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Thomas FULLER (1655-1704)

and Ann LINGHAM (?-?)

and Elizabeth POOKE (?-?)

and Dorcas (?-?)


St. George, Brede, Sussex (taken 17 May 2005)Thomas Fuller and Elizabeth may have married as Thomas Fuller of Brede and Elizabeth Laby widow, on 27 December 1681 at St. Clements in Hastings, Sussex, which I think is most likely.  Or they may have married as Thomas Fuller and Elizabeth Leonard on 14 November 1682 in Northiam, Sussex.  Thomas may have previously married Ann Lingham on 11 August 1674 in Brede.  As a widower Thomas may have married Dorcas Smith, widow on 9 February 1691/2 in Brede.  Elizabeth Pooke had married Thomas Labye on 5 December 1678 in Ore, Sussex.

Thomas Fuller may have been born on 27 November and baptised on 9 December 1655, and have been the son of Richard Fuller (1624-1677) and Elizabeth Roots, or he may have been baptised on 22 August 1658 and have been the son of Thomas Fuller and Susan.  My guess is that he was the one born in 1655.  I think he was buried in Brede on 4 April 1704 and he was then said to be a poor labourer.  However, there was also a Thomas Fuller of Fairlight who was buried on 27 November 1700 in Brede.

Ann Lingham's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  Her burial does not seem to have been recorded in the Brede registers.

Elizabeth Pooke's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She may have been the daughter of Richard Pooke of Westfield and Ann Tyas of Guestling, who married at All Saints in Hastings on 13 March 1655/6.

Dorcas's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.


Thomas Fuller and Ann Lingham may have had 1 son:

  1. Richard Fuller was buried on 10 March 1679/80 in Brede. 

    The following is an extract from Sussex Coroners' Inquests 1603-1688, compiled by R. F. Hunnisett:

"8 March 1680, Brede.  Richard Coleman, Brede liberty coroner.  Jurors of Brede and 3 neighbouring townships in Sussex and the liberty:  George Tilden, gent., William Cogger, gent., Samuel Cartwright, Thomas Cruttenden, Henry Cradock, Edward Brooker, Samuel Furminger, John Baker, Thomas Fuller, Solomon Wilmshurst, Francis Jarvis, Edward Cox, John Burgess, Francis Marten, Christopher Cruttall, Thomas Parkes, John Tayler.

At about 8am on 6 March Thomas Fuller of Brede, labourer, feloniously killed his son Richard at Brede, with a cudgell, worth 1d which he held in his right hand, striking him on the head, shoulders, arms, sides, thighs, shins and back and giving him several wounds and bruises on the thighs, shins and back which he languished at Brede until the next day and then died.  What goods or chattels, lands or tenements Thomas had at the time of the felony the jurors do not know.  ASSI 35/121/6, m 10.

This inquest, whose verdict began as manslaughter and seems to have been changed, mainly by interlineation, into murder and then changed back, mainly by erasure, to manslaughter, was delivered to Horsham assizes on 18 March when the grand jury, to which Susan Bird, Ann Trafficke and Joan Taylor gave evidence, presented and indictment which charged Thomas Fuller with murdering his natural son Richard at Brede on 6 March with a wooden stick of no value which he held in his right hand, violently striking him on the head, shoulders, arms, sides, chest, and back of which he languished at Brede until the next day and then died.  Fuller pleaded not guilty to the indictment and was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.  He then successfully pleaded benefit of clergy and was branded on the hand, but was remanded in gaol without bail until safely conveyed to the house of correction for East Sussex at Lewes where he was to be kept at hard labour until 1 March 1681 and then release, paying his fees.  ASSI 35/121/6 mm 9-11, 38d."


Thomas Fuller and Elizabeth had 1 known child:

  1. William Fuller was baptised on 25 December 1684 in Brede.  He married Ann Mills in 1707.  (They have their own page.)


Thomas Fuller and Dorcas had 1 known child:

  1. Richard Fuller was baptised on 29 January 1692/3 in Brede.


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