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George COURTHOPE (c1510-1577)

and Mary WARNETT (?-1607)


George Courthope and Mary Warnett were my 12x Great Grandparents.  They were of Wadhurst in Sussex.

George Courthope may have been the son or grandson of John Courthope and Elizabeth Saunders, or the son of Thomas Courthope (?-1568).  George was described as the younger son of John when he received Whiligh in 1541 from his elder brother, also named John, who had received the property in 1539.  George died in 1577 and left a will.

Mary Warnett was the daughter of Cyprian Warnett of Framfield, Sussex and Margaret Finch.  She may have been the Mary widow of George, who left a will dated 13 October 1607, which was proved on 26 March 1607/8 in London.  She appointed her son William as the sole executor of her will.  She also mentioned her eldest son John and a daughter, but not by name.  (The Courthope Pedigree in the John Comber Genealogies is a little confusing, as he has Mary married to 1 of 2 possible husbands named George, either the brother of Thomas or his son.  Thomas was the son of John.)


A sketch of Whiligh, by Philip Beauchamp, 1987, taken from "Wadhurst, Town of the High Weald", by Alan Savidge and Oliver Mason, published by Meresborough Books in 1988 (ISBN 0948183352).

The house is just over a mile from the centre of Wadhurst, but 400 yards within the parish boundary of Ticehurst.  It has been in the hands of the Courthopes since 1512, although the Whiligh estate was mentioned in a charter of 1018.  The house still stands but has undergone many changes over the Centuries.


George Courthope and Mary Warnett had 4 known children:

  1. John Courthope died in 1613 and was buried in Ticehurst.

    John married Elizabeth Larkin on 1 May 1583 in Ticehurst, Sussex.  She was the sole heir and daughter of John Larkin on Bromley in Kent.  John rebuilt Whiligh in 1586.  He died in 1615.  He was mentioned in his mother's will.

    John and Elizabeth had 5 known children:

    1. Sir George Courthope was knighted in 1641.  He was named in his grandmother Rivers will of 1618 and in his father-in-law's will of 1627 (as per John Comber's pedigree, but I think it was his son George named in the Rivers will).  George died on 12 October and was buried on 19 October 1642 in Ticehurst, Sussex.  He married twice.  Firstly to Alice Rivers daughter of Sir George Rivers of Chafford, Kent.  They had the following children:

      1. Sir George Courthope of Whiligh, was born at Chafford and baptised at Penshurst on 3 June 1616.  He was an executor to the 1649 will of his Uncle John Courthope.  He was an MP for Sussex in 1656 and East Grinstead in 1659 and 1661.  He was knighted on 17 April 1661.  George died on 18 November 1685 and was buried in Ticehurst.  He married Elizabeth Hawes, daughter of Edward Hawes of London, in July 1643.  She died aged 67 years on 18 December 1690 and was buried in Ticehurst.

      2. Ann Courthope died unmarried.

      3. Frances Courthope died 6 May 1681 and was buried in Lingfield, Surrey.  She married Sir Charles Howard of Eastwick in Great Bookham on 5 August 1641 in Ticehurst.

      George then married Elizabeth Symons, daughter of Thomas Symons alderman of London and relation of Edward Hawes.  They had 1 daughter:

      1. Mary Courthope

    2. John Courthope was of Brenchley, Kent.  He was a gentleman and pensioner.  His will was proved on 9 November 1649 and proved by his nephew George Courthope.  John married Judith Vasey a relative of Sir Thomas North.

    3. Mary Courthope married Alexander Thomas of Lamberhurst, Kent.

    4. Ann Courthope

    5. Frances Courthope - will proved 1625.

  2. William Courthope was of Buckling Hill in Wadhurst.  His will was dated 18 May and proved on 20 June 1625.  In 1597, William was appointed as guardian to his nephew David Barham of Upper Combden.

  3. Mary Courthope married John Barham and they were my 11x Great Grandparents.  (They have their own page.)

  4. A daughter married Nicholas Barham.


Could the following family link to the above:

John Courthope married Ann Newneham on 6 February 1609/10 in Mayfield.  They had the following children:

  1. George Courthope may have married Ann Briand on 22 August 1644 in Frant, Sussex.

  2. Mary Courthope married Richard Hutchinson by a South Malling Peculiar marriage licence dated 30 November 1639.  She was then a spinster of Maighfield (Mayfield) and he was of Rotherfield.

  3. Anne Courthope may have married ? Ferminger or John Tye on 30 November 1637 in Mayfield.

  4. John Courthope

  5. William Courthope

  6. Francis Courthope

  7. Avis Courthope


Much of the above has come from the John Comber genealogies.

Also thanks to Brenden Ashton for additions to this page.


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