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John BURLEY (c1600-?)

and Ann BANNESTER (c1600-?)


John Burley and Ann Bannester married on 21 May 1622 in East Grinstead, Sussex.  (At one point I had thought John and Ann were my ancestors, but have since realised they were not.)

John Burley’s date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.  There is no mention of his burial in the Sussex Record Society transcript of the East Grinstead register up to 1661/2.  I have not yet check if he left a will, nor have I searched for any other Burley wills.

Ann Bannester’s date and place of birth/baptism are unknown, to me.


John Burley and Ann Bannester had 2 known children: 5 202

  1. John Burley was baptised on 21 January 1626/7 in East Grinstead.  He was baptised as the son of John and An.

  2. 5 248 William Burley was baptised on 14 February 1629/30 in East Grinstead.  The parish register transcript records that he was the son of “John and Burley”.  He married my 8x Great Grandmother 5 248 Anne Brooker in  1665.  (They have their own page.)


A Barbara Bur was baptised on 10 November 1622 in East Grinstead as the daughter of John Bur.  But on 20 June 1624 a Susan Burnop was baptised as the daughter of John Burnop and Sicely who had married before 1621.  There was also a John Burge and Elisabeth who had a son baptised in 1626/7.  In addition, there were also Burgess’s, Burstow’s and Burtenshaw’s in East Grinstead at about this time.


I have a copy of the Sussex Records Society Volume 24 transcript of the East Grinstead parish registers for 1558 to 1661.  The following Burley events were also recorded in the registers:



6 July 1572, Johane Burlie

17 April 1574, Simon Burley

12 February 1575/6, Edward Burlie

2 February 1577/8, John Burlie

3 September 1581, Alice Burley

5 November 1585, Richard Burlie

23 February 1588/9, Agnes Burley



1563, [blank] and Annes Burley

1 August 1603, Thomas Slaughterford and Alles Borlly

14 May 1610, Richard Burley and Mildred Slaterfoord

6 February 1614/5, ffrancis Dawes and Agnis Burleye

6 July 1628, Thomas Burley and Joane Merchant



29 June 1581, John son of John a Burley and the wife of John Lary

10 September 1589, Margaret a Burley

18 February 1596/7, Symon son of John Burley

13 December 1626, John Burley


I think that the John Burley who married Ann Bannester in 1622 was the brother of the Thomas Burley who married Joane Merchant in 1628, and that they were the sons of Edward Burley born in 1576, but this is just speculation on my part.

Parishes surrounding East Grinstead are:  Hartfield, Maresfield, West Hoathly and Worth in Sussex, Godstone, Tandridge and Lingfield in Surrey and Cowden in Kent.

In West Hoathly there was a John Burley who had a son Edward baptised in 1623 and Thomas Burley and Joane who had children baptised from 1629 to 1637, one of whom was also named Edward.

In Worth an Anne Burley was baptised in 1577 as the daughter of John Burley and Ales.  And an Avice Burley married John Holensbee there in 1619.

According to the IGI batch numbers, there were no early Burley’s in Lingfield or Cowden.

Early Hartfield, Maresfield, Godstone and Tandridge are not covered by the IGI.



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