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Lancaster LELLIOTT (1794-1845)

and Lucy WARD (1790-1877)


Lancaster Lelliott and Lucy Ward married on 11 November 1817 in Broadwater, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor and she a spinster and they were both of Broadwater.  (They were not my direct ancestors, but they were the 3x Great Grandparents of Bob Lelliott.  Lucy was the Granddaughter of my 6x Great Grandfather, Thomas Ward.)

Lancaster Lellyott was baptised on 29 September 1794 in New Shoreham, Sussex.  He was the son of Nicholas Lelliott (1769-?) and Ann Sawyer (c1770-1850).  The death of Lancaster Lelliott was registered in the second quarter of 1845 in the Steyning registration district.  I have not found him in the 1841 census.

Lucy Ward was privately baptised, as she was ill, on 6 February 1790 in Henfield, Sussex, and was then received into the church on 28 March 1790.  She was the daughter of Henry Ward (1754-?) and Mary Geere.  She died aged 87 years in the third quarter of 1877.

At the time of the 1841 census, Lucy was the head of her household at Field Row in Broadwater.  She was then a charwoman and her 3 youngest children were living with her.  When the 1851 census was recorded, Lucy Lelliott was a 59 year old widow visiting the home of John Puttock aged 33 and his 31 year old wife Mary Ann Puttock, at 11 Saint Vincent Street, Portsea, Hampshire.  In 1861 Lucy was a 70 year old widow and pauper lodging at 13 Field Row in Broadwater.  The 1871 census records that Lucy was 81 years old and living with her widowed daughter Mary A. Puttick at 24 Tidy Street in Brighton.


Lancaster Lelliott and Lucy Ward had 4 known children:

  1. Emily Lelliott may have been born about the time her parents married.  She died on 8 December 1850 in London (thanks to David Andrews for this date).  When the 1841 census was recorded Emily and her daughter were living at Paragon Place, Broadwater in the home of 70 year old Ann Lelliott.  Ann was then a lodging housekeeper and presumably she was Emily's grandmother.

    Emily had 2 illegitimate children before she married:

    1. Ann Priscilla Lelliott was born on 4 April and baptised on 3 May 1840 in Broadwater.  She was a year old when the 1841 census was recorded.

    2. George Lelliott was born on 13 July 1842 in Worthing and baptised on 31 July 1842 in Broadwater.  He married Lydia Morrison sometime before or about 1869.  (They have their own page.)

    Emily married Benjamin Beaman Kembury on 9 September 1847 at St. Nicholas in Brighton.  His father was also named Benjamin Beaman Kembury.  It would seem the couple married again on 16 October 1849 in London.  She was then Emily Lelliott, spinster and daughter of Lancaster Lelliott a cooper, whilst he was Benjamin Cemery, son of Benjamin Cemery a victullar (thanks to David Andrews for this data).

    Benjamin was baptised on 29 September 1822 in North Wraxall, Wiltshire and was the illegitimate son of Catherine Camery or Kemmery.  He joined the Scots Fusilier Guards in May 1842, rising to the rank of Sergeant.  He died on 10 February 1862 in Shorncliffe.  On 14 May 1853 he married Amelia Francis in Bethnal Green, Middlesex.  His father was then named as Benjamin Cemery a publican.  (Again, thanks to David Andrews for the information about Benjamin.)  As a widow, Amelia Cemery, daughter of John Francis, married John Barclay on 15 June 1863 in Cheriton, Kent (IGI).

    Benjamin's mother may have worked at the White Hart Inn in Marshfield, Gloucestershire which was a coaching stop-over on the old London to Bath road, and the 1841 and 1851 census record that a Betty Beaman, widow was the Innkeeper.  Catherine was born in about 1801/2 and died aged 68 years on 10 January 1868.  She had 3 illegitimate children before she married Charles Walter on 4 May 1831 in North Wraxhall and they had 4 children.

    When the 1861 census was recorded, 37 year old Benjamin and 29 year old Amelia were living in Cheriton at the District Barracks and he was then a Librarian and Chelsea Pensioner.  Amelia was a housekeeper and gave her place of birth as Hackney, London.  Their 4 children were with them on census night.

    Benjamin and Amelia had the following known children:

    1. Amelia Cemery was born in the first quarter of 1853 in Bethnal Green, London.  The 1861 census records that she was 8 year old A. Cemery, a scholar.  She married twice, firstly to William Basil Aldwell on 24 September 1869 in Cheriton and then to George Henry Banfield in 1881 in India.

    2. Benjamin Cemery was born on 18 March 1855 and died on 14 June 1855.

    3. John Benjamin Cemery was born on 21 April 1856 in Charing Cross.  He died on 12 December 1936 in Reading, Berkshire.  The 1861 census records that he was a 5 year old J. B. Cemery, a scholar.

    4. Phoebe Martha Cemery was born on 17 June 1858 in Farnborough, Hampshire.  She died on 12 January 1840 at 68 Tuffley Avenue, Gloucester.  (She was David Andrews great grandmother.)  The 1861 census records that she was 2 year old P. M. Cemery, a scholar, and that she had been born in Aldershot.  Phoebe married William Richardson on 19 March 1884 in Aldershot

    5. Catherine Emmeline Cemery was born on 9 July 1860 at the Shorncliffe camp in Kent.  The 1861 census records that she was 9 month old C. Cemery.  In 1871 she was a 10 year old scholar living with her mother and step father in Cheriton.  As Catherine Emily Cemery she married Seth Potter in the fourth quarter of 1883 in Aldershort, Hampshire.  One of the witnesses to their marriage was George Lelliott.  Seth was in the Army, possibly the Grenadier Guards (thanks to David Andrews for this information about Seth and his marriage to Catherine).

    6. A son was born on 19 June 1862 and died in about September 1862.

    7. Horace Arthur Cemery was born about 1862/3 in Shorncliffe.  He was an 8 year old scholar in 1871 and living with his mother and step father in Cheriton.


Many thanks to David Andrews for the details about Benjamin's family.  Please click on David's name to view his database at RootsWeb.


  1. Mary Ann Lelliot was baptised on 18 October 1818 in Broadwater.

    Mary Ann married John Puttick on 9 May 1843 at St. Mary's in Broadwater.

    John was born in Shoreham, Sussex and was the son of John Puttick.

    The couple were living in Portsea when the 1851 census was recorded and John's occupation was recorded as Tide Water HM Customs.  By 1871, Mary Ann was a 52 year old widow and she was living in Brighton with her mother.  Mary was then a monthly nurse.

  2. Henry Nicholas Lelliott was baptised on 30 January 1820 in Littlehampton, Sussex.

    Henry married Mary Churcher on 7 July 1845 in Broadwater.

    Mary was baptised on 20 September 1815 in Broadwater and was the daughter of William Churcher and Mary Groome.

    Henry and Mary had 7 known children:

    1. Henry Lelliott was born on 30 September and baptised on 24 October 1847 at St. Mary's in Broadwater.

    2. William Lancaster Lelliott was born on 1 July and baptised on 22 July 1849 at St. Mary's in Broadwater.  He died aged 31 years in 1881.

    3. Nicholas Lelliott was baptised on 29 June 1851 at St. Mary's in Littlehampton.  He married Ann Mitchell in 1875.  She was born about 1846 in Storrington and died in 1893 aged 47 years.  The couple had 3 known children.  When the 1881 census was recorded the family were living at 15 Market Street, Broadwater and Nicholas was then a Bricklayer.

    4. Frederick Lelliott was baptised on 10 October 1852 at St. Mary's in Broadwater.  He married Kate Waghorn Hoad in 1877.  She was baptised on 1 July 1849 in Petworth and was the daughter of Philip Hoad (1800-1884) and Frances Hill (1819-1894).

    5. Kate Lelliott was baptised on 14 May 1854 in Broadwater.

    6. Joseph Henry Lelliott was baptised on 27 April 1856 in Broadwater.

    7. Alfred Lelliott was born about 1860 in Worthing.

  3. Louisa Lelliott was born on 15 September 1822 and baptised on 13 October 1822 at the Dorset Gardens Wesleyan Chapel in Brighton.  She died in 1901.  In 1841 she was living with her mother.

    Louisa married David Hobbs on 23 December 1846 at St. Mary's in Southampton, Hampshire.

    David was born in 1824 and died in 1905.  He was the son of David Hobbs (1801-1893) and Martha Elliott (1800-?).

    David and Louisa had the following children:

    1. David Origen Hobbs (1847-1918)

    2. Louisa Orothea Hobbs (1849-1943)

    3. Hubert Lancaster Hobbs (1853-1942)

    4. Alwin Louis Hobbs (1855-1883)

    5. Alice Lucy Hobbs (1859-1912)


I have taken some extra details about the above family from a database at, entitled Roverman's Family Tree.


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