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Robert LANGREGGE (c1470-?)


Robert Langregge may have been born about 1470 and possibly in East Grinstead, Sussex.  He was a yeoman.


Robert Langregge had 2 known children:

  1. Edward Langrege may have been born about 1499 and possibly in East Grinstead.  He married Sybell.  (They have their own page.)

  2. John Langrege may have been born about 1501 and possibly in East Grinstead.


I have taken the above family group from various websites and have not proved or disproved the details for myself.  I am assuming someone has seen a will for Robert or perhaps manorial records showing the transfer of property, but I have not seen that anyone has given any details as to the existence of the above family.

The Langridge line may descend as follows, but again I haven't double checked the data for myself:

Petri de Longargge (c1235-?)

Robert de Langerugg (c1265-?)

John de Langeregge (c1295-?)

Miche de Langeregg was born in 1327 in West Hoathly.

Ralph de Langerygge (c1365-?)

Robert Langregg was born in 1400 in East Grinstead.  He married Julian.

Thomas Langeriche was born in 1435 in East Grinstead.  He married Clemens.

Robert Langregge was born in 1470 in East Grinstead.  He married Mary.  They had 2 children.

Edward Langridge was born in 1499 in East Granstead and died there in 1558.  He married Sybell.  They had 5 children.

Edward Langridge was born in 1537 in East Grinstead and died in 1613.  He married Rose.  She died in 1591.  They had 4 children.  [Edward's year of death is wrong.  His wife Rose died a widow in 1591.  Edward died in 1590 and left a will, a copy of which I will obtain when next at the ESRO.]

Edward Langridge was baptised on 15 December 1566 in East Grinstead.  [Although his baptism appears in the East Grinstead registers, the names of his parents were not recorded.  Therefore, I assume someone has seen the will of Edward senior which states 1566 Edward was his son.]  He married Johane Terrie on 19 August 1592.  They had 5 children.

John Langridge was born in 1593 in East Grinstead and died in 1648.  He married Rody Taylor (1595-1619).  They had 2 children.  [So far I have not seen anything to prove 1593 John was the one who married Rody.]

John Langridge was born in 1617 in East Grinstead.  He married Alice Fieldwick in 1642.  They had 3 children.  [If his father remarried after Rody's death, to Bridget in 1622, then 1617 John probably died young, as John and Bridget named a son John in 1624.  And 1624 John was probably to young to have married Alice in 1624.  I'd like more proof that 1617 John was the one who married Alice.]


How correct is the above and what evidence survives to support the lineage?


There would seem to be several Langridge wills at the East Sussex record office and at some point I will obtain copies.



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