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Edward DODSWELL (1659-1736)

and Elizabeth ELLIOTT (1649-1735)


Edward Dodswell and Elizabeth Ellyott were my 8x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 4 May 1677 in Rotherfield, Sussex.

Edward Dodswell was baptised on 6 June 1659 in Rotherfield.  He was the son of Robert Doudeswell (1606-1676) and Mary Aynscombe (1640-1663).  He was buried on 12 August 1736 in Rotherfield.  Edward inherited his father's properties and his own further transactions were recorded in the Rother Manor Court Rolls from his father's death in 1676 until his own death, which was recorded at a Court held on 14 April 1737.  He also inherited the tenancy of Philip Alchorne's house.  Edward was described in his son Robert's will as 'yeoman and clocksmith' although no further evidence of the latter trade exists.  In 1698 Edward served as Churchwarden at St. Denys in Rotherfield.  In 1705 he was described as a 'freeholder of Rotherfield', when on 24 May of that year he cast his vote at Lewes in a "Poll for the Election of Members of Parliament for the County of Sussex".  In 1717 Edward was ordered by the Quarter Sessions Court to pay for and maintain his granddaughter, Elizabeth's keep.  His will was dated 7 June 1723 and proved at Lewes 13 August 1736.  In his will he divides his properties among his sons and provides for his wife Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Elliott may have been baptised on 4 February 1648/9 in Rotherfield.  She was probably the eldest daughter of John Elliott (1624-1681) and Ann Barham (1618-1700).  Her entry in the baptism register only records her father's name and that he was John Ellat, junior, which implies he was the son of another John, but he was the son of Alexander.  When John made his will in 1680, of his 5 surviving daughters he mentioned Elizabeth first, which to me implies that she was the eldest, and as the next daughter was baptised in 1650, I feel fairly sure that the February 1648/9 baptism is for the Elizabeth married to Edward, making her nearly 10 years older than her husband and about 43 when her last child was born.  She was also mentioned in her Grandfather Nicholas Barham's Will of 1652 and again her name was recorded ahead of 2 sisters.  She was buried on 11 July 1735 in Rotherfield.


Edward Dodswell and Elizabeth Elliott had 9 known children:

  1. Mary Dodswell was baptised on 17 April 1678 in Rotherfield.  She was buried in Rotherfield on 27 December 1726.

    Mary married Thomas Muddle, a Clocksmith of Rotherfield, on 26 June 1705 in Withyham, Sussex.

    Thomas was baptised on 13 June 1671 in Rotherfield and was the son of Thomas Muddle and Mary Baker.  Thomas was buried on 27 March 1756 in Rotherfield.

    Thomas and Mary had 7 known children:

    1. Thomas Muddle was baptised on 1 September 1707 in Rotherfield.  He was buried on 16 February 1786.  Thomas married Elizabeth Fry by banns on 12 February 1770 in Rotherfield.  The couple had 2 known children:

      1. Mary Muddle was baptised on 25 July 1770 in Rotherfield.

      2. Thomas Muddle was baptised on 27 April 1772 in Rotherfield.

    2. Edward Muddle was baptised on 16 May 1709 in Rotherfield.  He was the only one of his siblings to be left a legacy in his Grandfather Edward Dodswell's will.  As at 1779, Edward was a Watchmaker living in Chatham, Kent.

    3. Mary Muddle was baptised on 9 April 1711 in Rotherfield.

    4. Anne Muddle was baptised on 24 February 1712/3 in Rotherfield.

    5. Elizabeth Muddle was baptised on 3 October 1714 in Rotherfield.

    6. Nicholas Muddle was baptised on 21 June 1716 in Rotherfield.  In 1756 he was a Watchmaker living in Tonbridge, Kent.

    7. Sarah Muddle was baptised on 10 August 1718 in Rotherfield.

  2. Edward Dodswell, my 7x Great Grandfather, was baptised on 5 February 1679/80 in Rotherfield.  He married Elizabeth.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Robert Dodswell was baptised on 26 November 1681 in Rotherfield.  He married Mary Ovenden in 1706.  (They have their own page.)

  4. John Dodswell was baptised on 9 September 1683 in Rotherfield and buried there on 13 October 1683.

  5. Nicholas Dodswell was baptised on 23 September 1684 in Rotherfield.  He married Ann Luxford in 1732.  (They have their own page.)

  6. Alexander Dodswell was baptised on 2 October 1686 in Rotherfield.  He married Anne Baker in 1721.  (They have their own page.)

  7. Thomas Dadswell was baptised on 3 October 1688 in Rotherfield.  He was a Clocksmith of Burwash and may have been apprenticed to his brother-in-law Thomas Muddle.  He was buried on 27 November 1752 in Burwash.  His will was dated 18 November 1752 and proved on 28 November 1752.  From his father he had inherited Homestall at Boarshead in Rotherfield and he left this property to his brother Alexander.  Thomas also held property in Burwash which passed to his brother David and then onto the children of their brother Nicholas.

    I have taken the 2 photographs from an ebay auction.  The clock by Thos Dadswell  is owned by R. Thompson at Antique clocks online.


  8. Abraham Dodswell was baptised on 21 November 1690 in Rotherfield and buried there on 12 July 1691.

  9. David Dodswell was baptised on 26 July 1692 in Rotherfield.


Many thanks to Barbara Nethercott and Harley Dadswell for most of the data on this page.



Does anyone know anything about Robert Berry?

Dane Berry tells me, Robert Berry may have immigrated from England in the late 1740s to settle in America.  He was granted land in North Carolina and successfully raised a very large family which propagated to many parts of the US.  Robert was a wheel-wright, the same as John Berry (mentioned above).  The names of Robert's children were Elizabeth, John, Mary, Robert Jr., and many others.  He established his property as a plantation and named it "Fiddleton" - was this a name he was familiar with?  There is village named Fittleton in Wiltshire, 120 miles from Ringmer, Sussex.  How and when did Robert arrive in North Carolina, or was he born in the Colonies, or as theory has it, was he indentured and came/went over in the mid to late 1740s via Virginia or Maryland?  Working off his indenture he then travelled to North Carolina and aquired his property through the Granville Land Grants.  Dane has documentation of Robert being there in December 1753 when his land was surveyed leading to his grant of 260 acres in 1757.

For more information, please visit:

And the Berry DNA Project at:



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