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John FULLER (c1675-1744)

and Mary PEENE (?-1737)


John Fuller and Mary Peene married on 2 July 1702 in Mountfield, Sussex.  At the time he was of Brede, Sussex and she of Burwash, Sussex.

John Fuller was baptised on 6 January 1675/6 at St. Clements in Hastings, Sussex.  He was the son of Anthony Fuller (c1650-1698) and Mary (c1655-1718).  He was buried on 21 April 1744 in Brede as John Fuller, senior.  On 20 April 1708 he was described as a yeoman of Brede and he then mortgaged a house, barn, malthouse and 82 acres called Broad Oak and Gold Fringes, which he occupied and had inherited from his father, to John Russell yeoman of Barnhorne in Bexhill, for 100 at 3%.  The farm was subject to a 12 annuity to his wife Mary Fuller should she survive him.

Mary Peenes date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  She was buried on 26 April 1737 in Brede as Mary wife of John Fuller.


John Fuller and Mary Peene had 6 known children: 5 202

  1. John Fuller was born on 8 October and baptised on 17 October 1704 in Brede.  The baptism register noted that his father was a farmer.  John Fuller, junior was buried on 11 March 1742 in Brede.  (Another John Fuller married 5 156 Elizabeth Longley in 1736.  They had children baptised after 1742.)

  2. Anthony Fuller was baptised on 17 October 1706 in Brede.

  3. Mary Fuller was born and baptised on 26 October 1707 in Brede.

  4. Elizabeth Fuller was baptised on 27 October 1708 in Brede.  An Elizabeth Fuller married John Gibson on 25 April 1734 in Northiam, Sussex, and another Elizabeth Fuller of Brede married Thomas Peen of Hawkhurst, Kent on 12 August 1735 in Burwash.  But I would think there were several possible Elizabeth Fullers born about the same time.

  5. Thomas Fuller was born on 21 October and baptised on 26 October 1711 in Brede.  He was buried there on 31 January 1711/2.

  6. Martha Fuller was baptised on 2 September 1716 in Brede.  She was buried on 24 April 1803 in Brede.

    Martha married John Coleman on 30 April 1739 in Brede, at which time they were both of Brede.

    John may have been baptised on 13 July 1712 in Brede and have been the son of Richard Coleman and Mary Ivy.  He was buried on 17 April 1803 in Brede.

    In 1739 John purchased a freehold house and leashold wheelwright's shop at Broad Oak Green in Brede.

    John and Martha had the following children:

    1. Mary Coleman was baptised on 6 April 1740 in Brede.

    2. William Coleman was baptised on 7 February 1741/2 in Brede.

    3. John Coleman was baptised on 9 January 1743/4 in Brede.

    4. James Coleman was baptised on 25 June 1747 in Brede

    5. Samuel Coleman was baptised on 4 June 1759 in Brede.



From A2A:

Coleman family of Chitcombe in Brede - freehold house and leasehold wheelwright's shop at Broad Oak Green, Brede, purchased by John Coleman in 1739 - ref. AMS6454/7
[from Scope and Content] The location of the property of John Fuller, from which these sites were granted, can be seen on a map of Thomas Frewen's Broad Oak land in 1736 (ACC 5104/31). The house, by then a grocer's shop and beershop, and the wheelwright's shop, formed lots 5 and 6 in the sale of 21 July 1897 (ACC 2447)
[from Scope and Content] On 8 November 1730 John Fuller of Brede, yeoman, leased a piece of waste 5 rods long and 2 rods wide, adjoining Gate Field, which was part of Broad Oak Farm, to Joseph Baker of Brede, wheelwright, for 90 years from 29 September 1730 at 1s rent; a shop occupied by John Kidd stood on the piece of land. On 5 February 1739 Baker, then of Rye, assigned the shop (described as having been newly-built in 1730) and land to John Coleman of Brede, husbandman (AMS6454/7/1, 2)
[from Scope and Content] On 20 June 1739 John Fuller of Broad Oak in Brede, yeoman, enfeoffed his son-in-law John Coleman of Brede, husbandman, and his wife Martha, in a piece of land 6 rods long and 6 rods wide, part of John Fuller's Gate Field (S,W: Thomas Frewen, esq; E: Gatefield; N: Broad Oak Green). On 15 January 1751, by which time John Coleman had built a house occupied by William Terry, the plot was mortgaged to Francis Bourne of Brede, yeoman, and on 21 January 1751 a covenant was made to secure the mortgage by fine (AMS6454/7/3, 4)
[from Scope and Content] On 15 November 1756 the leasehold wheelwright's shop, then occupied by William Terry, was assigned by John Coleman of Brede to Francis Bourne of Brede, yeoman, for 10; a note of the assignment had been endorsed on the lease on 13 Nov. An endorsement declares that the assignment is not absolute, but to secure a mortgage (AMS6454/7/5)
[from Scope and Content] On [6 and] 7 December 1768 both the freehold house, occupied by John Stace, and the wheelwright's shop, occupied by Richard Offins, were sold by John and Martha Coleman to their son William Coleman of Brede, husbandman, for 90, of which 85 was paid to Francis Bourne's executors to discharge the mortgage (AMS6454/7/6)


Grateful thanks to Margaret Taylor for additional data.


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