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Thomas BOURNE (1714-1787)

and Rachel SMITH (1717-1805)


Thomas Bourne and Rachel Smith married by licence on 14 June 1746 in Hellingly, Sussex.  (They were not my direct ancestors.)

Thomas Bourne may have been baptised on 25 May 1714 in Withyham, Sussex, and have been the son of Edward Bourne and Frances Hammond.  He was buried on 24 May 1787 in Hellingly.  He left a will dated 1784, at which time he was a Yeoman at World's End in Hellingly.  He named his wife and 3 children in his will.  There was another Thomas Bourne born in 1716 and I am not certain which Thomas married whom.

Rachel Smith was baptised on 11 April 1717 in Berwick, Sussex.  She was the daughter of Benjamin Smith and Rachel Cane (1693-?).  She died aged 88 years and was buried on 22 November 1805 in Hellingly.


Thomas Bourne and Rachel Smith had 3 known children:

  1. Rachel Bourne was baptised on 20 May 1748 in Hellingly.  She died aged 71 years and was buried on 6 July 1819 in Hellingly.

  2. John Bourne was baptised on 18 June 1750 in Hellingly.  He married Hannah Paine in 1800.  (They have their own page.)

  3. Mary Bourne was baptised on 9 June 1755 in Hellingly.  She married George Dan by Banns on 28 April 1800 in Chiddingly.  She was then of Hellingly and he of Chiddingly.




The following extracts have been copied from the A2A web site:

Deeds of Worlds End Farm, Hellingly
On 5 Mar 1745 John Parsons surrendered the property to the use of his will (1). On 18 May 1745, described as a cordwainer of Wivelsfield, he leased the farm to Thomas Bourne of Chiddingly yeoman for 11 years at 28 - SAS/DD 154. On 16 Mar 1752 Mary Parsons was admitted on the death of her husband John. By his will of 22 Mar 1745, Parsons had appointed Thomas Attree of Wivelsfield and Michael Martin of Plumpton trustees for sale for the benefit of his younger children. On 21 Oct 1765 Michael Martin, now of West Firle, the surviving trustee, was joined by Mary Parsons in a surrender of the tenement to Thomas Bourne of Hellingly yeoman, to whom the property was released by the children of John Parsons - Turle Parsons of Wivelsfield cordwainer, John Parsons of Wivelsfield husbandman, Mary wife of William Bean of Wivelsfield carpenter, Elizabeth wife of John Knight of Wivelsfield blacksmith, Charity wife of John Comber of Lindfield husbandman and Susan Parsons of Wivelsfield spinster. Bourne mortgaged the farm to John Cane of Ripe for 650 at 4% (1)
By his will of 6 Sep 1784, Thomas Bourne charged the property with legacies to his wife Rachel and daughters Rachel and Mary. On 21 Nov 1787 his only son John Bourne was admitted, paid a fine of 49 10s and surrendered the property to the use of his will (2). The will, which was proved at Lewes on 26 Apr 1788, names the property as Worlds End Farm, and mentions furniture in the kitchen chamber and bakehouse chamber. In the note of probate, now detached from the will, the testator is erroneously named John Bourne (3,4)
On 12 Apr 1817 John Bourne of Hellingly mortgaged the farm to Richard Knight of Laughton yeoman for 500 at 5%, who acknowledged payment on 2 Apr 1824 (5-7). The same day Mary Dan of Hellingly widow, one of Thomas Bourne's daughters, released the property from a legacy of 150, which had been paid to her in 1806; the release was witnessed by John Bourne's son John Cane Bourne (8). On 7 Apr 1824 John Bourne mortgaged the property to Eliza and Dorothy Slye of Hailsham, spinsters, for 1000 at 4% (9)
On 25 Aug 1828 John Bourne leased Worlds End, described as 60a, to William Weller the younger of Hellingly yeoman for seven years from year to year at 80, with a penalty of 40 for every acre of meadow or pasture ploughed (10)
On 4 May 1830 Bourne raised a further 200 by mortgage to Dorothy Slye of Brighton, spinster (11)
On 7 Dec 1831 John Cane Bourne and Thomas Henry Bourne were admitted under the will of their father John Bourne of 20 May 1830, which had been proved at Lewes on 21 Dec. They surrendered to Thomas King of Cliffe butcher for 1450, of which 1100 was paid to Miss Slye in discharge of the mortgage (12)


FILE - Lease - ref.  SAS-DD/154  - date: 18 May 1745
By JOHN PARSONS of Wivelsfield, cordwainer, to THOMAS BOURNE of Chiddingly, yeoman, of a copyhold messuage, barn, lime-kiln &c. and 12 pieces of arable and meadow land, 3 pieces of brockland and one little wood containing in the whole 50 ac. holden of the manor of Alciston and lying in Hellingly called the World's End farm. Term, 11 years; rent, 28

Manor of Alciston

FILE - Warrant - ref.  SAS/G20/288  - date: 20 Jul 1782
By Edward Cane to vacate a conditional surrender of 21 Oct 1765 by Thomas Bourne

FILE - Surrender - ref.  SAS/G20/298  - date: 6 Sep 1784
By Thomas Bourne to the use of his will of a messuage and 50a in Hellingly

FILE - Minutes of a general court baron - ref.  SAS/G20/310  - date: 21 Nov 1787
Inter alia Admission of John Bourne, only son of Thomas Bourne, under TB's will of 6 Sep 1784, to a messuage and 50a in Hellingly late Parsons, quitrent 10s


FILE - Lease - ref.  SAS-DD/628  - date: 31 Aug 1818
By WILLIAM THOMAS STONE of Framfield, gent., to JOHN BOURNE of Hellingly, farmer, of a messuage or cottage with barn, buildings and farmlands called Hawkridge in Hellingly, in the occupation of James Merricks containing 61 acres (exclusive of the woodlands called Brook Wood, Burnt Shaw, and Boggy Wood, not intended to be demised). Term, 7 years; rent 50