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Thomas GRANT (1758-?)

and Jenny BOTTING (1763-?)


Thomas Grant and Jean Botting were married by banns on 25 April 1786 in West Grinstead, Sussex.  He was then of West Grinstead and she of Shipley.  The witnesses to their marriage were Elizabeth Botting and Thomas Grant, senior.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)  It would seem the couple began their married life living and working at West's, later called Gosmarks/Godsmarks, in Ashurst, Sussex (see notes below), which they leased for 21 years from 1786.

Thomas Grant was born/baptised on 10 December 1758.  He was the son of Thomas Grant and Jane Goble.  (The National Archives web site lists the Will of Thomas Grant, Yeoman of Ashurst, proved on 5 December 1810.)

Jenny Botting was baptised on 20 September 1763 in Shipley.  She was the daughter of Henry Botting (c1727-1772) and Sarah Millham.  She was mentioned in her father's will, by which she was left a legacy of 100.


Thomas Grant and Jenny Botting had 8 known children:

  1. Thomas Grant was born/baptised on 27 July 1787.

    Thomas married Ann Baker by licence on 11 May 1813 in Wiston, Sussex.  He was then a bachelor of Ashurst and she a spinster of Wiston.  She was also known as Nanny.  Thomas was a Farmer.

    Thomas and Ann had 2 known children:

    1. Thomas Grant was born in 1815.  He married Louisa.  They had 2 known children:

      1. Thomas Grant was born/baptised on 9 January 1853 and probably died later that year.

      2. Thomas James Grant was born in 1856 and died in 1886.  He married Ellen.

    2. William Grant was born/baptised on 23 January 1817.  He died on 30 September 1861.

      William married Ann Bristowe on 12 October 1847 at Ashurst.

      Ann was born in 1820 and was the daughter of Edward Bristow (1791-1868) and Mary Hammond (1789-1852).

      William and Ann had 6 known children:

      1. Thomas Grant was born/baptised on 13 September/12 October 1848 and died in 1919.  He married Emily Halloway on 19 October 1876 in Shipley.  She was born in 1853 and died in 1915.  Emily was the daughter of Richard Halloway (1800-1879) and Ann Botting (1820-1862).

      2. Edward Grant was born/baptised on 13 November 1850 in Byfleet, Surrey and died/buried 11 October 1851.

      3. Mary Grant was born/baptised on 11 January 1853 in Byfleet and died on 19 June 1857.

      4. Ann Grant was born/baptised on 29 November 1854 in Wanborough, Surrey and died/buried on 22 February 1865 in West Grinstead.

      5. Elizabeth Grant was born/baptised on 27 November 1856 and died/buried on 9 June 1857.

      6. Jane Mary Grant was born/baptised on 5 February 1858 and died/buried on 9 April 1858.

      When the 1881 census was recorded 60 year old, widow Ann, was a visitor in the home of Richard Halloway at Goftsland in Shipley.  Richard was the brother of Emily who had married Ann's son Thomas.  Richard born in 1859 and died in 1884.  He was the son of Richard Halloway (1800-1879) and Ann Botting (1820-1862).  Richard married Alice Botting in 1883 and she was baptised on 28 April 1861 in Wisborough Green, Sussex and was the daughter of John Botting (1816-1876) and Elizabeth Elliott (1821-1876).

  2. Jane Grant was born/baptised on 12 July 1789 and died/buried on 22 September 1807.

  3. Henry Grant was born/baptised on 8 February 1791 and died in 1803.

  4. William Grant was born/baptised on 27 October 1795.

    William married Elizabeth Freeman by licence on 17 July 1824 in Ashurst.  He was then a 28 year old bachelor and farmer, whilst she was a spinster aged 32 years.  They were both then of Ashurst.  Their marriage licence was dated 16 July 1824 and was issued by the Archdeaconry of Chichester.

    Elizabeth was baptised privately on 12 July 1792 in Ashurst and was the daughter of John Freeman (c1749-1819) and Ann Woolvin (1753-1831).

    William and Elizabeth had 2 known daughters:

    1. Jane Grant was born/baptised on 21 November 1824.

    2. Elizabeth Grant was born/baptised on 4 October 1829.

  5. John Grant was born/baptised on 6 August 1796.

  6. Ann Grant was born/baptised on 17 October 1799.

  7. George Grant was born/baptised on 6 October 1801.  He died in 1802.

  8. Becky Grant was born/baptised on 7 August 1804 and died/buried on 14 August 1805.




The following is an extract from the A2A web site:

Farm and lands called Gosmarks (later called Godsmark's) in Ashurst, late West's, consisting of two tenements, barn, stable, carthouse and several parcels of arable, meadow and pasture land (35a.; later 33a); until 1868, copyhold of the manor of Sela(h) [sic].
The first document is a bond in 300, 26 Dec. 1734, from John Gratwicke of Arundel, esq., to Thomas West of Nuthurst, carpenter, on a surrender of even date (no. WISTON/497). By 1786, the property seems to be owned by John Golds of Ashington, yeo., who leased it in that year to Thomas Grant, jnr., of West Grinstead, farmer, for 21 years, at the yearly rent of 26 (no. WISTON/498). From John Golds, the property passed to his widow, Mary Golds, who, by her will, 3 Sept. 1811, devised it to her son, Thomas Golds (also called Gold) of Shipley, yeo., who was admitted, 22 Sept. 1815 (no. WISTON/499); by his will, 10 Aug. 1836, the said Thomas Golds devised the farm to his son, William Golds (no. WISTON/500), who was admitted, 3 Aug. 1840 (no. WISTON/501), and mortgaged the property, 1 March 1852, for 800, to Henry Dod and John Risbridger, both of Betchworth, co. Surrey, gents., with which mortgage there is a draft conditional surrender, 8 March 1852 (nos. WISTON/502, 503). The mortgage was repaid, and there is a warrant to enter satisfaction, 21 April 1862 (no. WISTON/504). Although there is an agreement for sale of the property, 7 Feb. 1866, from Robert William Golds of Pulborough, farmer, and William Reeves Keatley of West Chiltington, farmer (trustees of will of William Golds, dec'd.) to Henry Sayers of West Grinstead, farmer (no. WISTON/505), it appears to have come to nothing, and, in March of that year, Keatley, by deed of disclaimer, released his interest in the property to his co-trustee, and there is also an abstract of that release (nos. WISTON/506, 507). Golds was admitted, 26 April 1866 (no. WISTON/508) and received an award of enfranchisement (with receipt for 299. 0s. 4d.), in February 1868 (nos. WISTON/509, 510), following which the property was conveyed, 6 April 1868, to the Rev. John Goring of Wiston, in consideration of 1,525 (no. WISTON/511); this deed includes a schedule of fields and a plan, at a scale of 26.6 ins. to 1 mile, of the farm and the area of Bines Green.  (ref. WISTON/497-511)

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