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Francis COMBER (1646-1701)

and Elizabeth PATCHAM (c1650-1685)

and Elizabeth WALLER (1658-1716)


Francis Comber married twice.  Firstly to Elizabeth Patcham on 18 June 1674 in Ardingly.  And then to Elizabeth Waller on 24 June 1686 in Ardingly.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Francis Comber was baptised on 13 April 1646 in Ardingly.  He was the eldest son of Francis Comber (?-1689) and Mary (?-1703).  He was a Yeoman.  He was buried on 1 October 1701 in Ardingly.  He left a Will dated 13 September 1700 and proved 23 October 1701.  He was Godfather to his brother John's son Francis Comber (1695-1756).

Elizabeth Patcham was born about 1650 and buried on 29 June 1685 in Ardingly..

Elizabeth Waller was baptised on 7 February 1657/8 in Cuckfield, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Thomas Waller.  She was buried in Ardingly on 30 March 1716 when she was described Elizabeth Cumber, widow.  Elizabeth was the executrix of her husband's Will.


Francis Comber and Elizabeth Patcham had 4 known children:

  1. John Comber was baptised on 7 April 1675 in Ardingly and buried there on 17 April 1675.

  2. Mary Comber was baptised on 8 February 1676/7 in Ardingly.  She was buried in Ardingly on 8 March 1725/6, and the burial register described her as Mary wife of Ferdinando Jackson, whom she had married on 15 October 1702 in Ardingly.  The Comber pedigree in the Sussex Genealogies, states that Mary was left a small field under the terms of her father's Will and that she was mentioned in the Will of her Aunt Susanna Comber in 1716.  Ferdinando was also a witness to Susanna's Will.  He died aged 85 years and was buried on 29 January 1750/1 in Ardingly.  Ferdinando and Mary had 3 known children and possibly a 4th:

    1. Abraham Jackson may have been a son.  He was born about 1707.  He died aged 57 years and was buried in Ardingly on 31 December 1764.  He married Mary and they had a son named Ferdinado Jackson born on 24 February 1750/1 and baptised on 8 March 1750/1 in Ardingly.  Mary may have died aged 43 years and have been buried on 24 July 1754 in Ardingly.

    2. Sarah Jackson was baptised on 10 December 1711 in Ardingly, according to the parish registers.  The Bishops transcripts record that it was Ann Jackson, baptised on 6 December 1711.

    3. Richard Jackson was baptised on 19 August 1713 in Ardingly.

    4. Ferdinando Jackson was baptised on 5 February 1717/8 in Ardingly and buried there on 14 September 1718, as Fardinando Jackson.

    After Mary's death, Ferdinando married Martha Hatch on 16 November 1727 in Ardingly.  She was a relative of Bryant Scrase.  She died aged 80 years in Wivelsfield, Sussex and was buried on 17 April 1760 in Ardingly.

  3. Francis Comber was baptised in 26 September 1679 in Ardingly and buried there on 4 December 1679.

  4. Elizabeth Comber was baptised on 25 November 1681 in Ardingly and buried there on 14 June 1683.


Francis Comber and Elizabeth Waller had 4 known children:

  1. Elizabeth Comber was baptised on 4 January 1687/8 in Ardingly.  She was buried on 2 October 1722 in Ardingly when she was then described as Elizabeth Langridg wife of John.  As Elizabeth Cumber she married John Langrish on 13 May 1712 in Ardingly.  John was baptised on 6 September 1681 in Ardingly and was the son of Richard Langredge and Elizabeth Payne.  He was buried on 6 August 1723 in Ardingly.  John and Elizabeth had 2 known children:

    1. Elizabeth Langrish was baptised on 5 February 1712/3 in Ardingly.

    2. Mary Langridge was baptised on 6 September 1721 in Ardingly.

  2. Anne Comber was baptised on 3 August 1689 in Ardingly.  She died aged 68 years and was buried on 11 April 1758 as Ann Allingham.  As Anne Cumber she married John Allingham on 21 January 1713/4 in Ardingly.  He died aged 82 years and was buried on 15 May 1765 in Ardingly.  John and Anne had 3 known children:

    1. Elizabeth Allingham was baptised on 11 November 1715 in Ardingly and buried there on 14 March 1715/6.

    2. Anne Allingham was baptised on 17 February 1716/7 in Ardingly.

    3. Mary Allingham was baptised on 2 November 1718 in Ardingly.  She died aged 61 years and was buried on 31 March 1780 in Ardingly, as Mary Allingham.

  3. Susanna Comber was baptised on 18 August 1691 in Ardingly.

  4. Sarah Comber was baptised on 20 June 1694 in Ardingly and buried there on 28 July 1694.


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