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Nicholas CATT (c1580-1659)

and Ann FREEMAN (c1590-?)


Nicholas Catt and Ann Freeman married on 21 September 1607 in Ewhurst, Sussex.  He was then of Hawkhurst, Kent, whilst Ann was of Ewhurst.  He or another Nicholas Catt married Joan Ilgate (?-1632) by licence on 23 September 1609 in Rotherfield.  Yet another Nicholas Catt married Ann Hyam on 17 July 1615 in Westfield, Sussex.  (The Nicholas who married in 1607 could have married again in either 1609 or 1615, but not both.  Were there 2 or 3 Nicholas's of similar age around at the same time?)

Nicholas Catt's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  He may have been the Nicholas Catt, yeoman of Mountfield, Sussex, who left a will dated 20 November 1654 and proved on 21 May 1659.  (Click here to read my transcript of the document.)  (I have checked transcript of the Mountfield burials from 1654-59 and Nicholas does not seem to have been buried there.  I have not yet checked Ewhurst.)

Ann Freeman's date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  I assume she died before November 1654, as she was not mentioned in her husband's will.

On 22 February 1652, a Nicholas Catt yeoman of Ewhurst took on Leonard Coeman as a husbandry apprentice.  (Which Nicholas was this?  Was it the one who left the will, or perhaps the Nicholas Catt baptised in Westfield in 1615?)


Nicholas Catt and wife or wives may have had the following children:

  1. David Catt was named as the eldest son in his father's will, of which he was the sole executor.  He married Ann Chittenden on 6 October 1635 in Ickelsham, Sussex.  A David Catte of Peasmarsh left a will in 1664 and an Ann Catt of the same place left a will in 1680.

  2. Anne Catt was mentioned in her father's will as his eldest daughter and the wife of Thomas Stephens.

    Ann first married James Reve by licence on 3 August 1630 in Ewhurst, at which time they were both of that parish.  Their marriage licence was issued by the Archdeaconry of Lewes on 30 July 1630 and recorded that she was a spinster of Ewhurst, whilst James Reeve was a husbandman of the same place.

    James and Ann had the following children who were mentioned in their grandfather's will:

    1. John Reeve

    2. James Reeve

    3. Ann Reeve

    4. Susannah Reeve

    5. Elizabeth Reeve

    6. Mary Reeve

  3. Elizabeth Catt was mentioned in her father's will and may have been the one baptised on 5 January 1611/2 in Hawkhurst.  Only her father's name was mentioned in the baptism register (IGI date).  She was mentioned in her father's will as the wife of John Peckham.

    Elizabeth married John Peckham on 15 November 1632 in Ewhurst.  She was then of that parish and he was of Mountfield, Sussex.

    John and Elizabeth had the following children who were mentioned in their grandfather's will:

    1. Elizabeth Peckham was mentioned in her grandfather's will as the wife of John Fissenden.  Elizabeth married John Fissenden on 8 February 1651/2 in Playden.

    2. John Peckham

    3. David Peckham

    4. Ann Peckham

    5. Mary Peckham

    6. Jane Peckham

  4. John Catt was mentioned in his father's will.  He may have married Susan Gunter by licence on 15 December 1635 in Burwash.  Their marriage licence was issued on 7 December 1635 by the Archdeaconry of Lewes which recorded that he was a yeoman of Ewhurst and she a spinster of Burwash.  Surety for the licence was provided by John himself and Anthony Medhurst a yeoman of Mountfield.

  5. Mary Catt was baptised on 12 September 1624 in Ewhurst and buried there on 15 September 1624.

  6. Stephen Catt was baptised on 31 January 1629/30 in Ewhurst.  He married Ann.  (They have their own page.) 



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