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The DADSWELL Family of Sussex


My Dadswell Ancestors

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My Dadswell Ancestors

Firstly, I must give my thanks to Barbara Nethercott and John Dadswell (1877-1934), who have provided me with the bulk of my Dadswell family history.  John was the son of David Dadswell and Mary Streatfield.  John's work on the Dadswell family history has been lodged with the Sussex Archaeological Society in Lewes, Sussex.

My link is with a 3x Great Grandmother, Frances Dadswell, who was born, married and buried in Wadhurst, Sussex.  Frances married Nicholas Barham in 1835, 2 years after the birth of their first child.

It has been suggested that our earliest known Dadswell ancestor was from Gloucestershire and that he settled in Rotherfield, Sussex in about 1589.  However, I wonder.... just over 5 miles west from Rotherfield is the tiny Sussex hamlet of Duddleswell.  There is also a Duddleswell River and Duddleswell Manor, which by 1650 was within the parish of East Grinstead.



Family Group Pages

Alexander Dodswell (1684-1766) and Ann Baker (?-1778)

David Dadswell (1723-1803) and Ann Oakill (1731-1800)

Edward Dodswell (1659-1736) and Elizabeth Elliott (1649-1735)

Edward Dadswell (1680-1763) and Elizabeth (?-1742)

Edward Okill Dadswell (1750-1832) and Elizabeth Taylor (c1764-1841)

James Dadswell (1786-1838) and Charlotte Ovenden (1782-1888)

Nicholas Dodswell (1684-1765) and Ann Luxford (?-1765)

Nicholas Dadswell (1766-?) and Elizabeth Campfield (?-?)

Obediah Dadswell (1812-1879) and Sarah Ann Cole (1814-1882)

Robert Doudeswell (c1560-1636) and Elizabeth (?-1610) and Margaret Crayford (?-1634)

Robert Doudeswell (1606-1676) and Anne Hoadley (c1610-1656) and Mary Aynscombe (1640-1663)

Robert Dadswell (1681-1710) and Mary Ovenden (1679-?)

Robert Dadswell (1756-1830) and Mary Brooker (c1745-1805)

Robert Dadswell (1784-1852) and Frances Baldock (?-1808) and Ann Kitchenham (1792-1871)

Thomas Dadswell (1733-1803) and Sarah Brown (?-1808)

William Charles Dadswell (c1784-1845) and Barbara Colbran (1779-1854)

David Pollington (1840-1889) and Elizabeth Dadswell (1849-?)

Nicholas Barham (1814-1896) and Frances Dadswell (1812-1901)

William Kitchenham (1714-?) and Mary Dadswell (1707-1777)

John Comber (1798-?) and Mary Dadswell (1803-1847)


My line of descent


Robert Doudeswell



Robert Doudeswell



Edward Dodswell



Edward Dodswell



David Dadswell



Robert Dadswell



Robert Dadswell



Frances Dadswell



Frances Barham



Flora Boorman



Bessie Warman



 Jesse Willard


Mandy Willard


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Other Web Sites


Dadswell Family Website - maintained by Harley Dadswell.  He and I both descend from Edward Dodswell (1659-1736) and Elizabeth Elliott (c1650-1735).


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