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Pre 1650 Male Boorman Marriages


Could any of the following figure in my/our Boorman tree:

Alexander Boorman married Mercy Dermot on 23 June 1602 in Cranbrook.

Alexander Boorman married Maxell Hynde on 8 February 1619 in Cranbrook.

Alexander Boreman married Elizabeth Couchman on 17 February 1646 in Cranbrook.

Alexander Boorman married Mary Masters on 20 February 1659 in Benenden.

Edward Booreman married Katherine Heneker on 7 October 1566 in Headcorn.

Edward Boreman married Margaret Young on 9 May 1615 in Cranbrook.

Edward Boorman of Mayfield married Mary May on 21 June 1648 in Frant.  They had a daughter baptised in 1649 in Wadhurst.

Edward Boorman married Elizabeth Taylor on 21 October 1656 in Maidstone.

Henry Boorman married Margaret Mellas on 10 November 1567 in Cranbrook.

Henry Boorman married Annis Tolherst on 29 June 1603 in Benenden.

James Boorman married Elizabeth Butcher on 6 July 1598 at St. Mary Magdalen in Canterbury.

James Booreman married Susan Sweet at All Saints, Canterbury.

James Boorman married Jean Meed on 17 October 1637 in Benenden.

James Boorman married Joan Wood on 31 October 1637 in Benenden.

John Borman married Elizabeth Howman on 3 February 1565 in Tenterden.

John Boorman married Anne Stace on 12 September 1595 in Cranbrook.

John Boorman married Mary Cooper on 20 July 1600 in Hawkhurst.

John Booreman of Hawkhurst married Katherine Wood of Udimore on 12 June 1603 in Udimore.

John Boorman married Sara Bate on 12 August 1604 in Cranbrook.

John Borman married Mary Lambeline on 23 April 1621 at St. Alphage in Greenwich.

John Bourman married Ann Holstock on 14 June 1623 in Beckley.

John Boorman married Margaret Mounsome, widow on 3 February 1623/4 in Frant.

John Bourman married Denise Jaynes on 28 October 1624 in Mayfield.

John Borman marred Elizabeth Clagget on 21 April 1629 in Headcorn.

John Boreman married Hopested Easonn on 27 August 1633 in Buxted, Sussex.  They had a son baptised in Burwash in 1637.

John Boorman married Elizabeth Waterman on 3/11 April 1643 in Benenden.

John Booreman married Margaret Roggers on 30 December 1648 at St. Mary Bredin in Canterbury.

Joseph Boorman married Katherine Woodfield on 16 November 1648 in Salehurst.

Morgan Boreman married Joan Burkley on 15 April 1611 in Cranbrook.

Nicholas Boorman married Marie Merritt on 22 October 1593 in Ryarsh.

Nicholas Boreman married Marie Servant on 20 October 1613 in Ryarsh.

Richard Booreman married Joan Deyrkine on 31 May 1564 in Cranbrook.

Richard Booreman married Anne Bolline on 15 August 1597 in Cranbrook.

Richard Booreman married Silvester Swaindeland on 12 February 1598 in Cranbrook.

Richard Boreman married Elizabeth Goler on 3 July 1598 in Goudhurst.

Richard Booreman married Elizabeth Waters on 21 May 1599 in Cranbrook.

Richard Borman married Anne Cadman on 24 December 1606 in Wye.

Richard Boreman married Elizabeth Beching on 21 April 1607 in Cranbrook.

Richard Boorman married Agnes Cruttol on 16 May 1620 in Cranbrook.

Richard Booreman married Frances Beeching on 26 September 1625 in Cranbrook.

Richard Boorman married Mary Austin on 7 August 1626 in Goudhurst.

Richard Booreman married Grissell Foster on 17 March 1635 or 1645 in Cranbrook.

Richard or Robert Boorman married Ann Row on 12 February 1651 in Cranbrook.

Robert Boreman married Anne Preston on 7 May 1633 at St. John, Margate.

Robert Booreman had 2 children baptised 1642 and 1646 in Brede.

Robert Boreman married Elizabeth Anker on 7 May 1653 in Harbledown.

Robert Boreman married Ann Bottinge on 24 April 1655 in Cranbrook.

Steeven Borman married Mercye Puderhill on 29 January 1623 in Hadlow.

Stephen Boorman married Jane Roberts on 21 July 1629 in Goudhurst.

Stephen Booreman married Marie Cheeseman on 4 March 1639 at St. Margarets, Canterbury.

Thomas Burman marrield Olive Sparrowe on 13 September 1576 at St. Peter & St. Paul, Milton by Gravesend.

Thomas Boorman married Rebecca Pope on 20 October 1576 in Hawkhurst.

Thomas Boorman married Sybbyll Parker on 26 November 1593 in Ryarsh.

Thomas Boreman married Elizabeth Keene on 15 July 1605 in Goudhurst.

Thomas Boorman married Margaret Iden on 2 October 1627 in Hawkhurst.

Thomas Boorman married Mary Hosmer on 23 September 1647 in Rotherfield.

Thomas Boorman married Ann Iden on 7 February 1653 in Cranbrook.

William Boorman married Lucie Weybourne on 4 November 1561 in Ryarsh.

William Boreman married Elizabeth Peend or Peene 30 May 1564 in Cranbrook.

Wyllyam Borman married Elioner Hunt on 18 July 1568 in West Farleigh.

William Boreman married Rose Thomas on 11 February 1571 in Cranbrook.

William Borman married Catherin Turner on 9 June 1573 in Ickham.

William Boorman married Francis Godden on 27 September 1596 in Ryarsh.

William Boorman married Elizabeth Park on 23 April 1616 in Hawkhurst.

William Boorman married Margaret Tamson on 23 April 1618 in Hawkhurst.

William Borman married Marye Personn in April 1621 in East Malling.

William Boorman married Rebecca Waterman on 16 November 1624 in Cranbrook.

William Boreman married Mary Stanham on 17 August 1626 in Eastchurch.

William Boreman married Anne Saler on 14 September 1635 in Ightham.

Williame Boormane marryd Ailce Butcher on 10 November 1642 at St. George The Martyr, Canterbury.

William Boreman of Hawkhurst married Ellen Fowle on 1 June 1643 in Udimore.

Wm Borman married True Allen on 6 February 1648 in Tonbridge.

William Boorman (son of William) married Susan Pearse on 5 June 1653/4 in Benenden.

William Boorman married Susan Pierce on 30 April 1654 in Hawkhurst.



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