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Richard BERHAM (c1425-bef 1480)

and Anna BUSSE (?-?)


Richard Berham and Anna Busse were my 15x Great Grandparents.  They married before 1450 and possibly in 1448.

Richard Berham may have been born in about 1425.  He was the son of Thomas Bereham (c1400-aft 1448) and Isabella.  He died at Bivelham Manor, Wadhurst, before 27 January 1479/80.  (See notes below for more details.)

Anna Busse or Anne Busse may also have been born in the 1420's.  She was the daughter of John Busse (?-1472) and possibly Joan.  She was her father's heir and he was a Steward of the Manor of Bivelham in Wadhurst.  She was living on 17 May 1480, when she reported her husband's death at the Manorial Court.


Richard Berham and Anna Busse had 2 known children:

  1. Nicholas Barham (c1450-aft 1502) - my 14x Great Grandfather, married in about the 1490's.  (He has his own page.)

  2. John Barham (c1452-?) - my 14x Great Grandfather, married Agnes Brown.  (They have their own page.)




The following has been taken from SAC vol.56, pages 123-126:

20 February 1452/3 - Richard Berham, son of Thomas and Isabella is first mentioned at Court, when John Bakere and Juliana, his wife, surrendered 40 acres of land in Cumden wiste, formerly belonging to William Cumden, "to the use of Richard Berham and Anne, his wife, and heirs of Richard", who were admitted to same.

20 June 1453 - Richard Berham was present at Court.

9 December 1453 - Richard Bereham was absent from Court and made "Essoin" for non attendance.

1453-1470 - Richard's name occurs among the "Essoins" (tenants who sent excuses for non-appearance at the Manorial Court) on several occasions in the Court Rolls.  When absent, he was usually represented by his father-in-law, John Busse.

1454 - Richard was appointed Prepositus, or Reeve of the Manor.  His Statement of Account for the 12 months ending at Michaelmas, 34 Henry VI, is among the Pelham manuscripts.

11 December 1461 - William Bartlot, Thomas Norman and Richard Berham did fealty for lands called Mauncers and Brookes in Wadhurst.

18 September 1464 - Richard Berham and Anne his wife surrendered a house with appurtenances, late William Comden's situate in the wiste of Comden, into the lord's hands, who, by his Seneschal, John Westburn, granted the same to the said Richard and Anne, to hold to them their heirs and assigns.

9 May 1472 - It was reported at Court that John Busse "had closed his last day", who held certain lands called Snorehyll (which had been surrendered to his use by Thomas Berham in 1446); also "that Anne, the wife of Richard Berham, and daughter of the said John, was his next heir and of full age".  At the following Court, "Joan, who was the wife of John Busse", surrendered other lands in Comden wiste, called Redyng (with woodland adjacent), Smythfeld and Lytil Comden, to the use of Richard Berham and Anne his wife and their heirs.

17 May 1480 - It was reported at Court, by Anne, that Richard Berham had died before 27 January 1479/80.



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