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John BYSSHE (c1520-1568)

and Mary COURTHOPE (c1520-?)


John Bysshe and Mary Courthope were my 13x Great Grandparents.

John Bysshe was the son of William Bysshe and Jane Wintershull.  He died in Burstow, Surrey in 1568.

Mary Courthope may have been the daughter of John Courthope and Elizabeth Saunders.


John Bysshe and Mary Courthope had 10 known children:

  1. William Bysshe married Ann Munk.

  2. Richard Bysshe was his father's heir.

  3. John Bysshe was the third son and was of Bristol.

  4. Walter Bysshe was the fourth son and was of Reigate in Surrey. 

    Walter married Margaret Matthew.

    They had the following children:

    1. Walter Bysshe

    2. Erasmus Bysshe

    3. Robert Bysshe

    4. Ursula Bysshe

  1. Erasmus Bysshe was the fifth son and was a Mercer of Reigate.

    Erasmus married Juliana Alchin the daughter of Anthony Alchin.

    They had 2 known children:

    1. John Bysshe

    2. Mercy Bysshe

  2. Catherine Joanna Bysshe

  3. Anna Bysshe married Tobyas Kemp of Southampton.

  4. Ursula Bysshe married John Cuddington of Leigh in Surrey.

  5. Thomas Bysshe was of Smallfield.

    Thomas married Ann Bysshe the daughter of Sir John Bysshe and Mercy Gylmin.

    Thomas and Ann had 8 known children:

    1. Thomas Bysshe was baptised on 23 January 1578 in Worth, Sussex.

    2. David Bysshe

    3. William Bysshe

    4. Jane Bysshe

    5. Edward Bysshe was of Burstow in Surrey.

      Edward married Mary Turner the daughter of John Turner of Ham in Surrey.

      Edward and Mary had 7 known children:

      1. Thomas Bysshe

      2. John Bysshe

      3. Sir Edward Bysshe was born in 1610.  In 1643 he "intruded" as Garter King of Arms and was appointed as such in 1646.  He was then appointed by Parliament in 1650 to the lower position of Clarenceux King of Arms, from which he resigned in 1658.  In 1661 he was reappointed to the position of Clarenceux King of Arms and was then knighted.  He married ? Green.

      4. Maria Bysshe

      5. Sarah Bysshe

      6. Ann Bysshe

      7. Jane Bysshe

    6. Martha Bysshe

    7. Thomas Bysshe

    8. John Bysshe

  6. Mercy Bysshe, my 12x Great Grandmother, may have been born before or about 1556.  She married John Bysshe before 1583.  (They have their own page.)



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