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Edward DOWLINGE (c1600-?)

and Jane AVERY (c1605-1678)


Edward Dowlinge and Jane Avery were my 8x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 16 July 1627 in Billingshurst, Sussex.

Edward Dowlingeís date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  His name does not seem to have been recorded in the 1641/2 Protestation Return for Billingshurst.

Jane Averyís date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  As Jane Dowlin she was buried on 6 June 1678 in Billingshurst.  The burial register recorded that she was a widow.


Edward Dowlinge and Jane Avery had 4 known children:

  1. Anne Dowling was buried on 18 November 1627 in Billingshurst.  The burial register noted she was the daughter of Edward Dowling.

  2. Edward Dowling, my 7x Great Grandfather married 5 27 Ann sometime before or about 1662 as his second wife.  He may have been baptised as Edward Dowell on 8 January 1631/2 in Billingshurst.  Only his father's name was noted in the baptism register.

  3. Joane Dowling was baptised on 1? November 1634 in Billingshurst.  Only her father's name was noted in the baptism register.

  4. Margaret Dowling was baptised on 19 March 1636/7 in Billingshurst.  Only her father's name was noted in the baptism register.


I last looked at this family group on 26 November 2012.  I made a few minor amendments, and on searching the web I was unable to find anything new that might add to this family.  I am reasonably confident that the 4 baptisms were children of the same parents and wonder if there may have been another child born about 1629?  I also think Edward, senior, may have died between 1637 and 1642 - the Billinghurst burial register is missing from 1630-1653.

Neither Edward nor Jane would seem to have been baptised in Billingshurst, so when and why did they marry and settle in the parish?  They were also the only Dowling couple in Billingshurst at the time.

I would guess they were both born before 1610 and probably closer to 1600.  An Elizabeth Dowle had married Andrew Browne in Billingshurst on 27 December 1599 - might Dowle and Dowling be one and the same?

No other Avery's married in Billingshurst at that time, but there were some in the neighbouring parish of Shipley.  Nor were any Avery baptisms recorded at this time in Billingshurst.  The IGI lists a Jane Avery baptised on 19 April 1601 in Newhaven, Sussex, the daughter of John Avery, but Newhaven to Billingshurst is a fair distance.  There was also a Jane Averie baptised on 25 August 1610 in Henfield, Sussex, the daughter of Thomas Averie, which I guess is a more possible than the one in Newhaven, but I'm not sure about an only just 17 year old marrying in 1627.  A Thomas Avery had married Dorothy Lashmar on 25 November 1601 in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.  Might he have left a will and mentioned his daughter Jane by her married name - too much to hope for!

I have not found a will for Edward nor anything on the National Archives website that connects him to Billingshurst or anywhere else.

I had wondered if he had been baptised as Edward Dowse on 28 February 1593/4 in West Grinstead, Sussex.  No parents names were recorded against the baptism.  But the burial of Edward Dowse son of Edward was recorded on 28 February 1603/4 in West Grinstead, so that seem to rule out this baptism.

I don't know what became of Joane and Margaret.  The Sussex marriage index does not have any possible marriages for them, nor do they seem to have been buried as spinsters in Billingshurst, unless they died before 1653.  Edward, the son, married in Billingshurst in 1658, at which time he was a husbandman, and his wife was buried there in 1659.  But, Edward then seems to have remarried and settled in West Grinstead by 1662 - why?  Or are Billingshurst Edward and West Grinstead Edward, 2 separate people?  But there are so few Dowlings and variants around at that time, that I am inclined to think Billingshurst Edward moved to West Grinstead.  Did Edward leave his mother behind or did she go and live with him, and was her body returned to Billingshurst for burial with her husband?

So many questions!


Are the following related:

Ann Dowell married Thomas Lewis on 21 February 1568/9 in Arundel, Sussex.

William Dowell married Agnes Holden on 13 May 1591 in Lurgashall, Sussex.  They were both single.

Isaach Dowle was buried on 20 November 1586 in Billingshurst.

A marriage licence was issued on 5 June 1598 to Robert Dowell of Petworth and Alice Yonge of Pulborough.

Robert Dewell was buried on 4 April 1599 in Fittleworth, Sussex.  He was the son of Robbertt Dewell.

Samuel Dowling was buried on 29 April 1644 in West Grinstead, Sussex.  (Did he leave a will?)

Ann Dolin was baptised on 5 January 1650/1 in West Grinstead.  She was the daughter of William Dolin.

Sarah Dowler was buried on 29 November 1697 in West Grinstead.



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