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John COWPER (c1550-c1601)

and Elizabeth OCKENDEN (c1550-1580)

and Eleanor (?-?)


John Cowper first married Elizabeth Ockenden on 16 October 1575 in Cowfold, Sussex.

John Cowper may have been born in Sompting, Sussex.  His will was dated 4 March/May 1600, in which he mentioned his wife Eleanor, son Okenden Cowper and executor and cousin Thomas Streadwicke.  His will was proved on 9 May 1601 and he was then described as a yeoman of Cowfold (ref PCC 37 Woodhall).  His burial was not recorded in the Cowfold registers.

Elizabeth Ockenden was named in her father John Ockenden's will of 1586/7, although she was buried on 22 December 1580 in Cowfold as Elizabeth Coper.

Eleanor's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  Might she have been the daughter of John Ownsteed?


John Cowper and Elizabeth Ockenden had 3 known children:

  1. Okenden Cooper was baptised on 21 April 1577 in Cowfold.  He died in New Shoreham and was buried on 26 May 1641 in Cowfold.  By 1598 he held Gratwicke in Cowfold, which together with Woldringfold he settled on his son-in-law, John London.  He was named in his grandfather John Ownsted's Will of 1608.  He had the lease of Ludford in Cowfold and reversion to premises in Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead.  The Cowfold burial register records that on 5 October 1611, Steeven Bull servant to Ockenden Cooper was buried.  Ockenden was also mentioned in the 1613 Will of Lawrence Stannynough.  In 1622 he was a Churchwarden of Cowfold.  On 23 August 1624 his wife Joane was buried.  She was also mentioned in the 1608 Will of John Ownstead.  Ockenden and Joane 1 known daughter:

    1. Elizabeth Cooper was baptised on 25 October 1607 in Cowfold.  She was buried on 12 July 1636 in Cowfold.  As Elizabeth Cowper she married John London on 22 September 1625 in Cowfold and the marriage register records that she was the daughter of Okenden Cowper.  John together with John Gratwick were Churchwardens of Cowfold in 1629.  He was a Cowfold Churchwarden again in 1651, along with William Willet.  Mr. John London was buried on 24 February 1651/2 in Cowfold.  His Will was proved on 7 July 1652, at which time he was described as a Gentleman of Cowfold.  John and Elizabeth had 5 known children:

      1. Okenden London was baptised on 1 October 1626 in Cowfold and buried there on 8 April 1631.

      2. John London was baptised on 24 February 1627/8 in Cowfold.  He married Mary Lintott in about 1646/7.  In 1664 he had a house with 8 hearths and this may have been Gratwicke, inherited from his father.  By 1682 Gratwicke, and other Cowfold estates, was in the hands of Sir John Fagg.  The following is an extract from the A2A web site:

        ... Grant of annuity, by lease for 60 years, or the life of the grantor, from John London, snr., of Cowfold, gent., to William Freeman of Cowfold, gent., Thomas Gratwick of Shermanbury, gent., John Roberts of Cowfold, gent., and Richard Gratwick of [illegible], yeo. - ref.  WISTON/857  - date: 1646 - 1647
        Recites that a marriage is intended between John London, jnr., and Mary, dau. of Henry Lintott of Cowfold, mercer, and that the above lessees are to grant annuities of 60 to Timothy Cowper and 20 to John London, snr., out of the said properties.

      3. Thomas London was baptised on 1 November 1629 in Cowfold.

      4. Joane London was baptised on 14 March 1631/2 in Cowfold.

      5. Elizabeth London was baptised on 3 March 1635/6 in Cowfold.  Elizabeth was a witness to the marriage of James Ilman of Slaugham and Dorothy Heaver on 9 February 1653 in Cowfold, at which time she was also of Cowfold.

    John's first wife would seem to have been Joan daughter of John Cowper, as the following extract from the A2A database shows:

... Deed to declare the uses of no. WISTON/854, between (a) John Cowper of Cowfold, gent., and Okenden, his son and heir apparent, and (b) William Comber of Shermanbury, gent., and John Ownsted of Oxted, co. Surrey, gent. - ref.  WISTON/855  - date: 28 June 1598

The property is to be to the use of the said Okenden Cowper, in consideration of his intended marriage with Joan, dau. of John Cowper of Sompting, gent., dec'd.

As a Widower, Okenden Cowper married Timothye Betcheley a Widow, on 24 October 1625 in Cowfold.  Timothy Cooper of Slaugham in Sussex, widow, left a Will dated 17 June 1646, from which the following has been extracted:

... to be buried in Slaugham church near my first husband Richard Batchelley; to my cousin John Lintot the son of my brother John Lintot of Horsham all my lands etc in Slaugham; to John Boult, clerk, Minister of Slaugham and Mary Boult his wife; to Mrs Butcher; residue to the children of John Lintot my brother in law of Horsham and to all the children of John Lambert my brother in law of Banstead, to be equally divided amongst them; executors my brother in law John Lintot of Horsham and John Lintot his son ...

Timothy's Will was proved in 1658 to John Lintot the younger.

  1. Ann Cowper may have been a daughter of John and Elizabeth, in which case she was born before 1580.  Her baptism does not seem to have been recorded in the Cowfold registers.  She was mentioned in the 1608 Will of her Grandfather John Ownstead.  Ann married Richard Duke before 1608.  Richard was also mentioned in the 1613 Will of Lawrence Stannynough.

  2. Jhone Cowper (a daughter) was baptised on 10 December 1580 in Cowfold.  She was mentioned in her Grandfather's 1608 Will.  As Jane Cowper she married Lawrence Staninought on 26 June 1600 in St. Mary the Virgin, Aldermanbury in London.  Lawrence and Jane had 4 or 5 known children:

    1. Susan Stannynough.

    2. Danyel Stannynough

    3. James Stannynough

    4. William Stannynough

    5. A child born after 2 March 1613.

    Lawrence was born in Oxted, Surrey and died there in 1614.  His Will was dated 2 March 1613, from which the following has been extracted:

    ... to my wife 300; to my daughter Susan 150; to my son Danyel 100; to my son James 150; to my son William 150; to the child my wife bears? 100; all when 21; then half to James Stannynough and Margaret Stannynough, children of my brother William Stannynough; the other half to my brother Thomas Stannynough and the children of my brother Peter Stannynough, Lawrence, Ellen and Mary; to my cousin Mr Alderman Prescott and to my cousin Martha his wife; to my aunt Pemberton my uncle John his wife; to my brother Walton and to my sister his wife; to Mr Robert Brighte and his wife and their children; to Joseph Seddon; to my brother Duke; to my brother Cooper and my sister Cooper and Elizabeth their daughter; to my cousin John Pierce?; to Mr John Bristie?; to my friend Sir? Thomas Holmes? and his good Lady; to my godchildren; to the poor of Oxted; to the poor of Sompting?; my brother in law Ockenden Cooper exec ...


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