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Henry BOORMAN (1854-1929)

and Nancy MILES (c1839-1889)

and Hephzibah Emma WOOD (1859-?)


Henry Boorman and Nancy Miles married in the second quarter of 1876 in the Uckfield, Sussex registration district (not in the parish churches of Rotherfield or St. John's in Withyham).  Henry next married Hephzibah Emma Wood on 24 October 1889 (ref. 1) in the West Ashford. Kent registration district.  The following was noted in their daughter Violet's diary:  "Celebrated Oct 25 Sunday by a meeting finishing by a presentation of a Silver Cruet & Hymn Book.  Aunts & Uncles etc. Ottoman Couch.  Peggy Reader Silver Butter Knife."  (They were not my direct ancestors.  Henry was the brother of my 2x Great Grandfather, Frederick Edward Boorman.)

Henry Boorman was born on 11 August 1854 (ref. 1) in Burwash, Sussex.  He was the sixth son and twelth child of Thomas Boorman (1810-1881) and Charlotte Bourne (1813-1893).  He was a 7 year old scholar in 1861.  In 1871 Henry was an unemployed bricklayer's labourer and living with his parents.  Henry died on 31 May 1928, just before 10.30pm (ref. 1).  His cause of death was Syncope, bronchitis and Tubercular disease of the heart (ref. 1).  He was buried on 5 June 1928, followed by a funeral sermon on 10 June, preached by Mr. K. from Matt 15 part of verse 25, a reading of Eecl 3 and hymns 1048, 64 1072 (ref. 1).

Nancy Miles was born about 1843 in Mayfield, Sussex as per the 1881 census.  She may have died aged 51 years in the first quarter of 1889 in the Cranbrook registration district.  In 1871 Nancy was an unmarried 32 year old, living at 39 Grosvenor Road in Tunbridge Wells, along with her partner 44 year Harriett Mitchell.  Their occupations were both given as fancy repository.  In 1861 Nancy was a 24 year old housemaid and Harriet a 36 year old housekeeper and they were both servants in the home of William Palmer Jones at Heathcliffe in Tonbridge.

Hephzibah Emma Wood was born on 3 February 1859 (ref. 1) in All Hallows, Middlesex.  She was the second daughter and third child of James Wood (c1831-1914) and Emma Reed (1832-1918).  When the 1861 census was recorded she was 2 years old and living with her parents at 14 Queen Street in Ashford, Kent.  Her father was then a carpenter.  In 1871 she was a 12 year old scholar and living with her parents at 1 Norwood Street in Ashford.  She was still living with her parents at 1 Norwood Street in 1881 and she was then 22 years old.

In 1891 the couple and Henry's daughter from his first marriage were living at Cold Harbour in Frittenden, Kent and he was a farmer.  They were still living at Cold Harbour when the 1901 census was recorded.


Henry Boorman and Nancy Miles had 1 known daughter:

  1. Grace May Boorman was born on 4 May 1878 (ref. 1) in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  She was a 12 year old scholar in 1891 and living with her father and step mother.  She may have married in the fourth quarter of 1905 in the Tonbridge registration district to either Frederick Harry Bathurst or Charles Henry Jarvis.


Henry Boorman and Hephzibah Emma Wood had 6 known children:

  1. Henry James Boorman's birth and death was registered in the first quarter of 1891.  But his sister's diary notes that he was born on 6 December 1891 (ref. 1).  Should that have been 1890?

  2. Violet Boorman was born in the first quarter of 1892 in Frittenden.  In 1901 she was 9 years old and living at home with her parents and younger siblings.  Violet left a diary which sold on ebay (not to me).  The diary was given to her by her mother on 21 April 1902.  She noted "Had watch April 1904 on a Sunday from Auntie Ruthie & chain from cousin (Alfred Betts)".   1914 was an eventful year, as 2 of her brothers were very ill, a/her bike was stolen in about September and there was a fire on 5 November.   On 19 July 1920 she was visited by her Uncle Charles Boorman and his wife, her Aunt Emma and her husband and her cousin Fred Hoadley, who all went by motor.  Violet did not marry.  She died aged 84 years on 30 September 1976.


    Many thanks to David Porter who took the above photographs on 4 August 2007.  Please click on the pictures for larger images.


  3. John Boorman was born in the first quarter of 1893 in Frittenden.  He was 8 years old in 1901.  He was ill with blood poisoning from the end of April and May 1914 (ref. 1).  He came of age in 1914 (ref. 1).  He died aged 71 years on 16 July 1964.

  4. David Ernest Boorman was born in the first quarter of 1894 in Frittenden.  In 1901 he was 7 years old.  He was very ill with fever from February to April 1914 (ref. 1).

  5. Charles Boorman was born in the third quarter of 1895 in Frittenden.  He was 5 years old in 1901.  He was known as Charlie and he was probably baptised as an adult on the afternoon of Sunday 28 December 1924 in Flimwell (ref. 1).  A note in Violet's diary says "Hymns Sung chosen by C, 434, 640 4th verse suited C well, 428, Read Matt 28, Text Matt 28.19 & Part of 20 verse".  He died aged 67 years on 29 June 1963.

  6. Elizabeth Boorman also known as Bessie was born 23 July 1898 (ref. 1) in Frittenden.  In 1901 she was 2 years old.  She was 21 in 1919 (ref. 1).



1891 census - Cold Harbour, Frittenden, Kent (RG12/694, folio 120, page 13)

Henry Borman, Head, Mar, 36, Farmer, born Sussex Burwash

Hephziah Borman, Wife, Mar, 32, born Middlesex, All Hallows

Grace M. Borman, Daur, 12, Scholar, born Kent, Tunbridge Wells


1901 census - Cold Harbour, Frittenden, Kent (RG13/775, folio 43, page 13)

Henry Boorman, Head, M, 46, Farmer, Employer, born Sussex, Wadhurst

Emma Boorman, Wife, 42, born Middlesex, Allhallows

Violet Boorman, Daur, 9, born Kent, Frittenden

John Boorman, Son, 8, born Kent, Frittenden

David E. Boorman, Son, 7, born Kent, Frittenden

Charles Boorman, Son, 5, born Kent, Frittenden

Elizaeth Boorman, Daur, 2, born Kent, Frittenden



Ref. 1 - Violet Boorman's diary



Many thanks to David Porter for the extracts from Violet's diary and additions to this page.

BOORMAN          MILES          WOOD

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