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John ESTMOND (c1580-1646)

and Ann TWYNIHO (c1590-1635)


It has been brought to my attention that the following may be incorrect.  I have copied the details from other family histories and have not checked the validity of the data for myself.  At some point someone has assumed George Estmond of Sussex was the son of John Estmond of Dorset.  When John made his will in 1645, he did mentioned a son George, who would have been about 22 years old at the time and in an apprenticeship, but is this sufficient to assume our George was the son of John, or is there some other evidence?

The 1677 Visitation of Dorset notes that John's son George married an Elizabeth they had daughters.  Whereas the George in Sussex was said to have married Mary Pitfield and they also only had daughters.  In George's will he mentioned wife Mary.


John Esmond and Anne Twyniho may have been my 10x Great Grandparents.  They married in 1617 in Turnworth, Dorset.  (Click here to see their possible place in my pedigree chart.)  I note some other family histories have her name as Elizabeth Twinyhoe.

John Estmond was born about 1580.  He was the son of Thomas Estmond (?-1607) and Johanna Pyne.  He made his will on 17 April 1645 and probate was granted on 10 May 1647.  He died on 15 February and was buried on 17 February 1645/6/7 in Shroton, Dorset (date needs to be checked in original registers).  He was the Rector of St. Mary, Shroton from 1613 and held a Bachelor of Divinity.  Shroton is also known as Iwerne Courtney.  St. Mary's at Shroton was rebuilt in 1610 and paid for by Sir Thomas Freke.

From Foster's Alumni Oxonienses. JOHN ESTMOND of Dorset, gent. New Coll. Matric. 13 Oct., 1598, aged 18. B.A. 15 Ap., 1602, M.A. 31 Jan., 1605-6, B.D. 19 Nov., 1612. Licensed to preach 29 Nov., 1613. Rector of Colerne, Wilts, 1613, and of Iwerne Courtney, Dorset, 1613. Father of John 1637, Thomas 1635, and William 1640.

In his will he mentioned his children in the following order:  Jane Dennett, Christopher, George, William and Samuel.  Others mentioned:  brother Thomas Estmond, nephew John Estmond.

Ann Twinyhoe was the daughter of George Twynio, gent of Turnwood in Dorset (as per the 1677 Visitation of Dorset).  She was buried on the 6 June 1635 in Shroton and the entry in the parish register records that she was “The most deer and loving wyfe of Jn Bach of Div”.  Ann was said to have been the Great Granddaughter of George Twinyhoe and Ann or Elizabeth Audley.  I am told Ann was the daughter of George Twynicks and Ursula Baskett.


John Estmond and Ann Twinyhoe had 9 known children:

  1. Jane Estmond was baptised on 21 September 1617 in Shroton.

    Jane married John Dennet on 5 April 1638 in Shroton.

    John was a Master of Arts and the Rector of Okeford Fitzpayne where he was installed in 1635.  The next Rector was installed there in 1673.

  2. Thomas Estmond was baptised on 7 February 1618 in Shroton.  He held a Master of Arts.  He died on 11 November and was buried on 13 November 1644 in Shroton.

  3. John Estmond was baptised on 24 August 1620 in Shroton.  He held a Bachelor of Arts.  He was buried on 3 June 1641 in Shroton.

  4. Christopher Estmond was baptised on 5 August 1622 in Shroton.  He was mentioned in his father's will.  The 1677 Visitation of Dorset notes he married Elizabeth Tayler daughter of John Tayler, gent of Somerton, Dorset.  Christopher's will was proved on 18 February 1696/7.

  5. George Estmond, may have been my 9x Great Grandfather.  He was baptised on 12 October 1623 in Shroton.  He was said to have married Mary Pitfield.  (They have their own page.)

  6. William Estmond was baptised on 26 February 1625 in Shroton.  The 1677 Visitation of Dorset noted that he matriculated at Hart Hall, Oxford in 1640.  His will was was dated 26 December 1658 and proved on 22 June 1659 (I have a copy of this document).

    In his will he mentions cozen John Dennet; cozen William Gillett; Elizabeth Estmond daughter of cozen Thomas Estmond; cozen Jane Dennett; cozen Thomas Dennett; cozen John Estmond; Thomas Norman; Mary ??ormond; sister Elizabeth Estmond was to receive a gold ring that had belonged to William's brother Samuel Estmond; brother George Estmond if he be living at the time of the making of William's will was to receive a gold ring next was sister Estmond his wife and daughters; cozen Dorothy Gillett; and brother Christopher Estmond.

  7. Richard Estmond was baptised on 2 March 1627 in Shroton and buried there on 26 September 1628.

  8. Samuel Estmond was born on 5 October and baptised 10 October 1630 in Shroton and buried there on 20 January 1631.

  9. Samuel Estmond was born on 22 September and baptised on 29 September 1633 in Shroton.  The 1677 Visitation of Dorset notes he matriculated at Hart Hall, Oxford in 1654 and died before 26 December 1658.



John Estmond (c1580-1646/7) and Thomas Estmond were brothers.

George Estmond of Middle Temple in 1619.

William Estmond married Margaret.


William Estmond died in 1558.  He was of Lodge in Chardstock.  Will dated 27 June 1558 and proved on 28 November 1558.

He had the following children:

  1. Thomas Estmond

  2. George Estmond

  3. William Estmond

  4. Jerome Estmond

  5. John Estmond

  6. Margaret Estmond

  7. Edith Estmond


Thomas Estmond died in 1607.  His son was Nicholas Estmond.  Thomas had a granddaughter Mary Estmond who married Humphrey Coffin.  He also had a grandson, Christopher Estmond of Gillingham, Dorset who may have been alive in 1701.

Nicholas Estmond was alive in 1617/8 and of Lodge, Dorset.  Mentioned in will (dated Feb 1617, proved 29 April 1618) of friend John Elrington of Broadwaye, Somerset, gent.

George Estmond was the Rector of Charmouth from 1572-1599.  He may have been the son of William who died in 1558.

William Estmond alive in 1591.

Richard Estmonde of Gillingham alive in 1598.


Thomas Estmond, gentle and Dorothye had the following children:

  1. William Estmond was baptised on 5 June 1616 in Chardstock.

  2. Marie Estmund was baptised in 1618 in Chardstock.



3 July 1604 Barbara uxor Nicholas Estmond generosus sepultus erat Jan 4

1606 Joanna d. Nicholas Estmond generosi sepulta erat Jan 13

1607 Thomas Estmond generosus sepult Apl i

1617 William s. Thomas and Dorothie Estmond gent. bur. March i

1648 Thomas Estmond generosus bur. July 26

1655 Anne Estmond bur. Jan 29

1658 Mrs Dorothy Estmond wid. bur. Sept. 10

1668 Chrystophorus filus Johannis Estmond gent. bap 14

1686 John Estmond gent. bur. Sept 2

1691 Mary Estmond wid. bur. Nov 24


RICHARD BEAPLE of Barnstaple, merchant, bap. 1563. Will proved 1644. Married as 3rd wife Grace daughter of Gay and widow of Estmond. Administration granted 1650 to her son, Edward Estmond.


Sacred to ye Memory of Mrs Elizabeth Estmond daughter of John Stucky of Afton Esq. who dyed October 17, 1695 Aged 67. Also to the Memory of (her grandson) William ye only Son of William Bear clerke and Francis his wife who dyed October 30. 1696, in the fourth year of his age.


Mary Twinyhoe was baptised on 29 May 1687 and was the daughter of Christopher Twinyhoe of Turnworth, Dorset.  Mary married John Galpine in 1711.  John was born in 1683.  He was the son of Robert Galpine.  He matriculated, on 4 Jun 1701, aged 18 years at Wadham College.  B.A. 7 March 1704/5.  Rector of Blackford, Somerset.

Rev. Christopher Twinyhoe (1689-1773) was of the same family as the abbess Margery.


I have copied the following from



Extract from Hutchins History of Dorset

 extracted by Dorinda Miles


By the return of Parliament in 1801 the Parish of Turnworth contained 18 inhabited houses, occupied by 19 families; consisting of 42 males and 40 females, in all 82; of whom 38 were chiefly employed in agriculture, 3 in trade, manufactures or handicraft.

In 1851 here were 17 houses inhabited by 103 people; and in 1861 23 houses and 150 souls.

Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths 1582 - 1680


The register begins 1573


Roger, son of Charles TWYNIHO and Ellen, Jan 2 1604

Edward, May 5 1605

Eleanor, June 6 1606

Charles, May 14 1609

John, Jan 20 1610

Bampfield, 1612

Jane, Aug 14 1614

Mary, 1617

Elizabeth, 1618

Anne, 1619

        Sons and daughters of ditto

Christopher, son of Christopher TWYNIHO 1630

William, 1633

Charles, Nov 30 1634

Maurice, 1635

George, 1637

Elizabeth, 1640

Ursula, Dec 9 1641

John and buried, 1642

Jane, 1643

        Sons and daughters of ditto

Jane, daughter of Mrs Elizabeth TWYNIHO, bapt 27 Feb 1643

Jane, daughter of Christopher TWYNIHO and Jane, May 11 1662

Elizabeth, Nov 19 1663

Rachel, April 21 1665

Hopton, 1666

Dorothy, 1668

        Sons and daughters of ditto



Charles TWYNIHO, gent and Ellen MONMOUTH, 1604

Mr John ESMOND and Mrs Anne TWYNIHO, 1617

Mr Robert DACCOMB and Mrs Barbara TWYNIHO, Feb 4 1631

Swithin CLEEVES of Blandford Forum and Luce, daughter of John

STRAIGHT, vicar, Sept 12 1671



Christopher TWYNIHO, gent, Feb 22 1582

Morgan HAINE, Feb 24 1588

John BISTON, vicar, May 15 1600

Edith, wife of Roger BASKET, gent, Sep 4 1607

Ursula, wife of George TWYNIHO esq, Nov 4 1617

Charles TWYNIHO, and Ellen his wife, 1628

Edith, daughter of George TWYNIHO, 1629

Robert PINCHARD, vicar 1637

Christopher TWYNIHO esq Oct 23 1643

Christopher TWYNIHO eqs, 1676

Jane, relict of Christopher TWYNIHO ESQ 1677

John STRAIGHT, vicar 1680




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