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Edward DOWLING (1631-1706)

and Mary CHANNELL (1634-1659)

and Ann (c1640-1688)


Edward Dowling and Ann were my 7x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  Ann was Edward’s second wife.  They married sometime between 1659 and 1662, but no possible marriage has been found in the IGI or the Sussex Family History Group's marriage index.  Edward had first married Mary Channell (or Mary O’Carmell) on 1 June 1658 in Billingshurst, Sussex.  At that time he was described as a husbandman and Mary as a spinster.  They were both then of Billingshurst.

Edward Dowell on 8 January 1631/2 in Billingshurst. Sussex.  He was the son of 5 28 Edward Dowlinge (c1600-?) and 5 28 Jane Avery (c1605-1678).  (Another Edward was baptised at Thakeham, Sussex on 4 July 1641, as the son of Edward Downer.)  He was buried on 27 July 1706 in West Grinstead and the register records that he was Edward Dowler “senex”.  In 1662 when the Hearth Tax Assessments were made, Edward Dowlin of the tything of Byne in the parish of West Grinstead was said to have had 1 hearth.

Mary Channell was baptised on 18 January 1634/5 in Billingshurst, Sussex.  Her parents names were not recorded in the baptism register, but she may have been the daughter of Lawrence Channell.  He had a son baptised in Billingshurst in 1632, and had married Sarah Gasson in July 1621 in Shipley, Sussex.  Mary was buried on 9 November 1659 in Billingshurst.  The burial register noted she was the wife of Edward Dowling.

Ann’s date and place of birth are unknown.  She was buried on 16 March 1687/8 in West Grinstead, Sussex.


Edward Dowling and Ann had 4 known children:

  1. Elizabeth Dowling was baptised on 2 November 1662 in West Grinstead.  Only her father's name was recorded in the baptism register.

    Elizabeth married John Freeman on 5 May 1698 in West Grinstead.

    John was probably the son of William Freeman and possibly Jane.  He was buried in West Grinstead on 22 November 1708.  John left a will which was proved on 6 January 1708/9.  He appointed his wife as the sole executor, but to be assisted by his brother Richard Moor.  He did not mention any children of his own in his will.

    As a widow Elizabeth Freeman of West Grinstead married John Fuller by banns on 20 December 1709 in West Grinstead.

  2. Ann Downer was baptised on 31 January 1663/4 in West Grinstead.  Only her father's name was recorded in the baptism register.  As Ann Dowling she married Richard Moore in 1687.  (They have their own page.)

  3. William Downer was baptised on 20 January 1666/7 in West Grinstead.  The baptism register named his parents as Edward and Agnes.

  4. Edward Dowling, my 6x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 30 January 1669/70 in West Grinstead.  The baptism register recorded that his parents were Edward and Ann.  He married Mary before or about 1693.



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