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John FULLER (1715-1795)

and Elizabeth LONGLEY (1712-1767)


John Fuller and Elizabeth Longley were my 6x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 2 January 1735/6 at the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Sedlescombe, Sussex.

St. George, Brede, Sussex (taken 17 May 2005)John Fuller was baptised on 1 January 1715/6 in Udimore, Sussex.  He was the son of Henry Fuller (1687-1755) and Elizabeth Swift (1681-1758).  His father and younger brother were thatchers.  There were at least another 3 John Fullers of similar age in the area at the same time, see below John was buried on 19 May 1795 in Brede.  On 19 October 1795, his children, namely Thomas Fuller husbandman of Udimore, Elizabeth Fuller spinster of Brede, Samuel Stace blacksmith of Ore and his wife Martha, John Fuller husbandman of Guestling and Joseph Fuller husbandman of Guestling, agreed to sell the lease of The Hundred House in Brede for 125 to Thomas Ades gent of Brede.  John had received the lease on The Hundred House from his father Henry on 1 November 1746.

Elizabeth Longley was baptised on 5 April 1712 in Battle, Sussex.  She was the daughter of 5 229 John Longley (c1685-?) and 5 229 Elizabeth Whatt.  She was buried on 19 May 1767 in Brede when she was described as the wife of John Fuller.  There was another Elizabeth Longley baptised on 4 March 1710/1 in Westfield, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Thomas Longley and Mary.  But Thomas and Mary had another Elizabeth baptised on 25 December 1721 in Westfield, although I was unable to find the burial of the first Elizabeth.


John Fuller and Elizabeth Longley had 7 known children:

  1. Thomas Fuller was baptised on 20 January 1736/7 in Brede.  He married Mary Wratten in 1764.  (They have their own page.)

  2. Sarah Fuller, my 5x Great Grandmother, was baptised on 29 October 1738 in Brede.  She married 5 81 Thomas Whiteman (1729-1810) in 1765.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Elizabeth Fuller was baptised on 30 November 1740 in Brede.  In 1795 she was a spinster of Brede.

  4. Mary Fuller was baptised on 3 February 1745/6 in Brede and buried there as an infant on 7 February 1745/6.

  5. Martha Fuller was baptised on 28 August 1748 in Brede.

    Martha married Samuel Stace on 9 September 1771 in Brede.  Samuel was then a blacksmith from Tenterden, Kent.

    Samuel was baptised on 19 May 1745 in Battle, Sussex.  He was a blacksmith and worked in Brede, Bexhill and then in 1795 he was in Ore, Sussex.

    Samuel and Martha had the following known children:

    1. John Stace was baptised on 15 March 1772 in Brede.

      John married Elizabeth Sinden on 6 August 1790 in Ore, Sussex.

      Elizabeth was baptised on 17 March 1771 in Brede and was the daughter of William Sinden (1741-?) and  Sarah Baker (?-1794).

    2. Samuel Stace was baptised on 26 March 1775 in Bexhill.  He died in 1810 and probably remained single.

    3. Thomas Stace was baptised on 23 February 1777 in Bexhill.  He died in 1858

      Thomas married Jane Yealding on 30 July 1804 in Guestling, Sussex.  He was then from Ore.

      Jane was born about 1783 in Battle.

      When the 1851 census was recorded the couple and their 10 year old grandson, Stephen Down, were living in Ivyhouse Lane, Ore.  Thomas was then a 74 year old agricultural labourer and Jane was 68.  Their next door neighbours were the family of 44 year old Charles Stace.

  6. John Fuller was baptised on 14 July 1751 in Brede.  In 1795 he was a husbandman of Guestling.  He was mentioned in the 1805 will of his brother-in-law, Thomas Whiteman.

    John married Dinah Kennard on 23 April 1778 at the parish church of St. Lawrence in Guestling, Sussex.

    Dinah was baptised on 20 June 1756 in Guestling and was the daughter of Joseph Kennard (1725-1788) and Martha Daws (c1730-1816).  She was buried on 3 March 1796 in Guestling.

    John and Dianah had the following children:

    1. Dinah Fuller was baptised on 10 January 1779 in Guestling.  On 11 February 1800 a  removal order was issued to Dinah Fuller, spinster removing her from Guestling to the parish of St. Clements in Hastings.

      Dinah married Moses Cloke on 3 February 1802 in Guestling.

    2. John Fuller was baptised on 30 March 1783 in Guestling.

    3. Stephen Fuller was baptised on 23 November 1787 in Guestling.

    4. Sarah Fuller was baptised on 17 May 1789 in Guestling.

    5. Edmund Fuller was baptised on 10 April 1795 in Guestling.

  7. Joseph Fuller was baptised on 8 June 1755 in Brede.  In 1795 he was a husbandman of Guestling.



Other John Fullers of similar age:

John Fuller was baptised on 17 October 1704 in Brede and was the son of John Fuller (c1675-1744) and Mary Peene (?-1737).  He was buried as John junior in 1742.

John Fuller was baptised on 26 October 1708 in Brede and was the son of Richard Fuller (1681-?) and Judith Minage (1681-?).

John Fuller was born on 4 July and baptised on 6 July 1713 in Brede, and was the son of 5 228 William Fuller (c1680-1722) and 5 228 Ann Mills (?-1732).


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Robert Hull for the details about the family of Samuel Stace.

Michael Metcalfe (please click on his name to visit his web site)

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