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The Will of

John ESTMOND (c1580-1647)


In the name of God Amen the

seventeenth day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord one Thousand Sixe hundred

Fortie and five and in the one and Twentieth yeare of the Reign of our Sovereign

Lord Charles by the yeare of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland

Defender of the Faith [-?-] I John Estmond of  Iwerne Courtney alsoo Shroton in the Countye

of Dorsett Bachelor of Divintie Being by the goodness of my most gratious God in health

of body and of perfect memorie Doo make my last Will and Testament as followeth as

followeth First I humbly commend my Soule unto the handes of God [-?-] to him

the Father the Sonne and the Holy Ghost one eternall God most-?-] thankes for all

those [-?-] [-?-] and [-?-] which he hath vouchsafed most bountefully for

[-?-] [-?-] [-?-] in [-?-] in Christ Jesus to salvation on [-?-] mee

in Redeeming mee by the most [-?-] [-?-] and Death of the [-?-] my [-?-] Jesus

Christ [-?-] me into his holy church [-?-] by Baptism in [-?-] unto me

by the preaching of his holy word the [-?-] of his [-?-] my health in [?performing?] me

in and from my childhood perfrom the manifold in-?-] [-?-tions [-?-] and

[-?-] of the [-?-] Church of [-?-] which [-?-] and often besett me in

[-?-] [-?-] plentifully [-?-] and maintenance unto this present and in [-?-]

[-?-] to [-?-] and [-?-] by yet a hearty repenting [-?-]

able [-?-] that for the most [-?-] sake of the [-?-] saviour Jesus Christ

he hath pan?oned all my monifold and [-?-] and that for his [-?-] mercies

sake hee will [-?-] me after th?]  ?--- > in the [-?-] Also

I commend my Body to the earth [-?-] hope of a [-?full resurrection th?of

at the last day [-?-] life And at for the [-?-tion of temporall state which

my [-?-] God of his [-?-] bounty hath lent and [-?-] left unto me my will is that

after my decease it shall be-?-] and disposed of as followth First I give and bequeath

to the poore people of each of the Five parishes Iwerne Courtney aforenamed [-?-]

[-?-] [-?-] and Gillingham in the said countie of Dorsett and ?ulle?-] in the County

of Wilts twentie shillings to be distributed equallie to eight poore person of each of the said

parishes such as the executor of this my last will hereafter in these presence to be named

shall apoint within six months after my decease Alsoe I give to my beloved daughter

Jane Dennett my Ringg which is enammelled round about on the outside and a peice of

Gould of Thirtie and three shillings Also I give and bequeath to my beloved Sonne

Christopher Estmond my seale reines of Armes and my [-?-] sealed Alsoe I give and

bequeath to my beloved sonn George Estmond my ring which hath this [-?-]

Also I bequeath to my beloved sonne William Estmond my ring which hath a Death

head in the [-?-] thereof Alsoe I bequeath to my beloved sonne Sammuell Estmond my ring

which hath a head engraved in a stone in the [-?-] thereof Alsoe I bequeath to my beloved

Grandchildren John Dennet and Jane Dennet Fortie shillings to each of them And wheras

I [-?-] few yeares past bought and purchased of Charles Willes of Gillingham aforesaid

gentleman a [-?-] messuage or dwelling house call Barnabyes with all Barnes stables

outhouses [-?-] B-?-ing [-?-layed Bar-?-] [-?-] and gardens the?-] to belonging

and one pa-?-] of pasture ad-?-ing and the Mo-?-] of a Meadow call ?and-?-ham And

[-?-] [-?-] of Meadows and pasture called ?is?hayes ?atmeade South meadow Broad-?-]

and ?hamt?ye meadow and the first share of eight acres of Meadows in ?umbermeade and [-?-]

of [-?-] therefor [-?-] ?other beasts and one horse beast and [-?-] of arrable

lying disper-?-] in the common field all [-?-] and being in the said parish of Gillingham

And [-?-] for the better performance of the said purchase and for the [-?-] my

thereof uppon me and to my-?-] and forthe [-?-] [-?-] of it to all or any of my children

unto their use or to any other [-?-ding as I should appoint and order uppon [-?-] and [-?-]

[-?-] in the [-?-] [-?-] Indentured of [-?-] made of the premises [-?-] by the said Charles

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the said Charles Willis [-?-ing late the tenth day of December in the seaventh yeare of the

Raigne of our Sovereigne Lord Carles now King of England in and by which the said

Charles Willes did for [-?-] [-?-] and [-?-] unto Sir Thomas Freke late of Iwerne

Courtney aforesaid Knight [-?-] deceased and to Christopher Twyniho of Turnworth in the

said Countye of Dorsett gentleman [-?-] likewise deceased and to Robert [-?-] of






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