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Nicholas BARHAM (1721-1790)

and Elizabeth GREAGSBY (1721-1789)


Nicholas Barham and Elizabeth Greagsbey were my 6x Great Grandparents.  (Click here to see their place in my pedigree chart.)  They married on 3 December 1747 in Lamberhurst, Kent.  His name was recorded in the marriage register as Richard Barham of Wadhurst.

Nicholas Barham was baptised on 12 February 1720/1 in Wadhurst, Sussex.  He was the eldest son and child of Thomas Barham (1701-?) and Ann Mohun.  He was buried on 13 June 1790 in Wadhurst.  He was a wheelwright.  Nicholas was issued with a Bastardy Bond on 13 October 1772, to acquit the parish of any expenses arising from the birth of his illegitimate Grandson, Isaac.

Elizabeth Grigsby was baptised on 5 February 1720/1 in Lamberhurst, Kent.  She was the daughter of William Grigsby (c1686-1753) and Elizabeth.  She was buried on 9 October 1789 in Wadhurst.  There was an Elizabeth Gregsby baptised on 17 September 1727 in Burham, Kent, the daughter of Edward Gregsby and Elizabeth - Burham to Lamberhurst is about 25 miles.  Another Elizabeth Grigsby was baptised on 3 January 1719/20 in Yalding, Kent, the daughter of Edward Grigsby.  And yet another was baptised on 31 March 1721 in Staplehurst, Kent, the daughter of James Grigsby and Elizabeth Parker.


Nicholas Barham and Elizabeth Greagsby had 6 known children:

  1. Thomas Barham was baptised on 18 October 1748 in Wadhurst.  He died aged 60 years and was buried on 26 November 1808 in Wadhurst.  He was a wheelwright.

    Thomas married twice.  Firstly to Elizabeth Mabb on 22 April 1772 in Wadhurst.

    Elizabeth may have been baptised on 30 June 1747 in Wadhurst as the daughter of Edward Mabb and Ann Vigor (see my Mabb section).  Elizabeth was buried on 19 November 1791 in Wadhurst and Thomas was able to pay the Church fees for the funeral.

    Thomas and Elizabeth had 4 known children: 

    1. Ruth Barham was buried on 13 May 1774 in Wadhurst.

    2. Anne Barham was buried on 17 March 1778 in Wadhurst.

    3. Frances Barham was baptised on 6 August 1782 in Wadhurst and buried there on 7 July 1783.

    4. Edward Barham was baptised on 8 June 1786 in Wadhurst.  At the time of his baptism the family were of Cousley Wood.

    Thomas then married Jemima Read by licence on 4 January 1792 in Wadhurst.  They both signed their names.  The witnesses were James Wallis and Thomas Cooper.  Their marriage licence was dated 2 January 1792 and recorded that Thomas was aged 44 and upwards, a widower and wheelwright of Wadhurst.  Jemima was a spinster aged 36 and upwards and also of Wadhurst.  The bondsmen were Thomas, himself, and Benjamin Hearnden an Innholder of South Malling.

    Jemima was born about 1756 and was buried on 22 July 1796 in Wadhurst.  She was not a spinster when she married Thomas.  She had previously married Fullagar Read on 26 September 1771 in Wadhurst, when she was Jemima Wallis.  She also had a relationship with Thomas Petit, by whom she had 3 children.  Fullagar like Thomas Barham a wheelwright.  He had first married Margaret Petit in 1761, who was the sister of Thomas Petit.

  2. Nicholas Barham, my 5x Great Grandfather, was born on 4 June and baptised on 2 July 1750 in Wadhurst.  He married 5 70 Elizabeth Strickland in 1780.  (They have their own page.)  (NOTE - Elizabeth Strickland's mother was Elizabeth Petit and she was the sister of Margaret and Thomas mentioned above.)

  3. Ann Barham was baptised on 13 April 1752 in Wadhurst.  She died in child birth aged 39 years and was buried on 5 June 1791 in Wadhurst.

    Ann married Stephen Pilbeam on 20 December 1771 in Frant, Sussex.

    Stephen was baptised on 6 December 1751 in Burwash and was the son of Stephen Pilbeam (1720-1789) and Sarah Rowland (1721-1808).  Stephen (junior) was a miller.

    Stephen and Ann had 7 known children:

    1. Sarah Pilbeam was baptised on 16 February 1772 in Frant, Sussex.

    2. Mary Pilbeam was baptised on 18 April 1776 in Frant.  She may have married Henry Farmer on 26 October 1800 in Frant.

    3. William Pilbeam was baptised on 2 February 1782 in Frant.

    4. Richard Pilbeam was baptised on 23 September 1783 in Frant.

    5. Edward Pilbeam was baptised on 7 May 1786 in Frant.

    6. Thomas Pilbeam was privately baptised on 25 April 1788 in Frant.

    7. James Pilbeam was baptised on 5 June 1791 in Wadhurst and buried there on 14 July 1791.

  4. William Barham was baptised on 27 March 1754 in Wadhurst.  On 24 December 1779 he may have been a witness to the marriage of Edward Tester and Elizabeth Leany at Etchingham, at which time he signed his name.

  5. Elizabeth Barham was baptised on 2 October 1755 in Wadhurst.  She had an illegitmate son by Isaac Tompsett son of John Tompsett who in 1772 was described as yeoman late of Whiligh in Ticehurst:

    1. Isaac Barham was born in 1772.  A Bastardy Bond was issued to his Grandfather Nicholas Barham requiring him to be bound for £50 to acquit the parish of any expenses that may arise.

    Isaac Tomsett went on to marry Mary Pettet or Petter by banns on 22 May 1778 in Benenden, Kent, at which time he was of Ticehurst.  He was baptised on 13 February 1756 in Ticehurst and was the son of John Tompsett and Sarah Moon.

    Elizabeth may have married Samuel Funnell on 27 February 1781 in Ticehurst.  She was then a servant to William Myland a butcher and Samuel a servant to John Brissenden.  Both Samuel and Elizabeth were of Ticehurst at the time of their marriage.

    Samuel may have been baptised on 1 January 1757 the son of Samuel Funnell and Sarah Chantler or on 20 February 1757 the son of Samuel Funnell and Ann Gillett, both baptisms were in Ticehurst.

    Samuel and Elizabeth had 2 known children:

    1. Elizabeth Funnell was baptised on 15 July 1781 in Ticehurst.

    2. Henry Funnell was baptised on 19 June 1784 in Ticehurst.

  6. Ruth Barham married Samuel Damper by banns on 24 February 1778 in Rotherfield.  They were both then of Rotherfield.  Ruth was described as widow of 12 Jubilee Street, Brighton, Sussex in July 1822 when she signed an affidavit as to the pedigree of the Barham family.

    Samuel and Ruth had 1 known daughter:

    1. Ruth Damper was baptised on 21 June 1781 in Rotherfield.




The following details have been copied from the A2A web site:

Documents concerning the Benge family of Cousley Wood in Wadhurst
Deeds of four cottages on the north side of Cousley Wood Street, purchased by Emma Benge in 1908 - ref. AMS6461/3

A messuage, formerly an oasthouse, with the newly-erected end or building adjoining it, with a garden, close or yard (ľa) at Cousley Wood (S: road through Cousley Wood to Lamberhurst Down; W: land of William James; N, E: land of Matthew Boorman), occupied by Jemima Read and Thomas Barham, before Michael Monk and Christopher Russell, with the right to draw water at the draw-well of the messuage of Matthew Boorman, before Joseph Sharpe

On 24 and 25 June 1793 Thomas Pettit the elder of Wadhurst, yeoman, sold the property for £95 to Thomas Barham of Wadhurst, wheelwright, who had married Jemima, Fullager Read's widow, at Wadhurst on 4 January 1792. On 26 June Thomas and Jemima Barham mortgaged the property for £100 at 5% to Edward Hilder of Burwash, miller. Jemima was buried at Wadhurst on 22 July 1796 and Thomas Barham (who had been baptised at Wadhurst on 18 October 1748, the eldest son of Nicholas Barham and Elizabeth Greagsby), was buried there on 26 November 1808 (3/12-17, 19-23)

By 1822 the property had descended to Thomas Barham's nephew Nicholas Barham of Wadhurst, wheelwright, the eldest son of his brother Nicholas (d1807), baptised at Wadhurst on 17 May 1785. On 1 June 1822 Barham agreed to sell the property to John Tompsett of Wadhurst, farmer, at a price to be settled by Robert Willsher, Thomas Parker (replaced by George Bond) and Jeffery Austen. In July and August 1822 detailed pedigrees of the Read and Barham families were prepared, copies of register-entries obtained and an affidavit in support made by Thomas Barham's youngest sister Ruth Damper, then a widow, of 12 Jubilee Street, Brighton. On 27 August 1822 letters of administration of the estate of Fullagar Read were granted to his son Joseph Read of Salehurst (3/18-24)

On 31 August 1822 Nicholas Barham and his wife Elizabeth were joined by the mortgagee Edward Hilder of Burwash, farmer, to convey to John Tompsett and his trustee John Baldock of Burwash, gent, for £200, of which £110 18s was paid to Hilder the mortgagee

The property now consisted of four messuages, occupied by Nicholas Barham, Thomas Baldock, James Woodgate and Thomas Stapley; [blank] Crosley's land lay to the west, and Alfred Boorman's to the north and east (3/25, 26)

Deeds of houses and land at Sparrows Green, Wadhurst

On 27 & 28 Feb 1755 William Moreland of Court Lodge in Lamberhurst, Kent, esq, with his trustee Alexander Courthope of Sprivers in Horsmonden, Kent, sold for £30 to Nicholas Barham of Wadhurst, wheelwright, a property described as a piece of land (1a) being the upper corner of a field called Great Sparrows, part of Westons Farm in Wadhurst, formerly occupied by John Wood and now by John Elliott, the residue of the field having been sold by Moreland on 25 & 26 Feb 1755 to Richard Tapsell of Wadhurst, gent

Barham died intestate in 1790 and letters of administration were granted to his son Thomas Barham of Wadhurst, wheelwright, on 14 Jun 1790 [SM/D10.112]. On 20 & 21 Aug 1792 he sold the property, then described a piece of land on which a messuage had been lately erected, for £135 to his brother Nicholas Barham of Wadhurst, wheelwright and on the same day entered into a bond for £100 to indemnify NB against any claim to dower by TB's wife, Jemima (4-6)

On 7 May 1823 Nicholas Barham, wheelwright and his wife Elizabeth, Samuel Wallis, bricklayer and his wife Phylis, Eastmund Barham and his wife Mary all of Wadhurst and Tallificumi Barham of Upper Tooting in Surrey, spinster, sold the property to Samuel Wallis and his trustees Samuel Baldwin the younger of Wadhurst, innkeeper and Thomas Burton of Wadhurst, shopkeeper for £180, being 4/5 of the agreed purchase price of £225, and covenanted to levy a fine in Easter Term or before the end of Trinity Term (8)



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