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William BOURNE (1761-1817)

and Grace FEARS (1766-1846)


William Bourne and Grace Fears married by banns on 4 February 1788 in Arlington, Sussex.  William was of Hellingly and Grace of Arlington.  They were both able to sign their names.  The witness to the marriage was John Fears.  (They were not my direct ancestors.  William was the brother of my 5x Great Grandfather.

William Bourne was privately baptised on 24 July 1761 in Brightling, Sussex and brought to the Church on 17 August 1761.  He was the son of Thomas Bourne (1716-1789) and Sarah French (1722-1762).  William died aged 55 years and was buried on 6 July 1817 in Hellingly, Sussex.  He was mentioned in his father's will and received an equal share with his brother John.

Grace Fears was baptised on 17 August 1766 in Arlington.  She was the daughter of John Fears and Mary Page.  Grace was buried on 2 February 1846 in Hellingly.  She was mentioned in her brother-in-law Henry's will.


William Bourne and Grace Fears had 6 known children:

  1. William Bourne was baptised on 7 September 1788 in Arlington.  He was buried on 25 February 1871 in Hellingly.  He was mentioned in his Uncle Henry's will.

    William married widow Jane Boniface on 17 December 1816 in Hellingly.

    Jane was born in about 1786 in Westham, Sussex.  She died aged 80 years and was buried on 1 June 1868 in Hellingly.

    William and Jane had 3 known children.  When the 1851 census was recorded the couple and their unmarried 26 year old son John Bourne were living in Hellingly.  Both William and John were agricultural labourers.

  2. Henry Bourne was baptised on 28 December 1793 in Hellingly.  He was buried on 17 September 1855 in Hellingly.  He was mentioned in his Uncle Henry's will.  He was a cordwainer and shoemaker.

    Henry married Mary Woods Boniface on 6 November 1816 in Pevensey, Sussex.  Mary was born in about 1792 in Pevensey.  She was buried on 24 November 1762 in Hellingly.

    Henry and Mary had 8 known children, 1 of whom was:

    1. Henry Bourne was baptised on 10 September 1819 in Hellingly and buried on 16 November 1865 in Upper Dicker.  Henry married Charlotte.  They had 7 known children, 1 of whom was:

      1. Walter Albert Bourne was born about 1864 in Arlington, Sussex.  He married Ellen Elizabeth Barns in 1883.  They had 6 known children, 1 of whom was:

        1. Walter John Bourne was born on 2 February 1886 in Hastings.  He married Edith Grace Sands on 3 March 1912 in Hastings.  She was the daughter of Joseph William Sands and Mary Ann Oak.

  3. James Bourne was baptised aged 4 months on 3 July 1796 in Hellingly.  He was buried on 22 May 1865 in Hellingly.  He was mentioned in his Uncle Henry's will.  He was a Farmer.

    James married widow Ruth Boniface sometime before or about 1825.  Previously, as Ruth Dallaway she had married Benjamin Boniface on 20 August 1817 in Warbleton, Sussex.

    Ruth was baptised on 4 July 1790 in Heathfield and was the daughter of Thomas Dallaway and Mary.  She was buried on 23 August 1855 in Hellingly.

    James and Ruth had 2 known children.

  4. Elizabeth Mary Bourne was baptised on 19 October 1800 in Hellingly.

    Elizabeth Mary married twice.  Firstly to Henry Shoulders on 9 May 1818 in Hellingly, by whom she had 7 known children.  She was mentioned in her Uncle Henry's will as Sarah Shoulders.  Secondly she married Henry Bishop by whom she had 4 known children.

    Henry Bishop was born about 1810 and was the son of James Bishop and Susannah Rumny.

  5. Thomas Bourne was born on 17 January 1803 (see below) and baptised on 24 January 1803 in Hellingly.  He was mentioned in his Uncle Henry's will.

    Thomas married Emma Weaver by banns on 19 May 1834 in Brede, Sussex.  He was a bachelor and she a spinster and they were both of Brede.

    Emma was born on 29 October 1809 (see below).

    Many thanks to Jan Burton for passing on the following:

    Thomas appears on the list of Assisted Immigrants into NSW, film 1293 as a married male immigrant on the ship "Palmira" (usually listed as Palmyra) arriving in Sydney, Australia in September 1838:

    Thomas Bourne "A native of England County of Sussex Parish of Herlingly (sic), son of William Bourne farmer there who died about 22 years ago, and Grace his wife.

    Calling:  Farm Servant

    Age on Embarkation:  Thirty five on 17 January 1838

    In good health

    Protestant Episcopal

    Can read and also write a little

    Satisfied with treatment on board"

    and his wife Emma Bourne "A native of England, County of Surrey Parish of Charlwood - daughter of Wm. Warner  farm labourer and Anne his wife.

    Calling:  servant of all work

    Age on Embarkation:  Twenty eight on 29th October 1837

    In good health

    Protestant Episcopal

    Can read can not write - well satisfied with treatment on board"

    and Female children, exceeding one, and under 15 years "Myra Age on embarkation One year on 26th March 1838:"

    After arrival in Sydney, they lived at various areas in the Hunter Valley beyond Newcastle, and Emma had another seven children.  Myra Bourne is one of Jan's g.g. grandmothers.

    Whether it is relevant or not  there was also on the same voyage Levi Warner, a native of Brede in Sussex, son of Ann Warner of the same place, supported by the ?????Poor House.  Calling Farm labourer, age on embarkation 35 years on 21st Sept 1838.  And his wife Mary Ann Warner, a native of Dover in Kent, Daughter to Mary Harris of Brockland/Buckland? in Kent, Nurse.  Calling Farm servant 31 years on 4th March, 1838.  Plus 5 children.

    Jan has noted this because although Emma's father was name as William when she arrived in Australia, at her death in 1890 the family gave her father's name as Levy.

  6. George Bourne was baptised on 3 November 1806 in Hellingly.  He was mentioned in his Uncle Henry's will.