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John COURTHOPE (c1480-1527)

and Elizabeth SAUNDERS (?-?)


John Courthope and Elizabeth Saunders may have been my 13 and/or 14x Great Grantparents.

John Courthope was of Hartfield, Sussex and of Whiligh in Wadhurst/Ticehurst, Sussex.  He was executor to the will of his father-in-law in 1515.  John died in 1527.  He was the son of John Courthope of Combwell, who was the son of John Courthope of Combwell and Goudhurst.

Elizabeth Saunders was the daughter of William Saunders of Goudhurst, Kent..


John Courthope and Elizabeth Saunders may have had the following children:

  1. William Courthope was of Heath Place.  He married Margaret daughter of Richard Challenor

  2.  John Courthope was of Hartfield.  He died in 1564 and administration was granted to his widow, Mary on 12 September 1564.  She then married ? Formager.  He released his interest in Whiligh to his brother George on 5 April 1541.  In 1556 he was executor to his cousin John Tichborne, who was the son of Maurice Tichbourne of Edenbridge and Margaret Courthope.  (The John Comber pedigree implies there were children of John and Mary who were the Courthopes of Lingfield.)

  3. George Courthope may have married Mary Warnett, and they may have been my 12x Great Grandparents.  (They have their own page.)

  4. Thomas Courthope died in Southover near Lewes, Sussex in 1568.  He left a will dated 23 June and proved on 28 June 1568.  He received Courthopes in Goudhurst and lands in Ticehurst from his father on 20 September 1539.  Thomas married and had the following children:

    1. Thomas Couthope died in 1584 without issue.

    2. George Courthope may have been of Wadhurst.  He may have married Mary Warnett and they may have been my 12x Great Grandparents.

  5. Mary Courthope or Mercy Courthope married John Bysshe, and they were my 13x Great Grandparents.  (They have their own page.)  However there were other branches of the Courthope family - more to investigate.


Much of the above has come from the John Comber genealogies.

Also thanks to Brenden Ashton for additions to this page.


Courthope Pedigree (as found in the ESRO)

Absolon de Curtehop

born 1190,

Free tenement in Lamberhurst


Peter de Curtehop

Fined in 1263 at Sussex Assizes "Domineo" in Lamberhurst 1273 Assessed for land in Wadhurst 1296


William de Courthope

Held land in Wadhurst and Lamberhurst 1296


Adam de Courthope

Sued the Abbot of Robertsbridge 1309


John de Courthope

Appointed Bailiff of Ripe & Winchelsea 13 May 1343


Robert Courthope

Received a pardon 28 April 1387


John Courthope

MP for Hastings 1400-1430


John Courthope of Combwell, Goudhurst

In a chancery suit 1467


John Courthope of Combwell

Held the Pillory inf Goudhurst 1498


John Courthope of Combwell and Hartfield

Inherited Whiligh in 1513

married Elizabeth Saunders daughter and heir of William Saunders Lord of the Manor of Whiligh



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