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Augustus HOBDEN (1850-?)

and Elizabeth Jane HALE (c1852-?)


Augustus Hobden and Elizabeth Jane Hale married on 13 August 1869 in Southwick, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Augustus Hobden was baptised on 5 January 1851 in Southwick.  He was the son of David Hobden (1817-1899) and Martha Upperton (1822-1892).

Elizabeth Jane Hale was born about 1852 in Southwick.

When the 1881 census was recorded the couple and their 4 children were living at 8 West Road in Fishersgate and Augustus was a sailor.


Augustus Hobden and Elizabeth Jane Hale had 8 known children:

  1. David Augustus Hobden was born in the second quarter of 1871 in Southwick.  He was 10 years old when the 1881 census was recorded.

    David married Louisa Hotston in the second quarter of 1892 in the Steyning registration district.  David and Louisa had the following known children:

    1. David Augustus Hobden was born in the first quarter of 1893 in Portslade.

    2. Louisa Hobden was born about 1895 in Portslade.

  2. Emma Augusta Hobden was baptised on 10 August 1873 in Portslade.  She was 8 years old in 1881.

  3. Albert J. Hobden was born about 1875 in Southwick.  He was 6 years old in 1881.

  4. Augustus Hobden was born about 1877 in Southwick.  In 1881 he was 4 years old.  He may have married in 1902.

  5. William Alexander Hobden was born in the third quarter of 1880 in Fishersgate.  When the 1881 census was recorded he was 8 months old.

  6. Ada Hobden was born about 1881 in Fishersgate.  She married George Goble in 1899.  (They have their own page.)

  7. Kath Hobden

  8. Alexander Demetrius Hobden was born in the second quarter of 1887 in Fishersgate.  He married Lucy H. Pilbeam in the second quarter of 1919 in Southwick.  Lucy was born about 1894 in Fishersgate and was the daughter of Robert Pilbin and Emily Jane Elliott.



1881 census - 8 West Rd, Fishersgate, Southwick, Sussex (RG11/1102, folio 77, page 51)

Augustus Hobden, Head, Mar, 31, Sailor, born Sussex, Southwick

Jane Hobden, Wife, Mar. 29, born Sussex, Southwick

David A. Hobden, Son, 10, born Sussex, Southwick

Emma A. Hobden, Daur, 8, born Sussex, Southwick

Albert J. Hobden, Son, 6, born Sussex, Southwick

Augustus Hobden, Son, 4, born Sussex, Southwick

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William A Hobden, 8 mo, born Sussex, Fishersgate


1901 census - S/S John Grafton, Southwick, Sussex (RG13/885, folio 14)

Robert Scott, Master, Married, M. Hd, 40, Master Seas, Worker, born Sunderland, Durham

William Lloyd, 1st Mate, Married, M, 27, 1st Mate, Worker, born Lancashire, Liverpool

Edwin Laker, 2nd Mate, Married, M, 46, 2nd Mate, Worker, born Sussex, Shoreham

James Palmer, Steward, Married, M, 40, Steward, Worker, born Gloster, Bristol

Augustus Hobden (father), Crew, Married, M, 49, A.B. Seaman, Worker, born Sussex, Shoreham

Thomas Lond, Crew, Married, M, 59, A.B. Seaman, born London, Bethnal Green

Augustus Hobden (son), Crew, Single, M, 23, A.B. Seaman, Worker, born Sussex, Shoreham

William Jager, Crew, Married, M, 40, A.B. Seaman, Worker, born U.S.A. (???)

Robert Thompson, Crew, Single, M, 20, A.B. Seaman, Worker, born Norfolk, Blakeney

Robert J. ?nner, Crew, Married, M, 48, Chief Engineer, Worker, born Essex, Colchester

Frank G. Lawson, Crew, Single, M, 24, 2nd Engineer, Worker, born Kent, Whitstable

William G. Turner, Crew, Married, M, 56, Fireman, Worker, born Kent, Stroud

Patrick Trainer, Crew, Single, M, 35, Fireman, Worker, born Ireland

Edward Mason, Crew, Married, M, 35, Fireman, Worker, born Northumberland, S. Shields

Thomas Oram, Crew, Single, M, 24, Fireman, Worker, born Sussex, Shoreham

Alexander G. ?agon, Passenger, Single, M. 29, Bankers Clerk, born Ireland