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James GATHERN (1840-?)

and Charlotte HEMSLEY (1843-?)


James Gathern and Charlotte Hemsley married on 25 May 1864 in Southwick, Sussex.  James was then a bachelor of full and a mariner.  Charlotte was a spinster of full age and they were both of Southwick.  The witnesses to their marriage were Richard Hemsley and Ellen Taylor.  (They were not my direct ancestors, but they were the 2x Great Grandparents of my cousins.)

James Gathern was born/baptised on 19 November 1840 in Bengeo, Hertfordshire.  He was the son of David Gathern (c1800-1889) and Sarah Copeland.  His father was a book binder.  He was 7 months old when the 1841 census was recorded and he was then living with his parents and elder siblings in Bengeo.  In 1851 he was a 10 year old scholar living with his father and step mother at 23 Marine Place in Broadwater, Sussex.  He may have died in 1916.

Charlotte Hemsley was born on 15 February and baptised on 7 May 1843 at St. Nicholas in Brighton, Sussex.  At that time her family were of Little Western Street, Brighton.  She was the daughter of George Hemsley (1809-1879) and Lucy Knight (1812-1900).  Her father was a blacksmith.  When the 1851 census was recorded she was 8 years old and living with her parents and siblings in Fishersgate.  She may have died on 14 March 1916 in Worthing.

In 1871 Charlotte was the head of the household living at May's Terrance in Southwick along with her 2 children.  James was not at home on census night.  When the 1881 census was recorded the family were living at 11 George Street in Southwick and James was a labourer.  The 1891 census records that the family were living at 4 George Street in Southwick and James was a gas labourer.  In 1901 the couple and son were living at 4 Kimberley Terrace, The Drive in Heene.  James was then a 61 year old general labourer and Charlotte was 58.


James Gathern and Charlotte Hemsley had 7 known children:

  1. Sarah Jane Gathern was born on 7 August 1864 in Fishersgate and baptised on 23 October 1864 in Southwick.  She was 6 years old in 1861.  In 1881 she was a 16 year old book sewer and living with her parents.  She died on 11 December and was buried on 21 December 1901 in Southwick.

    Sarah married John Martin McCoy on 15 August 1885 in Southwick.  John was then a bachelor of full age and a mariner of Southwick.  Sarah was a spinster of full age and also of Southwick.  The witnesses to their marriage were James Gathern and Emily Glas---].

    John was born in March 1860 at the Crumbles in Eastbourne, Sussex and was the son of Robert McCoy.  He died on 27 April 1946.

    John and Sarah had 6 known children:

    1. James Robert McCoy

    2. Catherine Maud McCoy

    3. Florence Eva McCoy

    4. John Martin McCoy

    5. Ellen Charlotte McCoy

    6. Winifred Dathey Sarah McCoy

  2. Albert Thomas Gathern was baptised on 22 September 1867 in Southwick.  He married Eliza Caroline Akehurst in 1892.  (They have their own page.)

  3. James Gathern was born and baptised on 9 March 1870 in Southwick and buried there on 12 March 1870.

  4. Henry John Gathern was born in 1872 in Fishersgate.  He was 9 years old in 1881.  In 1891 he was a 19 year old labourer living at home.

    Henry married Margaret Louise Hales on 25 December 1895 in Southwick.  He was then a 23 year old bachelor and labourer of Fishersgate, Sussex.  She was a 19 year old spinster, also of Fishersgate.  The witnesses to their marriage were Eugene Hales and Harriet Lucy Gathern.

    Margaret was born about 1876 and was the daughter of John Hales.

    Henry and Margaret had 7 known children:

    1. Henry John Gathern

    2. Elsie Rosina Gathern

    3. James Arthur Gathern

    4. Leonard Gathern

    5. Frederick Gathern

    6. Eva Irene Gathern

    7. Nora Kathleen Gathern

  5. Harriet Lucy Gathern was baptised on 6 June 1875 in Southwick.  In 1881 she was 6 years old.

    Harriet married David Harland on 5 June 1897 in Southwick.  He was then a 26 year old bachelor and labourer, and she a 22 year old spinster of Fishersgate.  The witnesses to their marriage were John Martin McCoy and Eliza Emma Gathern.

    David was born about 1871 and was the son of Thomas Harland.

  6. Harry Reuben Gathern was born on 2 January 1878 in Preston, Brighton.  He died on 12 February 1971.  In 1881 he was 3 years old.  He was 13 years old when the 1891 census was recorded.  In 1901 he was an unmarried 23 year old bricklayer and the only one of his siblings living at home.

    Harry married Winnie Boxall on 2 August 1902.

    Harry and Winnie had 8 known children:

    1. James Harry Gathern

    2. David Charles Gathern

    3. Edith Minnie Gathern

    4. Reginald Cecil Gathern

    5. Olive Caroline Gathern

    6. Doris Beatrice Gathern

    7. Raymond Douglas Gathern

    8. Sidney George Gathern

  7. Eliza Emma Gathern was baptised on 28 August 1881 in Southwick.  In 1891 she was 9 years old and living at home.  She married in the second quarter of 1904 in the East Preston registration district to either Walter Edward Gatford or Charles A. Grimaldi - the other bride was Rose Davies.



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