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William HAMES (1697-1775)

and Dorothy (c1700-1774)


William Hames and Dorothy were my 6x Great Grandparents.  5 138 (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They may have married before or about 1721 and possibly near Ardingly, Sussex.  I have checked the Sussex Family History Groupís marriage index and could not find a possible marriage for them in Sussex.

William Hames was baptised on 9 October 1697 and/or 29 November 1697 in West Hoathly, Sussex as William Hamms/William Hams.  He was the son of 5 183 John Hames (c1654-1739) and 5 183 Elizabeth Payne (1656-1743).  He died aged 78 years and was buried on 4 June 1775 in Ardingly, Sussex.

Dorothyís date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She was buried on 9 September 1774 in Ardingly.  Unfortunately her age at death was not recorded in the Ardingly burial register.  My guess is that she was born sometime between 1695 and 1705.  I have checked the Ardingly parish registers and there were no Dorothyís baptised there between those dates.  So far I have found 52 Dorothys born between 1695 and 1705 (see below).  Of them, might she have been Dorothy Harris baptised 24 January 1696/7 in East Grinstead, Sussex, the daughter of John Harris and Ann?


William Hames and Dorothy had 9 known children:

  1. Mary Hames was baptised on 6 January 1721/2 in Ardingly.  I have no further details about Mary.

  2. Elizabeth Hames was baptised on 2 August 1724 in Ardingly.  She married John Budgin in 1742.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Judith Hams was born on 2 December 1725 and baptised on 1 May 1726 in Ardingly.  She married Henry Barnes on 26 August 1745 in Horsted Keynes, Sussex.  Judith was then of Ardingly.  So far, I havenít found any children born/baptised to this couple.

  4. Anne Hams was born on 28 April and baptised on 26 May 1728 in Ardingly.  She died aged 6 years and was buried on 28 March 1734 in Ardingly.

  5. Sarah Hams was born on 14 April and baptised on 26 April 1730 in Ardingly.  She died aged 73 years and was buried on 7 April 1803 in Ardingly, as Sarah Ifield.

    Sarah married Thomas Isfield on 7 April 1752 in Ardingly.  They were both of Ardingly at the time of their marriage.

    Thomas was born about 1725.  He died aged 71 years and was buried on 17 December 1796 in Ardingly, as Thomas Ifield.

    Thomas and Sarah had 1 known daughter:

    1. Sarah Isfield was born on 22 January and baptised on 28 January 1753 in Ardingly.

  6. Frances Hams was born on 8 July and baptised on 8 October 1732 in Ardingly.  She died aged 1 year and 8 months and was buried on 3 March 1733/4 in Ardingly.

  7. William Hams was born on 3 July and baptised on 21 July 1734 in Ardingly.  I have no further details about William.

  8. Hannah Hams, my 5x Great Grandmother, was born on 3 January and baptised on 30 January 1736/7 in Ardingly.  She married 5 77 John Box in 1754.  They had 7 known children.  (They have their own page.)

  9. John Hams was born on 13 January and baptised on 11 February 1738/9 in Ardingly.  He died aged 46 years and was buried on 2 October 1783 in Ardingly, and he was described as poor in the burial register.

    John married Deborah sometime before or about 1767.

    Deborah died aged 55 years and was buried on 25 February 1780 in Ardingly.

    John and Deborah had one known daughter:

    1. Sarah Hams was born on 30 March and baptised on 30 April 1768 in Ardingly.  She was buried there on 15 July 1769.





The following Dorothy births/baptisms in Sussex between 1695 and 1705 have been taken from the IGI:

  1. Dorothy Matthews baptised 19 May 1695 in Arundel, daughter of Thomas Matthews and Elizabeth.

  2. Dorothy Cornwall baptised 21 July 1695 in Buxted, daughter of William Cornwall.  She may have been buried on 19 March 1696 in Buxted, or she may have married Henry Stephens on 17 November 1724 in Framfield.

  3. Dorothy Palmer baptised 15 September 1695 in Whittle (?, as per the IGI).

  4. Dorothea Staples baptised 26 November 1695 in East Grinstead, daughter of Alexander Staples and Mary Tufton, who had married on 14 September 1686 in London. 

  5. Dorothy Harris baptised 24 January 1696 in East Grinstead, daughter of John Harris and Anne.  1696 was the IGI's date, which could have been 1696/7.  She is currently my favourite to have been the wife of William Hames.  Dorothy had an elder brother Nicholas Harris baptised on 31 March 1695 in East Grinstead.  The only John and Ann marriage pre 1695, listed in the Sussex Family History Group's marriage index, was on 9 October 1694 in Selmeston, between John Harris of West Firle and Ann Wood a widow of Selmeston.  But 2 John Harriss' were buried in West Firle on 10 February 1704 and 1 November 1719, so I don't think the Selmeston marriage was that of the East Grinstead couple.  On 1 April 1673 a John Harris married Ann Hasleden in Wadhurst.  Could John and Ann also be the parents of the following, baptised in Withyham:  Grace Harris baptised on 21 December 1693, Mary Harris born on 6 November 1698 and baptised in November 1698 and Sarah Harris born 18 December 1703, baptised 6 January 1703/4?  A John Harris of Withyham left a will in 1731.

  6. Dorothy Farmer baptised 28 February 1696 in Bodiam, daughter of John Farmer.  She may have been buried there on 19 June 1708 or she may have married John Allen on 26 November 1724 in Battle.

  7. Dorothy Marten baptised 15 March 1696 in Redmill (should this be Rodmell?), daughter of Richard Marten and Mary.  She may have married John Muggridge on 26 February 1717/8 in Rodmell.

  8. Dorothy Attree baptised 12 August 1697 in Wivelsfield, daughter of Isaac Attree and Mary.  She may have married John Mill on 24 September 1720 in Wivelsfield.

  9. Dorothy Underhill baptised 21 September 1697 in Frant, daughter of Thomas Underhill and Ann.  Thomas married Ann Gilbert by licence on 5 December 1695 in Hartfield.  He was then a bachelor of Frant and she a spinster of Withyham.  Did Thomas have a sister named Elizabeth Underhill who married George Watters in 1699 in East Grinstead?  George and Elizabeth named a daughter Dorothy in 1704 (see below).

  10. Dorothy Wilson baptised 5 December 1697 in Rotherfield, daughter of John Wilson and Dorothy.  She may have married David Clifton on 29 March 1720 in Withyham.

  11. Dorothy King baptised 8 April 1698 in Ewhurst, daughter of Jeremiah King and Anne.

  12. Dorothy Kitchinham baptised 19 June 1698 in Buxted, daughter of Thomas Kitchinham.  She may have been buried there on 9 November 1699.  Thomas Kitchenham married Dorothy Allen on 25 March 1694 in Lindfield.

  13. Dorothy Baker baptised 21 August 1698 in Selsey, daughter of James Baker and Selah.  She may have married Thomas French on 28 September 1721 in Selsey.

  14. Dorothy Meadow baptised 6 November 1698 in All Saints, Hastings, daughter of John Meadow and Dorothy.  She or her mother may have been buried on 3 September 1699 at All Saints, or she may have married John Plaine on 29 March 1722 at All Saints, Hastings.

  15. Dorothy Swane baptised 17 November 1698 in Laughton, daughter of John Swane and Mary.  She may have married Samuel Reckels on 21 November 1729 in Iford.

  16. Dorothy Burgess baptised 12 December 1698 in Brede, daughter of Thomas Burgess and Dorothy.  She or her mother may have been buried in November 1700 in Westfield, or she may have married John Sheather on 15 April 1718 in St. Clements, Hastings.

  17. Dorothy Crayford baptised 18 December 1698 in Rotherfield, daughter of Thomas Crayford and Jane.

  18. Dorothy Hillton baptised 2 February 1699 in Woolavington, daughter of John Hillton and Sarah.  She may have married Richard West by licence dated 20 November 1716.

  19. Dorothy May baptised 17 March 1699 in Ninfield, daughter of William May and Elizabeth.

  20. Dorothy Keys baptised 2 April 1699 in Westham, daughter of John Keys.

  21. Dorothy Laines baptised 20 July 1699 at All Saints, Hastings, daughter of Jacob Laines and Dorothy.  She died/buried on 18 November 1699.

  22. Dorothy Cole baptised 15 October 1699 in Rotherfield, daughter of John Cole and Avis.  She may have married Edward Bannister on 18 May 1724 in Hartfield.

  23. Dorothy Postlehaist baptised 20 March 1700 in Upper Beeding, daughter of Henry Postlehaist and Jane.  She was probably buried there on 14 April 1701 as Dorothy Postethawt.

  24. Dorothy Sherwell born 24 March 1700 in Eastbourne, daughter of William Sherwell and Ann.  She may have married Edward Cane on 29 September 1728 in Willingdon.

  25. Dorothy Alchorn baptised June 1700 in Buxted, daughter of Richard Alchorn.  She may have married Thomas Fry by licence on 30 November 1721 in Withyham.  They were both of Buxted at the time of their marriage.  Their marriage licence was issued on the 21 April 1721 in South Mall Peculiar district, which also recorded that Dorothy was a spinster and Thomas a yeoman.

  26. Dorothy Bircher baptised 28 July 1700 in Singleton, daughter of William Bircher and Joane.

  27. Dorothy Palmer baptised 21 March 1701 in Hartfield, daughter of Richard Palmer and Dorothy.  She may have married William Cooter on 22 November 1722 in Withyham.

  28. Dorothy Laines baptised 12 April 1701 at All Saints, Hastings, daughter of Jacob Laines and Dorothy.  She may have married John Steavens on 18 December 1726 at All Saints, Hastings.

  29. Dorothy Willett born 13 September, baptised 26 September 1701 at St. Michaels in Withyham, daughter of William Willett and Joannah.  She may have married Edward Everist on 20 January 1731/2 in Withyham.

  30. Dorothy Reed born about 1702, married Thomas Fuller on 15 October 1723 in Alfriston.

  31. Dorathea Brereton baptised 4 April 1702 in West Dean near Chichester, daughter of Richard Brereton and Mary.

  32. Dorothy Richardson baptised 30 April 1702 in Thakeham, daughter of Richard Richardson and Anne.

  33. Dorothy Hill baptised 10 May 1702 in Harting, daughter of John Hill.

  34. Dorothy Iszard baptised 7/31 May 1702 in Rotherfield, daughter of Gabriel Iszard and Mary.  She may have married John Izard on 24 May 1730 in Rotherfield.

  35. Dorothy Kennard born 25 July, baptised 2 August 1702 in Laughton, daughter of John Kennard and Mary.

  36. Dorothy Crayford baptised 25 April 1703 in Rotherfield, daughter of Thomas Crayford and Jane.

  37. Dorothy Ebbs baptised 12/27 June 1703 in Fletching, daughter of John Ebbs and Dorothy.  She may have married Thomas Smith on 25 May 1726 in Fletching.

  38. Dorothy Day baptised on 22 June 1703 in Hamsey, daughter of Richard Day and Dorothy.  She may have married Thomas Smith on 17 October 1723 at All Saints, Lewes.

  39. Dorothy Humphrey baptised 4 August 1703 in Hartfield, daughter of William Humphrey and DorothyWilliam Humfries married Dorothy Rogers by licence on 24 February 1687/8 in Wadhurst.

  40. Dorothy Goodwin was born 14 October 1703 in Hurstmonceaux, daughter of Henry Goodwin and Mary.  She may have married James Moffat on 22 July 1720 in Wartling.

  41. Dorothy Baker of Mayfield born about 1704, married George Wenham on 16 March 1725 in Rotherfield.

  42. Dorothy Rabson of Ticehurst born about 1704, married Thomas Rabson in 1725.

  43. Dorothy Picknall baptised 4 January 1704 in Chalvington, daughter of Thomas Picknall and Ann.

  44. Dorathy Shareing baptised 24 January 1704 in East Dean near Chichester, daughter of William Shareing and Dorathy.  She may have married William Clare on 30 May 1737 in Cocking.

  45. Dorothy Watters baptised 23 March 1704 in East Grinstead, daughter of George Watters and Elizabeth.  She may have married William Burtt on 28 April 1720 in Keymer, at which time she was said to be of Keymer.  William and Dorothy had a daughter Elizabeth Burtt baptised on 7 February 1720/1 in Keymer.  A William Burt was baptised on 25 November 1694 in West Hoathly, the son of Richard Burt and Elizabeth Hover, who had married on 24 June 1684 in Hartfield.  George Waters was baptised on 23 July 1663 in East Grinstead and was the son of John Waters and Judith George married Elizabeth Underhill on 12 February 1698 in East Grinstead.  Elizabeth was baptised on 17 December 1663, the daughter of John Underhill and Elizabeth.  (This Dorothy was my favourite to have been the wife of William Hames, until I found the marriage to William Burt.  The IGI records her baptism year as 1704, but this could have been 1704/5, in which case she may have only been 15 when she married William Burt.  Also, her Grandmother's name was Judith, and William and Dorothy Hames named their third daughter Judith.)

  46. Dorothy Gadd baptised 4 July 1704 in Hartfield, daughter of John Gadd and Mary.

  47. Dorathy Hullick baptised 24 August 1704 in Worth, daughter of John Hullick and Mary.

  48. Dorothy of Maresfield born about 1705, married Henry Pierce.

  49. Dorothy Carrick of Ticehurst born about 1705.

  50. Dorothy Rummins baptised 7 May 1705 in Hartfield, daughter of Edward Rummins and Dorothy.  She may have married Edward Wood on 31 March 1730 in Lamberhurst, Kent.

  51. Dorothy Postlethwait baptised 20 May 1705 in Upper Beeding, daughter of Henry Postlethwait and Joan.  She may have been buried on 10 May 1710 at St. Pancras, Chichester.

  52. Dorothea Snat baptised 9 July 1705 in East Grinstead, daughter of Henry Snat and SarahHenry Snatt married Sarah Johnson by Licence on 2 April 1700 in Cuckfield.  He was then of East Grinstead and she of Cuckfield.


The following are Dorothys who married between 1715-1725 who are not accounted for above:

  1. Dorothy Day married William Mason on 17 April 1715 in Northiam.  (No possible baptism in the IGI.)

  2. Dorothy Mepham married John Deering on 11 May 1715 in Heathfield.  She was baptised on 16 February 1694 in Heathfield and was the daughter of John Mepham and Dorothy.

  3. Dorothy Relf married William Pierce on 25 June 1715 in Buxted.  A Dorothy Relfe was baptised in Mayfield in 1682.

  4. Dorothy Lenham married Richard Thomas on 19 May 1716 in Hailsham.  (No possible baptism in the IGI.)

  5. Dorothy Edrick married John Kemp on 13 July 1716 in Rye.  She may have been of Lydd, Kent.

  6. Dorothy Wheatfield married Henry Haynes on 9 November 1717 in Palace Chapel, Chichester.  (No possible baptism in the IGI.)

  7. Dorothy Saxby married Stephen Mannard on 22 April 1718 in Newick or Hamsey.  (No possible baptism in the IGI.)

  8. Dorothy Bishop married John Towner by licence dated 28 May 1718.  She was said to be of Funtington.

  9. Dorothy Wells married John Norrel in 1719 in East Dean near Chichester.

  10. Dorothy Durrant married John Martin on 26 January 1718/9 in Rumboldswyke.

  11. Dorothy Wicks married Edward Peckham on 15 September 1719 in Withyham.  A Dorothie Wickes was baptised on 27 March 1690 in Withyham, the daughter of George Wickes and Mary.

  12. Dorothy Easton married Peter Waters on 6 October 1719 at St. Clements in Hastings.

  13. Dorothy Ovenden married Richard Butler on 15 January 1720/1 in Rye.

  14. Dorothy Hasker married Henry Datry on 13 July 1721 in West Wittering.

  15. Dorothy Pearcey married George Carter by licence dated 18 November 1721.  She was then a widow of Pagham.

  16. Dorothy Earle married Thomas Butler on 18 June 1722 in Bexhill.

  17. Dorothy Hammond married Edward Dodd by licence dated 4 October 1722.  She was then of Chiddingstone.

  18. Dorothy Hailes married John Ball at St. Clements, Hastings.

  19. Dorothy Clare married William Budd on 20 February 1722/3 in Rogate.

  20. Dorothy Trangmer married Thomas Mercer on 21 February 1722/3 in Hove.

  21. Dorothy Dowle married John Kemp on 27 November 1723 in Rye.

  22. Dorothy Kempsall married James Mitchel on 9 January 1723/4 in Rusper.

  23. Dorothy Lawrance married John Short on 31 July 1725 in Up Marden.

  24. Dorothy Hayler married Richard Halsey on 31 October 1725 in Wiggonholt.

  25. Dorothy Prince married John Pricesmall on 9 November 1725 in Sidlesham.

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