1748-1817) and Elizabeth Sergeant (1748-?).  His death may have been registered in the second quarter of 1859 in the Guildford registration district as Moses Laliett.

Frances Holloway's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.

Elizabeth's date and place of birth/baptism and previous marriage are unknown, to me.

When the 1851 census was recorded, Moses Lallyett, aged 59 together with his 58 year old wife Elizabeth were living at Railway Gate House, Over Canal Bridge in Kenardington, Kent where he was a railway crossing gate keeper.  (I have not been able to identify the couple in the 1841 census.)


Moses Leliot and Frances Holloway had 4 known children:

  1. Frances Lilliat was baptised on 17 February 1811 in Wiston.

  2. Noah Lilliat was baptised on 27 June 1813 in Wiston.  He died aged 75 years (as per the GRO index) and his death was registered in the first quarter of 1886 in the Steyning registration district as Noah Lelliott.

    As Noah Lallyett he married Mary Ann Ford on 15 February 1834 at St. Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex.

    Mary Ann was born about 1805-7 in Chelmsford, Essex.

    So far Noah has not been found in the 1841 census, but his wife and 2 young children were living in Francis Street, Brighton and Mary Ann was then a laundress.  In 1851, his name appears to have been recorded as James Lallyett and he and his wife and 3 children were living in Roadside Cottage in St. Leonards, Sussex along with 5 unmarried male lodgers aged between 20 and 30.  When the 1861 census was recorded the couple and their son Charles were living at 88 George Street, Hove, Sussex.  Both father and son were labourers on the beach.

    Noah and Mary Ann had the following children:

    1. Charles Lallyett was baptised on 18 February 1838 at St. Nicholas in Brighton, Sussex.  He was 3 years old when the 1841 census was recorded and 13 years old in 1851.  He was the only 1 of his siblings living at home in 1861 and he was then 23 years old.

      Charles married Elizabeth Atkinson on 22 October 1866 at the parish church in Hove.  He was then a bachelor and labourer and she a spinster.  They were both of full age and both of Hove.  Their fathers were named as Noah Lallyett a labourer and Charles Atkinson a plumber.  The witnesses to their marriage were Thomas Evans and Fanny Young who both made their marks.

      Elizabeth Henrietta Atkinson was born about 1845 in Middlesex.

      When the 1871 census was recorded the couple, their 2 young sons and Elizabeth's sister Martha were living at 2 The Drove, Portslade.  Charles was then an agricultural labourer.  (My great grandfather, William Charles Willard was born in The Drove in 1871.)  In 1881 the family were living at 2 West Place, Ellen Street, Portslade.  (My grandfather, Thomas William Tullett was born in Ellen Street in 1891.)  The 1891 census records that the family were living at 88 Ellen Street and Charles was a general labourer.

      Charles and Elizabeth had the following known children:

      1. Charles Jasper Lellyatt was born in the second quarter 1867 in Hove.  He was 4 years old when the 1871 census was recorded.  In 1881 he was a 14 year old shop assistant.

      2. George Lallyett was baptised on 16 March 1869 in Portslade.  He was 2 years old when the 1871 census was recorded.  In 1881 he was an 11 year old scholar and 1891 he was a 21 year old cab driver and the eldest of his siblings living at home.

      3. Joseph Lallyett was born in the fourth quarter of 1871 in Hove.  When the 1881 census was recorded he was a 9 year old scholar.

      4. William Layyett was born in the first quarter of 1874 in Hove.  He was a 7 year old scholar in 1881.

      5. Elizabeth Henrietta Lallyet was baptised on 23 June 1878 in Hove.  She was 3 years old in 1881.  In 1891 she was a 12 year old scholar.

      6. Agnes was born about 1882 in Hove.  In 1891 she was a 9 year old scholar.

      7. Alfred Lallyet was born in the second quarter of 1884 in Hove.  He was a 7 year old scholar in 1891.

      8. Catherine Ada Lallyett was born on 5 August 1886 at 88 Ellen Street, Hove.  Her father was then a general labourer and her birth was registered by her mother on 17 September 1886.  She was 4 years old in 1891 and her name was name was recorded as Katherine in the 1891 census.

        Catherine married James Alfred Lulham on 25 January 1908 at the Register Office in the district of Steyning, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor and general labourer and she was a spinster and domestic servant.  They were both aged 21 years and both of 88 Ellen Street.  Their fathers were named as James Edward Lulham and Charles Lallyett who were both general labourers.  The witnesses to their marriage were Elizabeth Salter and Joseph Lallyett.

    2. Elizabeth Lallyett was born in 1840 in Brighton.  She was 7 months old in 1841 and 10 years old in 1851.

    3. Joseph Lallyett was born about 1850 in St. Leonards, Sussex.  He was a year old when the 1851 census was recorded.

  3. Elizabeth Lilliat was baptised on 19 March 1815 in Wiston.

  4. Eliza Lilliat was baptised on 8 June 1817 in Wiston, at which time her father was a labourer.


Moses and Elizabeth had 1 known child:

  1. Mary Ann Lelliot was baptised on 20 April 1834 at St. Nicholas in Brighton.



1841 census - Francis Street, Brighton, Sussex (HO107/1122, folio 21, page 1)

Mary Lyllyett, 35, Laundress, born in Sussex

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Charles Lallyell, 3, born in Sussex

Elizabeth Lallyell, 7 months, born in Sussex


1851 census - Over Canal Bridge, Railway Gate House, Kenardington, Kent (HO107/1620, folio 349, page 10)

Moses Lallyett, Head, Mar, 59, Railway crossing/Gate Keeper, born Sussex, Wissen

Elizabeth Lallyett, Wife, Mar, 58, born Sussex, All Sts Bor Lewes


1851 census - Roadside Cottage, St. Lenoards, Sussex (HO107/1635, folio 645, page 19)

James Lallyett, Head, M, 37, Labourer, born Sussex, Wiston

Mary Lallyett, Wife, M, 44, born Essex, Chelmsford

Charles Lallyett, Son, Un, 13, born Sussex, Brighton

Elizabeth Lallyett, Dau, 10, born Sussex, Brighton

Joseph Lallyett, Son, 1, born Sussex, St. Leonard

Charles Slade, Lodger, Un, 30, Labourer, born Hants, Portsmouth

William Fettom, Lodger, Un, 20, Labourer, born Hants, Portsmouth

William Hall, Lodger, Un, 25, Labourer, born Hounslouheath

Henry Smith, Lodger, Un, 25, Labourer, born Surrey, Guildford

Abraham Groom, Lodger, Un, 30, born Sussex, Northiam


1861 census - 88 George Street, Hove, Sussex (RG9/604, folio 106, page 27)

Noah Lullyett, Head, Mar, 47, Labourer on Beach, born Sussex, Wiston

Mary Ann Lullyett, Wife, Mar, 56, Labourer on Beach's wife, born Essex, Chelmsford

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Charles Lullyet, Son, Unm, 23, Labourer on Beach, born Sussex, Brighton


1871 census - 2 The Drove, Portslade, Sussex (RG10/1093, folio 37, page 18)

Charles Lellyat, Head, Mar, 33, Lab (Agricultural), born Sussex, Brighton

Elizabeth H. Lellyat, Wife, Mar, 26 Labourer's (Agricultural) wife, born Middlesex

Charles I. Lellyat, Son, Unm, 4, born Sussex, Hove

George Lellyat, Son, Unm, 2, born Sussex, Portslade

Martha E. Atkinson, Sister-in-law, Unm, 13, born Middlesex


1881 census - 2 West Place, Ellen Street, Portslade, Sussex (RG11/1099, folio 21, page 36)

Charles Lalyett, Head, Mar, 43, General Labourer, born Brighton

Elizabeth A. Lalyett, Wife, M, 38, born Pentonville, Middlesex

Charles J. Lalyett, Son, 14, Shop Assistant, born Hove, Sussex

George Lalyett, Son, 11, Scholar, born Hove, Sussex

Joseph Lalyett, Son, 9, Scholar, born Hove, Sussex

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Elizabeth Lalyett, Dau, 3, born Hove, Sussex

William Lalyett, Son, 7, born Hove, Sussex


1891 census - 88 Ellen Street, Hove, Sussex (RG12/819, folio 100, page 38)

Charles Lallyett, Head, M, 53, General Labourer, born Sussex, Brighton

Elizabeth Lallyett, Wife, M, 46, Nurse, born Middlesex, Kings Cross

George Lallyett, Son, S, 21, Cab Driver, born Sussex, Portslade

Elizabeth Lallyett, Daur, 12, Scholar, born Sussex, Hove

Alfred Lallyett, Son, 7, Scholar, born Sussex, Hove

Agnes Lallyett, Daur, 9, Scholar, born Sussex, Hove

Katherine Lallyett, Son [yes, it says son], 4, Scholar, born Sussex, Hove


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