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Baptisms in West Sussex

14 September 1568, Triphenor Guyden, Sidlesham

22 March 1582, Elis Goden, Easebourne

26 January 1583, Jone Goddin, Easebourne

11 April 1585, Thomas Godene, s. Will, Selsey

13 January 1588, Mary Godden, Iping

1 April 1594, Lewes Gooden, s. William, Selsey

12 August 1594, Thomas Godden, Westbourne

2 September 1596, John Godden, Westbourne

25 March 1604, Agnis Goden, d. John, Selsey

14 November 1606, Elizabethe Godden, d. Michaell, West Dean, near Chichester (buried 13 August 1609)

2 December 1610, Margrett Goddin, d. Andrew (Goddin or Godwood), Singleton

26 December 1615, Willia Goaden, s. John, Selsey

28 January 1615, Anthony Godden, s. William and Mary, West Dean, near Chichester

9 December 1621, Robert Godden, s. Robert, Singleton

8 September 1622, Mary Godden, d. Andrew, Singleton

18 December 1625, Andrew Godden, s. Andrew, Singleton

17 November 1626, Elizabeth Godden, d. Thomas, St. Bartholomew, Chichester

24 March 1626, Mary Godden, d. Andrew, Singleton

15 May 1631, William Godden, s. Andrew, Singleton

21 August 1632, Vincent Godden, s. Vincent, St. Peter the Great, Chichester (buried 24 August 1636)

7 December 1634, Eliza Godden, d. Vincent, St. Peter the Great, Chichester

8 January 1635, Dorothie Godden, d. Vincent and Bridget, St. Peter the Great, Chichester

16 April 1637, Ann Godden, d. John and Alice, Westbourne

11 February 1639, John Godden, s. John, Westbourne

27 July 1644, Margarett Godden, d. John, Westbourne

14 July 1650, William Goodene, s. John, Westbourne

2 June 1654, William Godden, s. William, Singleton

2 August 1657, Ann Goden, d. Robert, Singleton

21 June 1663, Elizabeth Goaden, d. John and Ciceley, Selsey

4 August 1667, Henry Carpenter or Godden, s. Henry Carpenter and Alice Godden, Westbourne

5 November 1667, Judeth Goodene, d. Edward and Margaret, Wesbourne

26 February 1671, Marey Godenn, d. John and Sise, Selsey

2 October 1674, William Godne, s. John and Sisely, Selsey

16 February 1684, William Goddin, s. John and Mary, Singleton

19 June 1687, William Guidens, s. William and Alice, Midhurst

27 December 1688, Mary Goddin, d. John and Mary, Singleton

August 1697, Rose Goddard, d. John and Mary, Horsham.  Buried 4 April 1712 in Horsham as a girl.

2 June 1699, Mary Godard, d. John and Mary, Horsham

22 March 1702, Maria Goochard or Godchard, d. John and Mary, Horsham

11 September 1709, John Gothard, s. John (labourer) and Mary, Horsham

30 March 1709, William Gothord, s. John and Mary, Horsham

1 April 1706, John Goden, s. William and Anne, Selsey

28 October 1711, Elizabeth Godden, d. Willm and Anne, Selsey

February 1713, Susanna Godden, d. Willm and Anne, Selsey


Marriages in West Sussex

26 June 1570, Andrew Gydwin and Dorothy Huke, Wisborough Green

24 January 1570/1, John Peerce and Joan Godinge, North Mundham

1 August 1579, John Swifte and Gillian Godding, St. Martin, Chichester

3 June 1591, William Myles and Jean Goodden, Warminghurst

26 July 1592, John Gooden and Elizabeth Hackett, Westbourne

13 Feb 1598/9, William Bignole and Elizabeth Godden, Easebourne

17 October 1613, Andrew Godwin of Singleton and Alice Collins, St. Pancras, Chichester

17 October 1619, Nicholas Camber alias Roe and Agnes Goodin, Petworth

10 December 1622, Thomas Betsor and Joan Goodin, Aldingbourne

5 September 1624, Andrew Goddad and Mary May, West Wittering

28 July 1625, John Godden and Elizabeth Mill, Westbourne

2 February 1625/6, Thomas Godding and Agnes Holt, St. Bartholomew, Chichester

15 February 1628/9, John Godden and Alice Robbins, Westbourne

25 May 1629, Peter Binstead and Sarah Godden, both of Westbourne, St. Peter the Great, Chichester

1 June 1630, Henry Fry and Agnes Goaden, Selsey

22 November 1630, Stephen Powell and Joan Goaden, Selsey

6 January 1630/1, Thomas Goding and Joan Warner, St. Bartholomew, Chichester

31 July 1631, Nicholas Stevens and Margaret Godden, Westbourne

4 September 1631, Vincent Godden and Bridget Kate, St. Peter the Great, Chichester  (Vincent left a will in 1649)

31 May 1632, Abraham Harman and Mary Gooden, New Shoreham

27 April 1640, William Latter and Madeline Gooden, Selsey

11 October 1642, William Storman and Kathering Godden, St. Peter the Great, Chichester

28 January 1649/50, William Goddin and Ann Ford, both servants to Nicholas Ide, West Dean, near Chichester

4 October 1656, Robert Godden and Jane Basher, East Dean, near Chichester and/or Singleton

5 November 1665, Edward Goodeen and Margaret Silvester, Westbourne

31 August 1667, Henry Carpenter of Funtington and Alice Godden of Westbourne, marriage licence

27 August 1668, Edward Barber and Anne Godden, marriage licence

22 May 1676, William Skinner and Frances Gooden, St. Peter the Great, Chichester

14 May 1685, John Godding and Mary Goodin of Singleton, Mid Lavant

12 May 1687, John Goaden and Dorothy Taylor, Selsey

26 May 1697, John Godden and Mary Scot, Horsham.  Mary wife of John Gotherd was buried in Horsham on 26 February 1709.  John was buried there on 17 November 1731.  He was a labourer.

24 June 1701, William Bennet and Mary Goddin, Harting

14 October 1704, William Goaden and Ann Woods, Selsey

18 April 1724, John Holt widowere of Hamilton, Hampshire and Margaret Godden, widow, Elsted

17 May 1725, Clement Hooper and Mary Godden, marriage licence

15 January 1729/30, Matthew Osborne and France Goding, widow of St. Pancras, New Fishbourne

24 December 1733, Thomas Gilbert and Elizabeth Godden, Selsey

25 December 1733/4, William Newell and Ann Godden, Selsey

2 July 1734, John Tadd and Susanna Godden, Selsey

28 August 1739, John Godden and Elizabeth Churcher of Sidlesham, Selsey

25 October 1739, John Pucker and Mary Godyon, Slindon

21 October 1740, Andrew Goden of Pulborough and Marai Knight otp, Rudgwick

4 November 1740, William Godden bachelor of Chichester and Sarah Cole widow of St. Pancras, Appledram

16 August 1741, Robert Godden and Elizabeth Andrew both of Singleton, West Stoke

14 November 1742, John Godden and Sarah Bridger of Pagham, Selsey

31 January 1743/4, William Macy and Sarah Godden of East Hampnett, Amberley

10 June 1744, John Bayton and Elizabeth Godden, West Dean, near Chichester



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