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Robert BOKES (c1510-1571)

and Unknown (?-?)


Robert Bokes may have been my 11x Great Grandfather.  He left a will which was proved in 1571.  At that time he was a husbandman of Barcombe.  As Robert Bokke he may have married Joan Jordeyn on 24 September 1543 in Rye, Sussex.  Robert was the brother of Richard Boxe, who left a will in 1554/5, at which time he was a yeoman of Barcombe.

Robert may have married Eleanor Elphick, daughter of Bartholowmew Elphick of Rottingdean who died in 1561 and left a will.  The will was proved at Lewes and a copy should, hopefully, be held at the East Sussex record office.  Eleanor may have had a son named John Boxe.  (Thanks to Nigel Sawyer for finding this possible lead.)


Robert Bokes had 2 known children:

  1. John Bokes was mentioned in his father's will, along with John's daughter Joan (she married in 1583, therefore, born before 1567, and thus John born before 1547).  (He has his own page.)

  2. Robert Boke was mentioned in his father's will.  He may have married as Robert Bookes to Eleanor Barrenden, widow on 30 May 1579 in Alciston, Sussex.  As Eleanor Yonge she had previously married Thomas Barrenden on 19 October 1578 in Alciston.

    Robert may have had the following children:

    1. John Boakes was baptised on 21 January 1582 in Barcombe.

    2. Laurence Boakes was baptised on 2 May 1585 in Barcombe.

    3. Margery Boaxe was baptised on 25 September 1592 in Ripe.

    4. Rychard Boxe was buried on 16 October 1607 in Barcombe, and it was noted in the burial register that he was the son of Robert Boxe.

    5. Eleanor Boxe may have been part of this family.  She married Edward Susen on 30 November 1609 in Alciston.

      They may have had the following children:

      1. Edward Susan was baptised on 21 September 1615 in Arlington, Sussex.

      2. Ann Susan was baptised on 29 March 1618 in Arlington.

      3. Elizabeth Susan was baptised on 18 March 1620/1 in Arlington.


Could the following be related:

On 7 June 1561 a Thomas Bockes was a juror at an inquest held in Lewes, of the death 3 year old Alice Robynson.

An inquest was held in Lewes 20 November 1585, as to the murder of Thomas Botcher.  The accused, namely Henry Younge, William Garlond and Thomas Brewer, all yeoman of Lewes were again summoned to appear on 24 January 1586 and pleaded not guilty to the murder.  Younge was said to have murdered Botcher whilst Garlond and Brewer aided and abetted him.  On 9 February a jury, of which Richard Bokes yeoman of Lewes was one of them, was summond for the octave of Purification.  The accused turned up, but the jurors did not.  A new date was set for 27 April and jurors attended, but the accused abandoned their plea, confessed to manslaughter and successfully pleaded benefit of the clergy.  It was then noted that Garlond had murdered Botcher by fatally striking him with a sword across the face and that Younge had struck Botcher with a sword against the chest.


Richard Bokes may have married 3 or 4 or 5 times.  But there was probably more than 1 Richard, i.e. father and son?  Richard had the following children:

  1. Water Boxe was most probably born before 1581.  He married Sara Hills on 31 October 1606 in Barcombe.  The entry in the marriage register notes that he was the son of Richard.  He was buried on 28 October 1618 in Barcombe and she on 25 November 1625, also in Barcombe.  It was noted in the burial register that she was the widow of Walter Boox.  Sarah left a will dated 8 December 1624.

    Walter and Sarah had the following children:

    1. Ann(a) Boxe was baptised on 14 July 1607 in Barcombe.

    2. Ann Boaxe was baptised on 27 or 28 May 1609 in Barcombe.  She or her elder sister may have been buried as Annis Box on 8 December 1628 in Barcombe.  The burial register noted that she was the daughter of Walter Boox.

    3. Walter Boxe was baptised on 3 February 1610/11 in Barcombe and buried there on 4 December 1624.  The burial register noted that he was the son of Walter Boox.

  2. John Bokes was baptised on 7 September 1581 in Barcombe.

  3. Henry Bookes was buried on 29 April 1586 in Barcombe.  It was noted in the burial register that he had drowned and was the son of Richard Bookes.

He may have married Joan Ward on 26 January 1585/6 in Rye, and then Constance who was buried on 4 March 1592/3 in Barcombe.  They (Richard and Joan/Constance) may have had the following children:

  1. Johnathan Bookes was baptised on 1 May 1586 in Barcombe and buried there on 23 September 1592.  The burial register noted that he was the son of Richard Bookes at the Crosse.

  2. Joane Bookes was baptised on 12 May 1588 in Barcombe.

  3. Thomas Bookes was baptised on 4 June 1592 in Barcombe, and the parish register noted that his father was from "at the Crosse".  Thomas may have married Agnes Venner on 22 May 1620 in Barcombe.  But there was also a Thomas Bookes baptised on 15 or 16 May 1596 in Barcombe, the son of Edward Bokes.

Richard may then have married [blank] on 4 Febraury 1600/1 in Barcombe, at which time he was said to be of "at the Crosse".  He may then have married as Richard Bokes of Barkham to Ann Walter widow of Billingshurst.  Their marriage licence was issued on 13 June 1607 by the Archdeaconry of Lewes.  Surety for the licence was provided by Richard himself and William Garland of Lewes.  (Might William have been the one accused of murder in 1585, see further above?  A marriage licence was issued to William Garelande and Winifred Austen, widow on 17 April 1593.  Surety was provided by William himself and John Edwards a yeoman of Lewes.)

Parnel wife of Richard Boxe senior was buried on 2 June 1606 in Barcombe.  (Might Richard have married Parnel in 1601?)

Might Richard senior have been the son of Robert and perhaps born in the 1550's?  And might he have died after 1606, as per the 1606 burial entry of Parnel?  And might he have had a son Richard born before the commencement of the Barcombe registers in 1581, hence being called Richard senior?


A John Bokes was buried on 9 April 1583 in Barcombe.  The burial register noted that he was a clarke.


Many thanks to Nigel Sawyer for additions to this page.