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William BOSHER (1754-1833)

and Phillis VIZE (1755-1838)


William Bosher and Phillis Vize were my 5x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 11 October 1775 in Cholsey, Berkshire.  (The British Isle Vital Records records her name as Phillis Phize.)

William Bosher was baptised on 22 September 1754 in Brightwell, Berkshire.  He was the son of Thomas Bosher (1723-1803) and Ann Stevens (1730-?).  He died aged 79 years at Slade End, Sotwell, Berkshire and was buried on 18 September 1833 in Brightwell.  (Sotwell and Brightwell adjoin and Slade End is just within the parish boundary.)

In 1794 William was a the Landlord of "The Swan" public house in Cholsey.  The building still stands (as at November 2004) as a private dwelling.  In 1803 he was Tything man for "The Forty", Cholsey. William was recorded in the Poll Books of 1818 and 1820, for Cholsey and Brightwell, which means he had sufficient land/property entitling him to a Parliamentary Vote.

Philly Vize was baptised on 7 January 1755/6 in Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire.  She was the daughter of Robert Vize (1722-?) and Phillis Kerby (c1725-?).  She died aged 82 years and was buried in Cholsey on 7 March 1838, when her name was recorded as Phyllis Bosher.


William Bosher and Phillis Vize had 5 known children:

  1. James Bosher was baptised on 11 February 1776 in Brightwell - my 4x Great Grandfather.  He married Martha Tucker in 1801.  (They have their own page.)

  2. Henry Bosher was baptised on 15 February 1777/8 in Brightwell and buried there on 11 March 1784.

  3. Phillis Bosher was baptised on 3 September 1780 in Brightwell.  She married John Huggins on 9 September 1796 in Cholsey.  Their marriage was witnessed by James Bosher.  John was a Shoemaker.  The couple had 14 known children:

    1. Maria Huggins was baptised on 10 April 1797 in Cholsey.

    2. William Huggins was baptised on 16 November 1798 in Cholsey.

    3. Joseph Huggins was baptised in September 1800 in Cholsey.

    4. Thomas Huggins was born on 12 May and baptised on 16 June 1802 in Cholsey.  He was buried there on 9 October 1804.

    5. John Huggins was born on 15 February and baptised on 2 March 1804 in Cholsey.

    6. George Huggins was born on 12 February and baptised on 23 February 1806 in Cholsey.

    7. Phillis Huggins was born on 22 October and baptised on 8 November 1807 in Cholsey.

    8. Charlotte Huggins was born on 19 August and baptised on 3 September 1809 in Cholsey.

    9. Leah Huggins was born on 29 June and baptised on 21 July 1811 in Cholsey.

    10. Levi Huggins was born on 3 April and baptised on 2 May 1813 in Cholsey.

    11. Naomi Huggins was baptised on 5 November 1815 in Cholsey.

    1. Boaz Huggins was baptised on 17 August 1817 in Cholsey.  He died aged 72 years in 1890 (fourth quarter) in Watford.  He married Sophia Searle by Licence on 6 June 1848 at the Parish Church in Marylebone, London.  She was baptised on 13 June 1819 in Amberley, Sussex and was the daughter of William Searle and Maria Braby (they are mentioned elsewhere in these pages).  She died aged 75 years in 1895 (first quarter).  The couple had 8 children:

      1. Emily Maria Huggins was born in 1850 in Bandon, Cork City, Ireland.  She died on 23 November 1920 at 27 Whymark Avenue, Wood Green, Edmonton.  In 1861, 11 year old Maria Huggins was living in Amberley in the home of her Uncle George Searle.  In 1881 she was an unmarried 31 year old Laundress living with her mother and younger siblings.  She married George Todd, but as yet no possible marriage has been found.  He was born on 3 February 1852 at 1 Lambs Conduit Passage, Red Lion Square, Holborn, Middlesex, and was the son of James Todd and Mary White.  He died in 1918.  In 1891 the family were living at 134 Gillespie Road, Highbury, London and James was a Bootmaker.  They were at the same address in 1901   The couple had 3 children:

        1. Emily Sophia Todd was born on 29 August 1883 at 171 Barnsbury Road, Islington.  She married Albert Houghton.  When the 1901 census was recorded she was living at 44 Bridge Street, Lower Holloway in the home of her unmarried Aunt Sophia Huggins, and they were both Laundresses.  Also in the home at that time was 30 year old Louise Hutton who was an Ironer.  (Louisa had been living in the Huggins/Todd household since she was at least 4 weeks old.  In 1871 she was said to be the 4 week old daughter of 51 year old Sophia; 1881 she was a 10 year old nurse/child of Sophia; and in 1891 a 20 year old boarder.)

        2. George Herbert Todd was born in 1884 in South Hornsey.  He died in 1948 in Hampstead.  When the 1901 census was recorded he was a Clerk in an Oil and Colour Warehouse.  He married Florence Kemp on 21 June 1913 at St. Anne's, Stamford Hill.

        3. Ernest John Todd was born on 7 July 1886 at 81 Blackstock Road, South Hornsey.  He died on 29 January 1949 at the Prince of Wales General Hospital in Tottenham, Middlesex.  In 1901 he was a Clerk to Shirt and Collar makers.  He married Eliza Sarah Walter on 18 July 1915 at St. Ann's, Tottenham.  She was born on 25 April 1890 at Coventry Farm, Mill Hill, Hendon and was the daughter of Frederick Walter and Eliza Walter.  She died on 7 March 1947 at 44 Umfreville Road, Hornsey.

      2. Sophia Phoebe Huggins was born in 1852 in Bandon, Cork City.  She died in 1916.

      3. John Huggins was born in 1853 in Bandon, Cork City.  In 1861 he was living in the home of his Uncle George Searle.

      4. Boaz Huggins was born in 1854 in Islington, Middlesex (third quarter) and died there in 1855 (third quarter).

      5. William Huggins was born about 1855 in Holloway, London.  When the 1871 census was recorded he was a Labourer, living in Amberley with his Uncle James Carpenter and Aunt Rhoda, who were both born in Amberley.  In 1881 he was still living with his Aunt Rhoda who was by then a widow, at 1 East Street, Amberley.  And again in 1891 he and Rhoda were living in Rackham, Sussex.

      6. Boaz George Huggins was born on 30 October 1856 at 20 St. James Road, Holloway, Islington.  He died aged 73 in 1929 (second quarter).  In 1871 he was a Telegraph Messenger.  He married Emma Hewitt by Banns on 16 May 1880 in St. Andrew's, Islington.  The witnesses to the marriage were Thomas Hewitt and Annie Haddy.  She was born about 1858 in Chelsmford, Essex and was the daughter of Thomas Hewitt and Mary.  When the 1881 census was recorded the couple were living at 42 Hunter Street, Bloomsbury and George was then a Letter Carrier.  By 1901 the family were living at 35 Harrison Street, St. Pancras and Boaz was a Postman.  Boaz George and Emma had 2 children:

        1. Arthur George Huggins was born about June 1881 in Bloomsbury.  In 1901 he was an Auctioneer's Clerk.  He may have married in 1911.

        2. Herbert Eric Huggins was born about March 1890 in Islington.  He married Elizabeth Johnson on 30 October 1915 at St. Jude's, Greys Inn Road, London.

      7. Alice Huggins was born on 18 December 1858 at 20 St. James Road.  She died as an infant in 1859.

      8. Herbert Huggins was born at 3pm on 18 December 1858 at 20 St. James Road.

      It is possible that as a Servant Boaz and Sophia went to Ireland soon after they married.  They were back in England by 1854.  By 1861 Boaz, Sophia and children Sophia, Boaz and Herbert were staying with Sophia's sister Charlotte and her family in Amberley.  Boaz was then described as a Servant.  The 1871 census records that Sophia (51) and children, Sophia (19), George (15), Herbert (12) and a 4 week old daughter Louisa, were living at 44 Bride Street in Islington and Boaz was then described as a Lunatic.  The 1881 census records that 63 year old Boaz was a patient at the Metropolitan District Asylum in Leavesden, Watford, Hertfordshire.  The asylum was built in 1869 and was 4 miles from Watford.


      I am very grateful to Lin, a Great Granddaughter of Emily Maria Huggins (1850-1920), who has provided all the information about the family of Boaz Huggins and Sophia Searle.

      Now for something strange!!!  Boaz's mother-in-law, Maria Braby would seem to have been born in 1790 in Amberley, Sussex to Richard Braby and Jane.  A Richard Braby was named as the father of illegitimately born William Willard (baptised in 1789), by Elizabeth Willard, who was the sister of my 4x Great Grandfather.


    1. Ruth Huggins was baptised on 5 March 1820 in Cholsey.  When the 1881 census was recorded she may have been 61 year old Ruth Vinden, widow, who was living at Woodside Villa, High Halden, Kent, with her 29 year old unmarried daughter Miriam L Vinden.  The death of 63 year old Ruth Vinden was recorded in the first quarter of 1884 in the Cranbrook registration district.

    2. Orpah Huggins was baptised on 15 May 1825 in Cholsey.

  4. William Bosher was baptised on 9 November 1783 in Brightwell.

  5. Elizabeth Bosher was baptised on 18 June 1786 in Brightwell.  She married Daniel White on 30 June 1810 in Cholsey.  The couple had 1 known son:

    1. David Boshire White was born on 1 July 1810 and baptised on 24 October 1810 in Cholsey.


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